Save Environment Speech

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Save Environment Speech in English For Students

Over the years, the threat to the environment has increased. We all owe a moral duty to make our Earth a safer and healthier place for ourselves and our next generations to live in. However, we have disturbed the ecological balance through the indiscriminate use of environmental resources. We should remember that the whole ecosystem gets affected by our actions and activities. What sustains us is the environment; the quality of our lives depends on our environment. Here is a long and a short Save Environment Speech in English stating all these important points.

Long and Short Save Environment Speech in English for Students and Children

Long Save Environment Speech for Students

Today, I am here to speak on the topic Save Environment.

The atmosphere and surrounding geographical area are termed the environment. The environment is the primary source of living and getting food from plants and animals for humans to exist in general. We are all responsible for monitoring the environment and the daily actions that are being carried out here. The natural cycles and ecological or environmental balance have become imbalanced, which is very hard to bring back in its natural shape. To ensure sustainable development, environmental protection can be provided at different levels: individual, organizational or government-controlled levels. In the conservation of the environment, human beings play a vital role. We are responsible for environmental pollution. Various factors such as deforestation, mining, unjustified use of machines and electricity, using multiple vehicles to travel short distances, etc. are responsible for environmental degradation.

Although the issue has worsened to a great extent, it does have a solution. There are different ways in which we can contribute effectively to the cause. We can grow more and more trees in our residential areas as well as where we find an empty piece of land. Plants, as we all know, absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the environment for photosynthesis. The estimate states that up to one ton of carbon dioxide can be soaked by a single tree throughout its life. Secondly, we should use less of our vehicles and accustom ourselves to using public transport and bicycles for short distances. A large amount of coal that pollutes the environment gets burned because of the need for electricity. This not just causes air pollution, but also contributes to global warming. The situation now is that, because of the trapped heat, the Earth's atmosphere has become hot. Hence, we must avoid wasting energy at home or the office by switching appliances off when they are not in use. Instead of normal bulbs, we can use fluorescent light bulbs. We also need to use water wisely. Don't dump the trash anywhere and put the waste in the dustbin. We must start making small efforts to save our environment. We need to stop unnecessary wastage of electricity and water. We can cut the consumption of plastic products. We can invest in Organic farming as it helps in soil fertility maintenance. The water can be kept safe by efficient sewage and waste disposal system. Today, let's commit to restoring the natural balance. Every single person can plant a tree each year. We need to make sure we recycle plastic waste instead of throwing it, like a shopping bag, bottles of water, etc. Long-term planning and close monitoring of the activities of the production units are also required; young people need to be trained to respect and live in harmony with the environment rather than to experiment and exploit it. Vegetable and fruit waste can be transformed into fertilizer and should not be dumped into ponds, etc. Together we can and we must.

Short Save Environment Speech for Children

Today I am here to talk about how we have ruined our environment and what we can do to save it. There are adverse effects on forests from an increasing human population. To live in their homes safely, humans cut the forests to a large extent, but they do not think that problems arise due to lack of forests. The natural cycle of the environment and life on Earth is completely distracted by it. Earlier people used to live in harmony, adapting to the environment; but we are trying to mould the environment in the modern era according to our need and convenience, ultimately hurting ourselves indirectly in the long run. We have been more empowered by recent technological advances in the field of science, which I think we are taking undue advantage of by indiscriminately using environmental resources and giving them nothing in return, but harmful chemicals and pollution. It is quite obvious that we have disturbed the ecological balance of our environment and are therefore facing these problems because of our unchecked actions. This is the time to preserve our environment and make our place a better place for our next generations to live in, by taking some strict measures. But how? 

Well, the first step would be to adapt our manufacturing process and domestic products used per nature. It is necessary to use more regenerative, reusable, and recyclable techniques in production units, etc. Advanced countries are more responsible contributors to global environmental problems; hence, precautionary measures must be taken at the global level by the governments of such countries and the UN (United Nations Organization). If we all curb the excessive use of petroleum, coal, and natural gas, many major environmental issues will disappear. Let's all grow more trees and create all possible ways of correctly disposing of waste. The emphasis should shift entirely to renewable and reusable energy sources. We still have time, let’s do our bit, together.

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10 Lines on Save Environment Speech in English

  1. The environment refers to the habitat in which people, animals, or plants live. 

  2. The environment is greatly affected by humans' selfish motives. 

  3. By adopting a sensible lifestyle, we can save the environment for future generations in different ways. 

  4. A large amount of water and coal may be conserved by saving electricity.

  5. We can reduce the usage of petroleum in our daily commute by choosing public transport. 

  6. Encouraging digital technology can save a lot of paper, which is made of a  natural resource, wood. 

  7. By changing our daily habits, such as putting a restriction on the use of water in cooking, bathing, cleaning, etc, we can conserve clean water.

  8. The government should also regularly carry out serious checks on the overexploitation of natural resources such as water and wood. 

  9. The three R's; 'Reduce, Reuse and Recycle'  preserve natural resources, eliminate waste and protect the environment. 

  10.  As ordinary citizens, we can create a group of volunteers in society to promote the concept of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.