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What does a Farmer Do?

Last updated date: 04th Mar 2024
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What is Farmer?

A farmer is one of the most important members of society. He is the giver of food to the people, for practical purposes. A farmer is someone who owns and operates a farm. Some farmers grow a range of crops, while others produce dairy cows and sell their milk. Farmers labour in agriculture in some capacity, such as growing vegetables, grains, or fruit, or raising animals for milk, eggs, or meat. So, in this article you will be learning more about what does a farmer do, their importance, their role and how did people become farmers.

A Farmer

A Farmer

What Does a Farmer Do?

A Farmer is responsible for the management of farms, ranches, greenhouses, nurseries, and other agricultural producing enterprises. Depending on the type of farm, farmers are involved in planting, cultivating, completing post-harvest activities, overseeing other labours, and directing farm workers.

Farmer Images

Below is the different farmer images grouped in a single frame. Here one of the farmer is watering plants. Other one is taking out vegetable from the farm. The first one farmer is providing the food to the pig.

Farmer Images

Farmer Images

Role of a Farmer

A farmer is responsible for a variety of role in their specific field. A farmer must have a broad knowledge base of the agricultural industry as a whole, whether it is the purchase and planting of seeds on a cash crop farm, the purchase of quality breeding stock on an animal husbandry farm, or the diet and care of a specific type of livestock on an animal production farm. A farmer frequently need a solid working understanding of mechanics in order to keep their equipment functioning and in optimal condition, in addition to general knowledge of planting dates, and harvesting periods.

How did People Become Farmers?

Certain people become farmers since they come from a group of farmers. More established farmers pass down their knowledge about soil, animals, harvests, and climate to youngsters.

Climate change has caused certain modifications in the plants and animals utilised for food. Men, women, and children saw a variety of plant-related phenomena, such as locations where edible plants were discovered, how seeds broke off stalks, fell to the ground, and new plants emerged from them. Perhaps they began to protect the plants from birds and animals in order for them to flourish and the seeds to ripen. This is how people become farmers.

Working Farmers

Working Farmers

Types of Farms

Today, there are various types of farming. For example, in less monetarily created nations, numerous families live on what they can develop on their little farms. There is minimal left over to sell. This is called subsistence farming. Then again, in additional monetarily created countries, farming has turned into an enormous business. This is called agribusiness. Huge organisations own farms that produce immense amounts of food.

Methods of Farming

There have been numerous headways in the tools that farmers use and in the manner in which farmers develop crops. Farmers use farm trucks and other hardware to make planting and harvesting simpler and quicker.

Farmers who live in dry regions additionally use irrigation or artificial watering. Farmers can utilise chemical substances to assist with keeping their harvests liberated from pests. These chemicals, or pesticides, make a bigger yield for the farmers who use them. Be that as it may, the utilisation of these chemicals can harm individuals and the climate. Subsequently, a few farmers decide to not utilise pesticides. They are called natural farmers.

Importance of Farmers

Importance of farmer can’t be described in liens, as they play very important role in everyones lives. Following are the importance of farmers:

  • Farmers are responsible for our accessibility to fresh fruits and vegetables.

  • Farmers are true fighters since they face numerous challenges while yet providing us with food.

  • Farmers are critical to the existence of human civilisation.

  • Farmers make significant contributions to the country's economic progress.


A farmer is somebody who develops plants and raises animals for human use. As in the article, we have seen how hard farmers need to work for extended periods to find actual success. Works done by farmers are vital for human ease. Farmers are a very important part of any country. After that, we have seen their roles and how people become farmers. Later on, we discussed the types of farming and their methods. By reading this article, we have a proper understanding of the farmer, like what they do and who they are.

FAQs on What does a Farmer Do?

1. What are 3 types of farming?

The different types of farming are as follows: Dairy Farming, Commercial Farming and Plantation Farming.

2. Define agriculture.

Agriculture is the largest profession in our country. A huge number of these people who do agriculture address them as the people are dependent on occupation. work. We are farmers. Two thirds of the entire population is connected with agriculture directly or indirectly. one of the most important professions for the entire world. We are getting fed because of this agriculture only. There are different modes and forms of agriculture. Different crops are grown in different seasons.

3. What does a farmer wear?

Coveralls and Overalls. Some farmers prefer overalls, while others prefer trousers. Overalls are more convenient to some because they have more pockets and don't require a belt. The belt can easily get caught in machinery.