Farmers Essay

Essay on Farmers


In the present socio-economic structure, farmers are the backbone of the society. Almost all the food items taken by us are produced by the farmers. Hence, whole population of the country depends upon the farmers. Farmers are the backbone of all the countries in the world irrespective of their locations. An economy can thrive because of the tireless work of the farmers. They are the most significant individuals on the planet. However, in spite of rigorous activities for our wellness, the farmers do not have proper living for themselves in most of the countries. 

Importance of Farmers in The Society

Farmers have great significance as far as the socio-economic structure of our country is concerned. We can get food to eat because of them. Since food is the inevitable part of our day-to-day life, farmers are the necessity in society. 

There are various types of farmers. Each of them has equal importance. Firstly, the farmers who grow crops like wheat, barley, rice, etc. Since, most of the Indians are fond of wheat and rice, maximum farmers grow the same and hence, they are of prime importance to the economy. Secondly, the farmers who grow different kinds of fruits; they have to prepare the soil for different types of fruits because fruits are seasonal. Therefore, the farmers have to be well aware of fruits and crops and their requirements. Apart from that, there are many other farmers who are continuously working on various types of things. Nearly 17% of the Indian economy is contributed by agro products that are produced by the farmers. 

The Condition of Farmers

The situation of the farmers in India has never been quite satisfactory for many years now. Poverty is their permanent companion. The major problem behind the condition of farmers is the middlemen. Farmers are not paid directly from the market because of the middlemen. These middlemen grab the lion’s share of profit leaving behind almost nothing for the farmers. They can’t send their kids to schools or even feed themselves properly. As a result of this poor condition, they are compelled to end their lives.  

Another major reason behind this plight of the farmers is global warming. Since this is a global problem, farmers are the worst affected till now. Crops are getting damaged due to lack of proper nutrition. Seasons are getting delayed. As a result, season specific crops can’t get proper sustenance. Many farms are getting destroyed because of this.

Government has taken several steps to save the farmers. Various schemes have been implemented so far for the benefits of the farmers. In a recent announcement, the government has exempted the farmers from all the loans. Apart from that an annual pension of Rs. 6000/- to every farmer and ensuring quota to all the children of the farmers have been announced. These are indeed some positive steps taken by the Government. 


Farming is such a profession where extensive labour and effort are required. Farmers are the assets of our country. They should be treated like the soldiers of the nation. The steps taken by the government are not adequate to meet up all the problems of the farmers. As responsible citizens of the country, we have to come forward to save the farmers of our country because we can’t survive without them.