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Essay on Mary Kom

MC Mary Kom, is the only prominent female boxer, also known as ‘Magnificent Mary’, to bring an Olympic medal. She is known in the boxing world for her ferocious punches and formidable skills. In this article, you will find a long and short Mary Kom essay to study and make your own title. This Mary Kom essay in English will focus on the hardships she went through and the events she left her mark. Find out how she reached the epitome of her career.

Long Essay on Mary Kom in English

Mangte Chungneijang Mary Kom, also known as MC Mary Kom was born in a poor tribal family in Kangathei, Manipur. Her father’s name is Mangte Tonpa Kom and her mother’s name is Mangte Akham Kom. She was born on 1st March 1983. Kom is the common surname and it represents the name of their tribe. Her village was a small one where most of the families worked on the jhum fields. She was the eldest among four siblings.

From an early age, she used to help her parents to earn more money. Her name ‘Chungneijang’ means ‘prosperity’ and it was given by her grandmother. She was a very responsible girl and took care of her siblings when her mother and father used to be in the fields. She also helped her parents while studying at school and performing in different sports. She used to play hockey, athletics, and football in her school team. Eventually, she graduated from Churachandpur College in Manipur.

She used to watch Dingko Singh, one of the best boxes India has produced, performing in the Asian Games held in 1998 and was fascinated by his moves. She then showed immense interest in learning boxing. To pursue her dreams, she had to move to Imphal, the capital city of the state. She did not tell that to her parents as it was not considered to be something that women will prefer to play or allowed to. She met K Kosana Meitei, the coach in the Sports Authority of India, Imphal branch. She was dressed shabbily. Despite her background and no experience, her coach gave him a chance to practice and learn how to do boxing. Since then, she has never looked back.

In this Mary Kom essay, you will find how she had to overcome so many hurdles in her life to fulfill her dreams. The government schools were not up to the mark in her city. Private schools are for rich kids. In order to achieve something in life, aspirants had to rely on sports to get a job. Her performance in the boxing field landed her in a police job. She performed exceptionally in the sub-junior state-level boxing championship. She was rewarded with a distinction for her win in this event held in 2000. It is then she realized that she can progress with boxing by choosing it as a career. She was married to K. Onler Kom in 2005. The couple has a twin.

She carried on her journey and got trained by the top coaches in India. Her husband was the one who gave her immense support and took care of her new family when she was out there training. Her performance knew no boundaries and limits. She excelled in every national and international event one after the other. She won the Asian Women’s Boxing Championship in 2008. She won 4 gold medals straight in AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championship. She added another gold medal by winning Asian Indoor Games in 2009. Due to her prime performance and form, she held the King’s Baton during the opening ceremony of Commonwealth Games 2010 organized in Delhi.

She competed in the 46 kg and 48 kg divisions. When the international regulatory authority of boxing decided to keep the minimum body weight to 51 kg, she gained weight but lost the World Boxing Championship in 2012. She was defeated by the same boxer in the London Olympics and she won the bronze medal. Her performance and iron determination will always be considered as the epitome of women’s power in India.

Mary Kom Essay in English: Short Essay

Short Paragraph on Mary Kom

MC Mary Kom was born in 1983 in a remote village in Manipur. She was from a poor family. Her parents worked on jhum fields to meet both the ends. She was the eldest of four siblings. She took care of her brothers and sisters when her parents worked in the fields. Despite the hardship, she completed her and played hockey, athletics, and football in the school team.

She was impressed by the skills of Dingko Singh, the formidable boxer, and decided to learn boxing. She approached K Kosana Meitei, the boxing coach of the Sports Authority of India, Imphal. Since then, she has excelled in her boxing career. She won consecutive 4 gold medals in AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championship and another gold in Asian Indoor Games 2009.

She lost in the final in the World Boxing Championship in 2012 but got selected for the London Olympics. She was defeated but won a bronze medal for India. The Manipur Government awarded her INR 50 Lakh and 2 acres of land for her performance.


This article contains a long and short Mary Kom essay for students. Written in simple English, this essay describes how she excelled in boxing by defeating all the hardships in her life.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Why Did Mary Kom Choose to Learn Boxing?

This Mary Kom essay in English tells us that she was impressed by the boxing skills of Dingko Singh and was encouraged to become a boxer.

2. What Did She Do to Learn Boxing?

She moved to Imphal to learn boxing in the Sports Authority of India center under the supervision of the then boxing coach of Manipur.

3. Why Was She Named ‘Sportswoman of the Year’?

The essay on Mary Kom tells us about her outstanding performance and consecutive victories at the national and international levels. She was then awarded this title.