Afforestation Essay

Essay on Afforestation

Afforestation is termed which refers to a process of planting new trees on previously barren land or the land which is occupied by the forest. This process involves cleaning of the site and uncompacting the soil so the land became fruitful for cultivation. The next step is increasing the count of trees in the forest, doesn't matter the type of, only number matters. The conservation of soil by retaining its fertility by growing native trees is achieved. 

Have you ever heard the word ‘landslide’? Landslide is a type of disaster in which the bedsheet of soil on the hilly areas slides down. The quantity of soil is too high that it can even vanish the village below. News of Malingav was thorny. Malingav is a place near Pune, Maharashtra. The village was hit by the landslide and suffered heavy loss of life and property. There are thousands of valleys exposed to the cruelty of the landslides. Trees plantation is the frontier preventive measure to this accident. As the count of forests goes on increasing the impact of this unpredictable disaster goes on decreasing. 

Even forests are the solution to every climatic problem. Plants exhale life essential oxygen and absorb the carbon dioxide. This process stabilizes the environmental conditions. The amount of oxygen released from the human body is to a great extent as the count of population is too high. And the population is increasing every day, every minute, while in contrast the count of forest is decreasing. Imagine you travelling on the roads surrounded by the trees on its banks. The tree shadows create a pleasant cool effect on spectators. So, a count 10-20 evergreen has such an impact, what if you are surrounded by thousands of trees. This will provide a protective layer from UV rays, a significant full meal and calmness.

We all are aware about the natural therapy technique used before curing the critical illness.  Natural therapy is the technique used to heal a patient with only naturopathic medicine. Even, plenty of research says, living in nature assists in the diversion from the pain. Hoot, chirps, caw, cluck, shriek and many more sounds let the experiencer to feel the beauty of nature and divert from the pain he had. The fact is unavoidable that the cure from the ayurveda has no side effect on the human body. The technique of ayurveda is a little bit slow one but shows lifelong results and it is also true that slow and steady wins the race! This technique uses the medicines originated from a variety of medicinal plants rarely found. Frequently the medicinal product manufacturers hunt the jungles for the required ingredients. 

Its cleared shows the necessity of forest in human survival; still no one takes efforts for the forest generation. Forest will kick out all the troubles from human life and give a healthy prosperous life in return. The NGOs are awaring the people about the forest growths but not taking any initial actions to generate it. ‘One plant per one person in a year’ technique will only be a fruitful one! 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How does afforestation help to cope up with the increasing demand of timber and charcoal?

With the increasing population the demand for timber and charcoal increases at a rapid rate. A lot of commercial sites or companies indulge in afforestation to grow trees in order to source timber and charcoal. Apart from that, afforestation also provides more job opportunities to the labourers and helps local businesses with an increased supply of its products. This not only caters to the local needs but also benefits the local economy.

2. What is the difference between afforestation and reforestation?

Reforestation is the natural or intentional restocking of existing forests and woodlands that have been depleted, usually through deforestation. Afforestation is the establishment of a forest or stand of trees in an area where there was no previous tree cover. The major difference between afforestation and reforestation is that afforestation is the process of planting or adding of trees in an area where there was never a forest or plantation. Therefore, creating a new forest. Reforestation is the replanting of trees in an area where there was once a forest which was destroyed or damaged. Thus it is a method to bring back or improve forest that was previously there.

3. What is the current scenario of afforestation?

A lot of land owners are converting their cropland into a forest land in order to reduce the  pressure on hardwood forest for the trees like black cherry, black walnut, and northern red oak. Forests containing trees like pine, gum trees, black wattle also provide wood to be used for charcoal, poles, mining timber, paper pulp, and other commercial applications. Pursuant to better growth and higher yields due to the afforestation of the alien species of trees can produce and export close to two million tons of wood and wood product few governments have earmarked a bulk amount to be completely utilized for afforestation schemes in the country. Also, to combat soil erosion a lot of farmland is being converted back to woodland.

4. What are the issues affecting afforestation?

There is a chance of climate change due to afforestation which can have some major effects on the growth and health of newly planted trees. Drought and major temperature fluctuations because of climate change can cause serious seedling mortality to an area that has been newly planted. Thus  drought and shade tolerant species are used to reduce the effects of climate change on the restoration process. The Increasing demand of wood is another problem because the rate at which trees are being planted is very much slower than the rate at which it is being cut down for production. The trees undoubtedly need time to grow and thus planting seasons going hand in hand with deforestation can be a potential stasis for the ever increasing wood demand.