Biodiversity Essay

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Essay on Biodiversity

Biodiversity is considered as the variety and variability of all the life on earth. It can be defined as a measure of variation at the genetic, species, and ecosystem levels. Biodiversity is not distributed equally on earth, and it is known that they are richest in the tropics. Only 10% of the earth's surface is covered with tropical forests, and almost 90% of the earth's species are found here. One will have a clear overview of biodiversity from this essay on biodiversity.

A Long Essay on Biodiversity

All the species of different varieties living on this earth can be termed as biodiversity. Biodiversity is formed due to the evolution that is occurring from the last 3.5 billion years. The origin of life is still a mystery for Science, but some evidence suggests that life may have been established after a few hundred million years of the formation of the earth. It is believed that before 2.5 billion years ago, the only life that existed on earth was microorganisms - archaea, bacteria, and single-celled protozoans, and protists. Some of the fossil records suggest that the last few million years have experienced the greatest biodiversity in history. Through this essay for biodiversity, one can learn a lot.


From the day when life began on earth, it has seen some big and sudden drops in biodiversity because of five major mass extinctions and some minor events. The last 540 million years, which is marked as the Phanerozoic eon phase, has seen rapid growth in biodiversity through the Cambrian Explosion. Cambrian Explosion is the period where a majority of the multicellular phyla have first appeared. The next 400 million years experienced some big biodiversity losses which are now considered as a mass extinction. Some of the massive extinction events are rainforest collapse in the Carboniferous, the Permian-Triassic extinction event, and the Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction event. Through this essay on biodiversity in english, one can gain a lot of knowledge.


The diversity in agriculture can be divided into two categories that are intraspecific category and interspecific category. The intraspecific category includes the genetic variation within a single species that has been made of many different forms and types such as potato. The interspecific category can be referred to as the number and types of different species. Keeping in mind this diversity, we can have a look at different small farmers who have grown many different crops like potatoes, carrots, peppers, etc. In the case of functional classification, agricultural diversity can be divided into planned diversity or associated diversity. Planned diversity includes those crops that are encouraged, planned, or raised by the farmer.  In associated diversity, the crops are not raised by farmers, and a farmer has to go through a lot of trouble in this case. Agriculture diversity is one of the important biodiversity essay topics.

Human Health

Biodiversity is closely related to human health which is why it is becoming a global political issue. Recent evidence suggests that there is a biodiversity loss which is also related to global health. The health risks of climate change are relevant to the changes in biodiversity. This issue is closely related to the climate change that the earth is facing now due to pollution Another problem for human health is the growing demand but lack of supply of water. Some other health issues related to biodiversity are dietary health, psychological health, etc. One can gain a lot of knowledge about how biodiversity affects health through this biodiversity essay.

A Short Essay on Biodiversity

A Short Essay on Biodiversity in English

Biodiversity can be termed as the variability that exists between the living organisms from all the sources including terrestrial, marine, and other aquatic ecosystems. They also include some of the ecological complexes. Biodiversity has been the reason for forming the foundation of different ecosystem services that are responsible for contributing to human well-being. Through this short essay on biodiversity, one will get a much clearer overview of what biodiversity actually is.

Decisions that humans made relating to biodiversity will affect them also so they should make these decisions after proper examination. Biodiversity includes the ecosystem as a whole, either it is managed or unmanaged. Sometimes it is considered that biodiversity is only a feature of unmanaged ecosystems such as wildlands, nature preserve, or natural parks.

It is the responsibility of humans to perform activities that will cause biodiversity gain because humans depend on the ecosystem, and the ecosystem is related to biodiversity. Governments of different countries all over the world are making different policies that will save the ecosystem from extinction.


Biodiversity has seen some gains and losses over the past years. But it seems that in our generation it is only diverted towards losses as we are seeing massive extinction of many species in our generation which is causing a loss in biodiversity. If we want a better future, then we have to control this and stop performing activities that will lead to massive extinction. Through this biodiversity essay, one can gain some knowledge on biodiversity and try to make changes that will result in a gain in biodiversity. A secured and safe future depends on biodiversity; therefore, governments of various countries and individuals, should aim to protect it.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What Are the Three Types of Biodiversity?

Biodiversity is referred to as the variability that exists between the living organisms from different sources of nature such as terrestrial, marine and other aquatic ecosystems. Biodiversity has three levels which are genetic, species and ecosystem diversity. This is also considered as the types of ecosystem.

2. What is Biodiversity and Why it is Important?

Biodiversity is responsible for boosting the productivity of the ecosystems in which every species no matter how small it has an important role to play. For example, a greater variety of crops can be obtained from a plant species which is in large numbers. If species diversity is in a greater amount, then it ensures natural sustainability for all the life forms.