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What organs are located on the left side of your body below the rib cage?

Last updated date: 22nd Mar 2024
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Hint: The rib cage is the skeletal part of the body that is made up of bones and cartilage. They enclose the thoracic cavity of the chest and help in protecting various body organs that are present around it.

Complete answer:
In our body 24 ribs are present, 12 ribs are present on the right side while the other 12 ribs are present on the left side of the body. Every rib is flat, and thin and is found to be connected to the vertebral column dorsally while ventrally it is connected to the sternum. It is called bicephalic because it has two surfaces with articulations on its dorsal end. These ribs are surrounded or enclosed in a ribcage. The ribcage is the structure present in the chest region of humans that helps in the protection of different body organs. They enclose soft organs and blood vessels present in the thoracic region of the body. The soft organs include the lungs and heart. They also help in protecting the diaphragm and other abdominal organs.
On the left side of the body below the ribcage the heart, pancreas, left lung, spleen, stomach, and left kidney is found. The pain may sometimes be observed under the ribcage if there is any problem, disease, injury, inflammation, or infection is present in these body organs. The pain may either be dull or ache or if increased then result in a stabbing feeling.
The organs at the left side are the heart (which is responsible for the circulation of blood along with oxygen and nutrients in the whole body), spleen (an organ where the dead red blood cells are stored), left lung (which takes up oxygen and gives out carbon dioxide and helps in the process of breathing), stomach (helps in the process of digestion), left kidney (it purifies the blood and removes waste products from the body), diaphragm (a muscle which helps in the process of breathing), pancreas (it secretes various hormones and helps in the regulation of blood sugar level).
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The organs that are located on the right of the body below the rib cage are the liver, right lung, right kidney, and the gallbladder. The gall bladder helps in the bile storage which helps in the process of digestion. The bile then goes into the liver. The liver is protected by the ribcage below its right side.