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Xeric environment is characterized by
A. Precipitation
B. Low atmospheric humidity
C. Extremes of temperature
D. High rate of vaporization

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Hint: Xeric denotes situations marked by insufficient water supply. In arid environments, extremely cold habitats, and in salt marshes, xeric conditions occur. Some plants are customized to survive under such conditions.

Complete answer: Xeric means really dry. It's an ecological concept and could be applied, for instance, to a bare rock exposed to the light. To be described as follows, one uses the term ‘xeric’, hydric and mesic: Xeric (hydric, mesic): characterised by or relating to conditions of scanty (abundant, medium) moisture supply. Hydric is a type of habitat that is either seasonally or permanently saturated with water. A wetland is an instance of a hydric. Xeric is a habitat type that is characterised by low soil water content. These areas have a high evaporation rate and receive low precipitation of fewer than 250 millimetres, i.e. examples of xeric ecosystems are deserts. The xeric climate implies that there are dry or low humidity and no precipitation. This climate is located in the desert zone. Changes in the temperature also rely on various other factors, such as altitude, latitude, and hemisphere. High vaporization rates are not typical of the climate but are induced by low humidity in the air. The atmosphere is moisture deficient. This region is characterised by lower annual precipitation, low vaporizing levels, low humidity atmosphere and low night-time and high daytime temperatures. The climate of Xeric is deficient in humidity. It finds itself in the desert. It is distinguished by the less annual precipitation, low rate of vaporization, low atmospheric humidity and low temperature at night and high during the daytime.
Hence, the correct answer is option B.

Note: The pattern of succession can be influenced by environmental factors, climate, permafrost, topology and natural forces. In ecological succession, xerosere involves vegetation on dry barren lands when the succession begins.
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