The fleshy edible part of an apple is
A. Thalamus
B. Nucellus
C. Ovary
D. Endosperm

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Hint:The mesocarp is the flesh middle layer of the fruit found between the epicarp and endocarp. Fruits are the mature ovary or ovaries of one or more flowers.

Complete answer:
A. The fleshy edible part of an apple is thalamus. Apple fruit is pome. Pome is a faire (or accessory), simple succulent fruit that develops from an inferior compound ovary. The fruit contains seeds inside. The outer fleshy part of fruit is thalamus, which is the edible part.
B. Nucellus- It is the mass of parenchymatous tissue surrounded by integuments. It encores embryo sac and provides nourishment to developing embryos.
C. Ovary- It is the basal swollen part of carpel or gynoecium which bears one or several ovules. In the flowering plants, the ovary is a part of the female reproductive organ of the flower. Ovary develops into fruit. The fruits of plants are responsible for seed dispersion.
D. Endosperm- During double fertilization one of the male gametes fuses with the egg cell to form zygote. The other male gamete fuses with the diploid secondary nucleus to produce the triploid primary endosperm nucleus (PEN). The zygote develops into embryo PEN develops into endosperm which provide nourishment to the developing embryo.

Hence the correct answer is option A. Thalamus.

Note:Apple is widely cultivated fruit. The apple flowers are most varieties that require cross pollination for fertilization. They vary in colour, size, shape and acidity depending on the variety.