Fire and Ice Summary

Class 10 English has a beautiful poem written by Robert Frost. The name of the poem is Fire and Ice. In this poem, you find the realist side of the poet’s nature. He has perceived the nature of humans and described it perfectly in the poem using simple words. According to him, humanity has been engrossed by never-ending desire and hunger for power. It is because of this greed, humanity will end in two ways. The poet has mentioned that the entire human race will end either in flames or being engulfed by ice. The poem has only a few lines but manages to describe what the poet wants to convey to his readers perfectly.

To understand the inner meaning of the poem, you need to refer to the Summary of Fire and Ice Class 10 English. This summary has been prepared by the mentors of Vedantu so that students can understand the hidden context of the poem. Refer to this summary to prepare the chapter well and answer the question easily in exams to score better.

Summary of Fire and Ice Class 10 English

History is evidence of the downfall of many civilizations due to wars. Wars are the effect of hatred, greed and the never-ending desires of the human race. Robert Frost, one of the eminent poets, had perceived that humans will be responsible for their own catastrophe. They will be annihilated from the surface of the earth because of their negative emotions controlled by greed and hatred.

The poet is sure of the destruction of the human race. He is sure that it will happen very soon. The nature of humans makes them weaker and they fall prey to the hands of greed, hatred and desire. The more they get, the more they want. They also want what others have. This unending desire is lethal for the future of humans. A time will come when the entire race will cease to exist as humans will destroy themselves using fire or ice.

The evil desires will control humans to make and launch destructive weapons against each other. A humongous fire will engulf the entire race killing everyone and making earth sane again. According to the Short Summary of Fire and Ice Class 10 English, the poet has found a remarkable similarity between the fire of evil desires and hatred and the fire that destroys life.

He also depicts another reason for the destruction of the human race. He believes that the world created by humans will be destroyed by ice someday. Ice is compared as an uncompassionate feeling of the humans for each other. Nobody cares about what is happening in the world because of their self-centeredness. It seems that the ice of these evil emotions has made humans go numb. They fail to feel any warmth and are slowly losing the hope to survive without knowing it. Humans act cruelly against each other and do not think twice before imparting harm.

In this poem, the poet perfectly depicts that there are two different types of people existing in the human race. According to the Class 10 English poem Fire and Ice Summary, one section thinks that fate will bring a fiery end to the human race. The other thinks that the entire world will freeze someday. The poet might be describing how the world will end for humans due to their stupid desires and false pride. He might have foreseen that either a raging war will kill every human or an icy death is lurking on everyone’s head. He also describes the immense power humans have developed and displayed can kill everyone on this planet.

He wants us to wake up from these false dreams and grow more compassionate towards each other. The cold emotions such as greed, hate, unending desires, etc. make us no less than ruthless animals. We behave in an inhuman way and treat others the same. One day, everything will stop existing in the human world but nature will continue thriving. He wanted us to understand that this power to destroy something is worthless. What is the use of such power when it takes lives rather than helping others to thrive? If you study the Class 10 English poem Fire and Ice Summary well, you will find that the poet has expressed regret in the lines of this poem.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What Are the Ways the Human Race Will Be Destroyed?

According to Fire and Ice Summary Class 10 English, the human race has created raging fire or weapons to destroy. This fire will someday engulf humanity and will wipe out an entire race. On the other hand, he has denoted cold emotions such as hatred, greed, unending desire for power, etc. as ice. If these emotions overcome the warmth, the cause of destruction will be the ice.

2. What Does the Poet Want Us to Do as Per Class 10 English Poem Fire and Ice?

According to the NCERT Class 10 English poem Fire and Ice Summary, a hidden message from the poet wants us to be more compassionate towards each other.