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Humour And Wisdom Speech

Last updated date: 27th Feb 2024
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When one grows up they face many different situations and with time they learn how to deal with them. In other words, they attain wisdom. And these people also share their wisdom with the ones younger to them. And another quality to deal with life in a better way is humour. In this article, we will explore exactly that, presenting the humour and wisdom speech. It can be a Long Humour and wisdom speech or a short humour and wisdom 1-minute speech. 

Long And Short Humour And Wisdom Speech

Long Humour And Wisdom Speech 

This lengthy and long 5-minute speech format is useful for students in higher grades in 8-12.

Good morning everyone, respected Principal, teachers and my dear friends, I am here to speak about humour and wisdom. Of all the speeches that we have seen and heard any guests or teachers give, the memorable ones are the ones where we laughed. 

A sense of humour with wit and wisdom is a deadly combination. We can listen to many people's words of wisdom but the ones which have an added bit of humour truly wins. We remember it and also try to follow it. 

Now there are many types of humour, dark humour, self-deprecating humour or just laugh out loud humour. What others might appreciate instantly you need not warm up to it. We must understand that there is a time and place for everything. We cannot be humorous when we are at someone’s funeral, and cannot make fun of the way someone is grieving. 

The difference one needs to understand is, having humour doesn’t necessarily mean making fun of someone or something. While making fun perhaps be condescending and humiliating. And there is no room for such insults or taking a jibe in humour. This without no rhyme or reason is a cowardice approach and a baseless one. 

One who has wisdom knows this difference very well and treads carefully on this rather thin line. The ones with wisdom know their audience better and can shift their sense of humour depending on it. 

My mother, like many girls and women, has gone through some difficult times and always came out victorious. She is truly a woman with a lot of wisdom. She always said to me, I emerge victorious not because I am always winning but because I always learn how to do and what not to do. And having a sense of humour during these times makes the journey truly worthwhile.

One should not take themselves too seriously, then it becomes harder to navigate tough situations. Just enjoy and laugh through it, because this attitude will bring a lot of wisdom. And such experiences are priceless. 

Wisdom is being able to perceive difficult situations and having insight and understanding that will also develop intelligence. Not everyone who has faced tough times is a person with words of wisdom. Few have that ability and that also inculcates a wit that becomes a sense of inherent humour and wisdom.

The strategy of humour and wisdom is also used in many forms to garner attention for their political agendas in campaigns. Similarly, like the stand-up comedians, who also have struggled, and they do a brilliant job at engaging their audiences because they talk of the most mundane things with a newer perspective. It is wisdom and wit that makes one humorous. 

And only intellectual people understand and appreciate a good sense of humour whereas others don’t even bother to acknowledge it. So let’s be perceptive and have a sense of humour because these qualities are rare, and once we develop them we will never be bored or demotivated in any situation.

Thank you.

Short Humour And Wisdom Speech 

This is a short form of presenting a Humour and Wisdom Speech and useful for the students in grades 4-7.

Good Morning everyone, I Abc (mention your name) from grade Xyz ( mention the grade you are in) feel fortunate to have this opportunity to speak with humour and wisdom. Wherein humans possess many inherent qualities, some of which can also be acquired through knowledge and experience. The superior of them being wisdom and accompanied with a sense of humour. 

The conversations in my life that I remember to date are the ones that were humorous, witty and full of wisdom. And these people are truly special as they become well-known for their ability to diffuse any situation however difficult it may be with their spectacular wisdom and humour. 

Humour is underappreciated by unintellectual people. They feel offended as they do not view anything in an objective manner. Whereas people with wisdom never lack wisdom and always have a good laugh because of their humour. It is not easy to have an understanding and insight into every situation. And that is why it makes a rare and special quality of a person who has these attributes.

My maternal grandmother is the most humorous person I know. I am so lucky to spend time with her, till date she entertains all her grandchildren with humour and always has something wise to say. Who is that person in your life? Instead of disregarding we must keep such people close and learn from them how to ace at this tumultuous journey of life. 

Thank you. 

10 Line Humour And Wisdom Speech 

This humour and wisdom 1-minute speech is short and a simple one very helpful for students in grades 1-3. 

  1. The human quality of being amusing or comic with a tinge of wit that lifts up the mood and state of mind of others is humour. 

  2. Wisdom can be associated with a person who is considered wise, and this wisdom is gained from unique experiences and having the intelligence to perceive differently. 

  3. Everyone experiences life differently but not everyone gains wisdom and becomes wiser.

  4. The wise ones who have a lot of wisdom also understand the need for humour in life. 

  5. Humour and wisdom are subjective attributes of human qualities. 

  6. Everybody's appreciation for a certain type of humour is also different. 

  7. Indecent and humiliating people in the name of humour by making inappropriate jokes is baseless humour.

  8. Wise ones do not engage in such baseless humour. 

  9. When one is wise their sense of humour also has an undercurrent of intelligence that is very engaging.

  10. Intellectual people appreciate humour and find people with wisdom and humour very appealing. 

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