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Difference Between Plant Cell and Animal Cell ?

Last updated date: 19th May 2024
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The difference between plant cell and animal cell are listed below:

Plant cell

Animal cell

1. A plant cell is surrounded by a rigid cell wall.

1. An animal cell does not have a cell wall.

2. Presence of a large vacuole is seen in plant cells.

2. Whereas there are very small vacuoles as compared to plant cells are seen in animal cells.

3. Larger in size.

3. Smaller in size.

4. Plant cells have plastids.

4. Animal cells do not have plastids.

5. Centrosomes are absent in plant cells

5. Animal cells have centrosomes.

6. Plant cells do not have cilia. 

6. Animal cells have cilia.

7. Lysosomes are very rare in plant cells.

7. Animal cells have lysosomes.

Plant Cell:

seo images

Animal Cell:

seo images

Read in detail what is the difference between plant cell and animal cell?