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What is the type of food and mode of feeding of the following animals? Write down your observations in the given table. You may find the list of modes of feeding given below the table.
Name of animalKind of foodMode of feeding
House fly

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Hint: Animal nutrition is just as vital as plant nutrition. Plants manufacture their own food through the process of photosynthesis, but animals are unable to do so and must rely on plants or other animals for their nourishment.
Animals get their sustenance either directly from plants (herbivores) or indirectly from animals that have eaten plants (carnivores). Omnivores are animals that eat both plants and animals and are classified as such. Food is required for the survival and growth of all creatures.

Complete answer:
All organisms require food for their survival. The nutrient requirements, the form of food intake, and the utilisation of food in the body are all part of animal nutrition. The act of ingesting food is known as ingestion. Digestion is the process of breaking down ingested food into simpler compounds. Different organisms consume food in different ways. Let's have a look at the various ways that organisms consume food.

Name of animalKind of foodMode of feeding
SnailGrass Chewing
Ant Insects Scraping
Eagle Small animals Capturing and swallowing
HummingbirdNectar Sucking
Lice Blood Sucking
Mosquito Blood Sucking
Butterfly Nectar Sucking
House fly Decaying matterBrewing

As a result, we can see that various creatures have different feeding modes. Few species have a well-developed digestive system that allows them to properly digest their food. The digestive organs of lesser creatures are inadequate. Food is broken down into smaller particles and distributed throughout the body. The waste materials are excreted through the body's excretory organs.

Types of nutrition in animals-
Filter Feeding is the process of getting nutrients from particles suspended in water using a filter. Fish use this a lot.
Deposit feeding is the process of collecting nutrients from suspended particles in the soil. This is how earthworms consume their food.
Fluid feeding is the process of getting nutrients by ingesting the fluids of other species. This style of food consumption is seen in honey bees and mosquitos.
Bulk feeding is the process of acquiring nutrients by consuming the entire organism. Python is a good example.
Ram and suction feeding involve eating prey through bodily fluids. Aquatic predators, such as bony fish, are known to use this method of ingesting.