Cricket Match Essay

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Essay on Cricket Match

Cricket is an immensely popular bat-and-ball game. It is played and enjoyed by people all across the globe. A match of cricket is played between players of two teams having eleven players each. Professionally, a match of cricket is played on a field that has a 20-meter pitch in its center with one wicket of three stumps on each end. In this essay on cricket matches, the various forms and how they are played in matches of cricket are discussed.

A Paragraph on Cricket Match

The paragraph on a cricket match must include that it is enjoyed and loved by numerous people across the world. The professional players of cricket are adored and idolized by many fans and aspiring cricketers worldwide. The popularity of cricket is especially prevalent in countries with national cricket teams such as India, Australia, England, West Indies, etc.

History of Cricket

A paragraph of a cricket match will be incomplete without its history. Cricket had its beginning in the late 16th century south-east England. Afterward, cricket became England’s national sport in the 18th century and has its global development across the 19th and 20th centuries. The international matches of cricket started in 1844. Cricket is now considered the second most recognized spectacle in the world, after soccer.

An English Essay Cricket Match Formats

In this part of the essay on cricket match, the formats are going to be discussed:

Test Cricket

It is the form of cricket which has the longest duration and is generally considered the highest standard in the game of cricket. Here, between the two teams, each team plays a match of two innings and one single match usually lasts up to five days. It is like a trial of levels of endurance among teams and their abilities. Australia currently holds the top rank in the ICC Test Championship.

One Day International (ODI) Cricket

The ODI is the next form in this cricket match essay English. Here, the overs of the match are limited. ODIs are played between two international teams, each playing for 50 overs. One such example of an ODI match in cricket is the Cricket World Cup, which is generally held once in four years. Sachin Tendulkar holds the record of most runs and centuries in the history of ODI cricket with 18,426 runs made.

Twenty 20 Cricket (T20)

It is a shortened format of a cricket match. Professionally, it was first introduced in 2003 by the ECB (England and Wales Cricket Board). In a match of T20 cricket, each team has single innings and the limit of overs in the match is 20. A typical match of T20 cricket has a duration of 3 hours. Australia holds the top ranking in the ICC T20 International Championship with ratings of 275.

These are the three forms in which general cricket matches are played internationally as recognized by the ICC (International Cricket Council). This essay on cricket matches covers all three main variations.

An Exciting Cricket Match Essay

Cricket is my favorite game to play with my friends. In this essay on a cricket match I enjoyed, I choose to write about a game of cricket I played at my school.

Last winter, my school organized an inter-school cricket match. 5 teams were participating. In the game, there was a lot of tension among my playmates and our aim was to win to make our teachers and parents happy. Despite a bad start, we managed to set a target of 150 against our opponent team. They had a great start but due to our teamwork and strategy, we won by 15 runs.

It was a supremely enjoyable match of cricket the moments of which will always remain etched in my memory.

Therefore, here I end an essay on a cricket match that I enjoyed the most. Overall, this cricket match essay covers all the aspects of cricket; it discusses everything from the history and origin of the game to its popularity. No doubt it is one of the most loved sports and is enjoyed by people all across the globe.

A Short Essay on Cricket Match

A Cricket Match Essay in English

Cricket is a widely popular game that is played worldwide. It is the second most recognized and popular sport in the world after soccer. Cricketers around the world are idolized by legions of adoring fans and aspiring cricketers. In this short essay on cricket matches, the three forms by which it is played are discussed.

A Cricket Match Paragraph: The Three Forms of Cricket

Test Cricket: It is the form which has the longest duration in a match of cricket. It is generally played over five days. 

One Day International (ODI) Cricket: It is a form of cricket match that is played under a limited range of 50 overs. The Cricket World Cup is a form of ODI.

Twenty20 (T20) Cricket: It is a shortened format of a match of cricket that is played in the limit of 20 overs. A T20 match generally lasts three hours.

This essay of a cricket match describes how popular the game of cricket is and the formats in which it is played. In a nutshell, cricket is an exciting and enthralling game that keeps the audience glued to their position.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Who is the Father of Cricket?

Ans. William Gilbert Grace is considered to be the father of cricket.

2. When was Cricket Last Played at the Summer Olympic Games?

Ans. Cricket has been played only once at the 1900 Summer Olympic Games.

3. What is the Governing Body for Cricket in India?

Ans. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is India’s governing body for cricket.