Discuss briefly the role of microbes in household products.

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Hint: Microorganisms seen everywhere on the planet, they can see in the air, water, and soil, they also live in the human body, some of the microorganisms are bacteria, virus, and some protozoans, if we cultivate this on culture plate in a lab they form colonies, seen by naked eyes, there are so many uses of microorganisms in various fields.

Complete answer:
There are a lot of applications of microorganisms, they may be used in case of industries, in production of medicine, in household products and a wide variety of applications are seen.

Application of microorganisms in household products
- The most common example for the Usage of microorganisms in the house is turning the milk into curd.
- In curd, the microorganism is called the lactobacillus present.
- When we pour a small amount of curd into milk, the lactobacillus present in the curd undergo division in the suitable temperature and convert the whole milk into curd.
- Lactobacillus is the healthy bacteria found in the guts and it produces vitamin B12.
- Whereas other important applications of microorganisms in the house are in case of cooking of some food such as bread, and some other food like idli and dosa also the fermentation occurs
- The microorganism used for the bread is baker's yeast and it is also used in the dough of baking food, it causes the fermentation of dough
- Propionibacterium sharmani is the microorganism used to produce the Swiss cheese, it has holes in the structure, mainly due to the production of carbon dioxide.

Note: Apart from the household application, it is used for industrial purposes for the production of biogas, and in the case of the pharmaceutical industry, so many microorganisms are used for the production of medicines, for example, penicillin also made from the microbes only.