Differentiate between integument and testa.

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Hint: One is the covering of the organism or an organ and the other is its plant derivative. Both the integument and the testa are the coverings but of various organs.

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Differentiate between integument and testa:
Integument Testa
An integument is an outer covering of the ovule. Testa is an outer covering of the seed.
It is a pre-fertilization product. It is a post-fertilization product.
The cells of the integument are thin and soft. The cells of the testa are thick and hard.
They do not contain sclereids. They contain sclereids.
The cells of integument are living. The cells of the testa are dead.
It may consist of one or two layers of cells. It may consist of one layer of cells.
It is developed from the chalazal end of the ovule. It is developed from the integuments of the ovule.
Through integument, pollens enter the ovule. It is formed after the fusion of pollen and egg cells.
They form inner layer tegmen and outer layer testa. The testa fused with the fruit wall called the pericarp.

Note: The word integument is derived from the Latin word integumentum meaning ‘a covering’. The origin of this word in English is found to be around the early seventeenth century. The testa is of two types depending upon their source of the original. Endotesta originated from the inner integument and exotesta originated from the outer integument.