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Ecosystem has two components.
A. Plants and Animals
B. Weeds and Trees
C. Biotic and Abiotic
D. Frogs and Man

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Hint: Ecosystem is an interaction between living and non- living components.
All the components of the ecosystem interact with each other through the food chain.
Sir Arthur G. Tansley in 1935 coined the term ecosystem.

Complete answer:
In order to solve this question, we need to know about what is an ecosystem.
Ecosystem: It is defined as a group or system in which living and non living components of the environment interact with each other through nutrient cycle or by the food chain.
Ecosystems are controlled by external and internal factors.
External factors are: climate, topography, material for soil formation.
Internal Factors are: Decomposition, shading, root completion.
Basically, an ecosystem composed of two main components.
A. Biotic components
B. Abiotic components
Biotic components: Biotic components or biotic factors are the living components of the ecosystem.
Biotic factors are grouped into three major groups:
1. Producers: Also known as autotrophs, Convert light energy into food.
2. Consumers: Also known as heterotrophs, depends upon the producers for food.
3. Decomposers: Also known as detritivores break chemicals from producers and consumers.
Abiotic components: Abiotic components or abiotic factors are the non living component of the ecosystem.
Abiotic factors are atmosphere, chemical, sunlight/temperature, wind, and water.

So, the correct answer is option c- biotic and abiotic components.

Note: Food Chain: It is a network in which a series of organisms are interconnected to each other in their feeding habits that means primary producers(green plants, small shrubs, fruit, algae) gets eaten up by the primary consumer (herbivores, or vegetarians) which in turn gets eaten up by the secondary consumers (carnivores) and tertiary consumers (carnivores predators, omnivores).