Speech on Save Environment

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Save Environment Speech For Students

Speech on Save Environment is an important topic for students. Students can avail the well-written speech on the topic ‘save environment speech’ and learn how to write the speech that will impress the audience. 

Long Speech

Good morning to one and all present here. I am glad to be given the opportunity to present a speech on Save Environment. Our environment is where we live. There must be harmony between the environment and living beings. In the present scenario, due to overpopulation, the environment is under distress. The situation is alarming as our natural environment is overexploited to meet human needs. It is because of many human activities that we are not able to maintain a healthy balance with nature.

The threat we are facing includes manmade disasters and global warming. These threats are real and have raised an alarming situation. We need to come together to save our environment. This speech on saving   nature throws light on why it is needed by mankind to protect and preserve the environment. Our environment offers everything from clothing, water, food to shelter. All living beings are a part of the ecosystem. Hence, it becomes our responsibility to take care of the natural habitat.

Environmental pollution is one of the biggest issues that the modern world faces today. To meet the wants of society, we are putting too much pressure on the natural environment. This leads to damage to nature. The soil is losing its fertility, and in most places, soil pollution makes it difficult to grow crops. Even the air and water pollution is the effect of mass urbanization and industrialisation. Controlling the pollution is a need of the hour, however, this still gets neglected by us. I am delivering the speech to save the earth to make you aware of what can be done by each one of us sitting here. We can make our earth a better place to live by taking simple steps like planting a tree, throwing waste in proper bins, saying no to the plastic bag, etc. Rather than complaining about pollution, such small steps must be taken to make our environment sustainable.

Environmental problems are also the result of vast technological advancements in the last few years. The overuse of resources to build IT infrastructure is responsible for the loss of natural environment. Government and international organizations must take proper steps to control pollution and save our mother earth. Environmental protection policies must be strictly enforced. Everyone has to come together to save our mother nature. 

Saving our environment is much more important today than ever before. The degrading quality of earth life is what we all are familiar with. However, the early signs of the upcoming destruction are visible. The harsh weather conditions, increased carbon dioxide emissions, melting of glaciers, etc. are the major concerns which needed immediate attention. Let us all do what we can to save our environment and preserve our resources for future generations. 

Short Speech

Good morning to all. Today, I am going to give a short speech on saving the environment. We are all aware of how the environment is important to us. We cannot afford to harm the environment any longer. In today’s modern world, our planet earth is affected significantly. However, if we want to live in harmony with nature, we cannot put the entire pressure on the environment. Living beings, for their survival, depend completely on the natural and manmade environment. It is impossible to live without the resources that the atmosphere provides. In such a situation, it becomes critical to save mother nature from getting over-exploited due to increasing population. 

We all know that factors like overpopulation, deforestation, etc. are responsible for environmental destruction. Small steps taken by us can go a long way. We must try to use as much public transport as possible to protect the air we breathe. It is important that we throw garbage in the right bins so that proper disposal of waste and waste management can be done. We need to make efforts in the right direction to conserve our natural resources and habitat. Some of the ways by which we can achieve this are to use renewable energy, avoid plastic bags, plant more trees etc. 

Mother nature offers so much to us. It is our duty to protect the environment and nature and be a part of sustainable development programmes.

10 Lines Speech

A heartfelt welcome to each one present here. I am here to deliver a speech on saving the environment and saving life. It is no hidden fact our environment is affected largely due to human activities. It is facing threat at an alarming rate. We have over-exploited nature due to our greeds. This has caused the natural imbalance. However, we can still do something and protect our environment from all the damages. We must plant more and more trees, throw garbage in the dustbins, avoid using plastic bags, etc. It cannot be denied that our natural environment is such an important part of our ecosystem. It is important to educate people about how the environment is getting damaged. Then only we can have green earth to live in.


Speech on plant trees, save mother earth is important for students as it will make them aware of how to use natural resources and how a healthy balance can be maintained between the environment and human life.