Speech on Indian Army

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Speech on Indian Army for Students in English

The Indian Army is a source of major pride to all the citizens of India. Their numerous sacrifices, constant vigilance and valour are what keeps the people of the country safe from any kind of threat. Be it guarding the nation at the borders or conducting operations internally, the Indian Army is known to perform it all. Serving as a part of some of the most refined officers of the country remains a dream for many and the Indian Army is known to recruit only the best of the best. Let us learn about the Indian Army more by means of the speeches provided here. 

Long Speech on Indian Army

A hearty welcome to all the esteemed ladies and gentlemen. As I stand before you today, I would like to say a few words about - the Indian Army - the troops serving around the clock to uphold the honour, safety, and welfare of the country. The Indian Army is one of the three major branches of the Armed Forces along with the Indian Air Force and Indian Navy. True to its motto of ‘Service Before Self’, the Indian Army, by the account of its diligence, has come to be renowned as the second-largest army in the world. Also known for its wide range of regiments or battalions, the Indian Army essentially serves as a source of pride to all its citizens. 

The Indian Army is known to serve in one of the most diverse environmental conditions enduring the rigours of climate i.e. the glacial heights with extreme cold, dense mountainous jungles to the heat and simoom of the deserts. With the ethos of valour, esprit-de-corps, a spirit of selfless sacrifice, discipline, and forthrightness, the Indian Army strives to works against all forces of discrimination on the basis of religion, caste or creed. The soldiers of the Indian Army are said to be infused by a set of values that allow them to put up a brave face in a plethora of challenges and difficulties, and if and when the call comes, to make the ultimate sacrifice towards the service of the Nation.

Since its formation at the time of India’s independence, the Indian Army has fought several wars against some of the major forces of neighbouring countries to safeguard our nation from invaders. As our country gradually rises to power on the economic front, the Indian Army works towards ensuring that any kind of threats whether internal conflicts or external conspiracies do not come in the way of the nation’s prosperity. A constant endeavour of the Indian Army is also to oversee that the peace is maintained within the national borders. 

Indian Army is primarily categorized into 9 divisions which include - Command, Corps, Division, Brigade, Regiment, Company, Battery, Platoon, and Section respectively, in order of hierarchy. The Indian Army presently has close to a million troops and comprises 80% and higher of the active defence personnel of the country.

As a part of its service towards the nation, the Indian Army also organizes several rescue operations in times of natural disasters and other disturbances. Some of the major operations undertaken by the Indian Army include Operation Meghdoot, Operation Vijay, Operation Surya Hope and Operation Cactus. 

In my concluding remarks, I would like to say that being a citizen of this uniquely diverse and colourful country, gives me an immense sense of pride in knowing that it is guarded by the best of the best. The efforts of countless soldiers of the Indian Army is what goes into ensuring that every civilian of this country is accounted for and cared for. We should, thus, pay our highest respects and express our deepest gratitude to the efforts of the Indian Army as it continues to work towards protecting and uplifting the honour and dignity of our nation. 

Short Speech on Indian Army

Greetings of the day to all those of you present here. I stand before you today to deliver a short speech on our nation’s pride - the Indian Army. Acknowledged as the second largest and one of the most powerful armies in the world, the Indian Army brings about a sense of pride to each and every citizen of this country. As I stand here today, I, through my short speech on the Indian Army, would like to highlight a few attributes which make it one of the most renowned armies in the world. 

With India attaining independence in 1947, the Indian Army took roots. A vast country like India, working its way to being among the better-known nations of the world, is often liable to various kinds of threats on the national and international front. The Indian Army strives to ensure that our country does not fall prey to any attacks of the kind all the while ensuring that its dignity and honour are upheld. The Indian Army works tirelessly on the borders and within the country to maintain the peace and prosperity of the country. The Indian Army has partaken in some major wars to avert any invaders from claiming the right to our other land. Along with guarding our borders, the Indian Armed Forces also partakes in several humanitarian causes such as providing relief during natural calamities and conducting rescue operations.   

As a citizen of India, I take the utmost pride in our Army. Let us all take a moment here and express our gratitude for the constant effort and endeavour of the Indian Army in making our nation safer and better. 

10 Lines Speech on Indian Army

Indian Army

  1. A warm welcome to the ladies and gentlemen present here. 

  2. Today, I am here to present a speech on the Indian Army. 

  3. Indian Army is recognised as one of the best armies across the world. 

  4. In my speech on the Indian Army, I shall highlight some important facts related to it. 

  5. The Indian Army is meant to protect us from any kinds of threats from invaders. 

  6. The Indian Army focuses on national security. 

  7. Moreover, it also sees that we are united as one. 

  8. A country faces several threats both internally and externally. 

  9. The Indian Army ensures that we are protected from any unfortunate happenings and peace is maintained within the country. 

  10. The Indian Army also lends a helping hand in times of natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, etc. 

We should, thus, be thankful to the Indian Army and applaud them for the hard work they do in order to ensure that all the citizens of this country are safe and secure.