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ASL Topic Humour and Wisdom 

Last updated date: 18th Jul 2024
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Humour and wisdom are the two important components of human nature. Not all Human have these important characteristics, because few of the human does not have this ability. Some people have good mood but lack wisdom, while others are wiser but lack humour . Such cases exist but this world is full of those who have a good mood and the necessary wisdom. The wisdom and the humour combine, give birth to an intelligent person. Humour may lack wisdom but wisdom can create a humour healthy . Wisdom is the brain's food, while the humour is the catalyst of the brain. When we have a good mood and the necessary wisdom, we feel good and healthy.   

Many wise people in history had a very good sense of humour . For example, Albert Einstein who was a great physicist and scientists presented many of his scientific ideas in a healthy and humorous way.

Humour does not mean insulting someone or speaking insulting words. Sometimes people say they have a good sense of humour, but in fact they have the ability to make someone’s joke, they insult others with their funny words. Such humour has nothing to do with wisdom. The humour real, called humour healthy has a deep relationship with wisdom. A wise man thinks a hundred times before speaking. Thus, a wise man speaks humorous things by limiting himself to the level of decency. 


Laughter is the food of our soul, so enjoy the time but keep in mind that “does not insult anyone". The wise never insult anyone.