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Essay on Horse

This essay on horse in English describes this magnificent and dignified animal. Horses are strong and dignified herbivorous animals. They are quadruped animals and are extremely useful to mankind. A horse essay should include the very fact that horses are extremely loyal animals. In an essay on the horse, we cannot miss out on the commercial importance of horses.

Nature of the Animal: An Essay on the Horse

Horses are gentle domestic animals that feed on grasses and grains. Sometimes they also feed on hay and straw. They live in a shed called stable. In an essay on a horse, we must mention that they are found all over the world and can be tamed easily for their polite nature.

Horses symbolize royalty because of their diligence and gallant beauty. Human beings have domesticated horses back from around 4000BC. In an essay on a horse, we must mention that horses have been used in warfare for their strength and endurance. These fierce warriors can run on all kinds of surfaces. With lean, strong, and long limbs, horses run at extremely high speed because of which they were used as a form of transportation in the ancient era. Even today in some parts of the world, horse-drawn carriages convey royalty.

Horse Racing/Riding

Horse racing is now a popular sport in almost all parts of the world. Horseback riding is known to have a therapeutic effect on an individual. As said earlier that a horse essay should include the simple fact that horses are extremely loyal and faithful animals. The story goes back to a time when King Maharana Pratap Singh's horse Chetak saved his life. It’s said that Napoleon slept on his horse, Marengo. He also crossed the Alps riding on the back of Marengo. It is also said that horses can sense danger in their master. Hence, they bear with any trouble to save their master.

Physical Attributes of a Horse

An essay on horses in English cannot miss out on its physical attributes. They have a bushy tail. There is hair called mane which is present on its back adding to its beauty. With a strong, stout body and hooved legs, this mammal symbolizes strength and endurance. Horses can be of colors ranging from brown and black to a mix of any of these colors. Horses have bright eyes and are known to have an excellent memory. A mare is a female horse while a colt and filly are young males and female horses respectively. Colts and fillies are less than four years old. Pony is a small-statured horse. The life span of horses is from 25-30 years on average. Wild horses are an undomesticated variety of horses and are an endangered population presently.

How Horses are Used by Mankind?

Horses are an integral part of the ecosystem and we have used them for our selfish needs. We made them carry goods and used their skin for leather. Milk, meat, bone are a few of the things we selfishly extracted from these friendly animals.

Horses are used for making vaccines and therapeutics. In a short paragraph on horses, we must include that drugs are prepared from the urine of a pregnant mare. The tail hair of horses is used for making brushes, violin, double bass, etc. They are also used for agricultural purposes. An interesting fact about horses that cannot be missed out in an essay on horses in English is that it can sleep in a standing position.

A horse essay must emphasize on the fact that this graceful animal is taken care of and saved from exploitation. Horses have helped and continue to help the human race in numerous ways. This mammal is not only of historical importance but also is one of the best friends a man can have. In an essay on horse, we need to mention that the conservation of both domestic and wild horses should be given importance.

Essay on Horse for Class 1

An Essay on Horse for Kids - Features and Usefulness

In a short essay on horses, we must mention that it is a four-footed beautiful mammal. Horses are of much importance to mankind. They are friendly in nature with lots of strength. They are used for carrying goods, made to run with a rider (a jockey) on her back for the sake of sports, and carry people in various functions. They are highly alert animals with sharp memory.

Smart and beautiful, horses were used in warfare in ancient times. They eat grass, hay, grains, etc. They have a very beautiful bushy tail, the hair of which is used to make paintbrushes. If someone is asked to write 10 lines on a horse in English they must mention that horses are used to manufacture medicines. A horse paragraph in English should also include that horses can sleep while standing. In an essay on horses for kids, we must mention that horses are of various colors like black, white, golden, brown, and burgundy. Horses are found in almost every place on the globe.

Horses have been domesticated for ages and have also been illegally exploited. We should love these animals and save them from further exploitation.

Horses have been domesticated from ages and also been illegally exploited. We should love these animals and save them from further exploitation.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Is the Horse a Good Pet?

Ans. Horses are ideally good pets. They can be domesticated and develop a good connection with their master. They are extremely loyal and faithful to their masters and are known to face any kind of trouble to save their master.

2. Mention Three Interesting Facts About Horses.

Ans. Few interesting facts about horses are as follows:

  • Horses can sleep while standing which is an interesting attribute of a horse.

  • Horses can run shortly after birth and follow their mother completely.

  • Horses have been domesticated for over 5000 years.

3. Do Horses Have Two Brains?

Ans. Horses have two parts in their brain, the right brain and the left brain. Each part behaves as a separate brain and interprets the sensation of smell touch separately in two parts differently.