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Maths Question Paper for CBSE Class 12 - 2016 Set 1 C

Last updated date: 24th Jul 2024
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Previous Year Question Paper for CBSE Class 12 Maths - 2016 Set 1 C

Free download CBSE Class 12 Maths2016 (Set 1 - C) question paper solved by Expert teachers. Register for Live Online Maths Tuition to clear your doubts. Students can score well in Maths by practising as much as they can. First, they must go through the NCERT textbooks and practice the exercises given in it. Then practice exercises given in the reference materials. Students can also try solving some question banks.

But another important source to get practice questions is previous year question papers. They can refer to it and solve them. This will also help them understand the weightage pattern. They will get accustomed to the exam environment. Solving more questions will improve their efficiency and also teaches them how to manage their limited time. Solving more questions will also help in improving their approach to answers.

Competitive Exams after 12th Science

Overview of Maths syllabus for CBSE Class 12

Following is the revised syllabus: 

  • Relations and Functions

  • Algebra

  • Calculus

  • Vectors and three-dimensional Geometry

  • Linear programming and

  • Probability

For a detailed view of the entire syllabus please visit Vedantu. We also provide free study materials, previous year questions, solved question papers, mock tests, reference material, Classroom programs for many boards and competitive exams. 

FAQs on Maths Question Paper for CBSE Class 12 - 2016 Set 1 C

1. What are the objectives of NCERT Class 12 Maths Curriculum?

Studying Maths In Class 12 forms a base for the upcoming competitive exams for the students. It helps them get admitted into many disciplines including engineering. So, the curriculum is designed with utmost care. Its main objectives are:

  • Develop critical understanding in students, and develop their knowledge by motivating them, explaining basic terms and principles with illustrations

  • Define the flow of reasons while proving an answer or solving a problem

  • Develop an attitude to think, analyze and express logically

  • Develop a sense of respect towards Mathematicians for their contributions 

2. What are the topics dealt with under vectors and three-dimensional Geometry in CBSE Class 12 Maths?

Vectors and 3D Geometry are two chapters in the revised syllabus of Class 12 CBSE Maths. Following are the subtopics in it:

  •  Vectors and scalars

  • Magnitude and Direction of a vector. 

  • Direction cosines 

  • Finding the direction ratios of a vector.

  • Types of vectors 

  • Position vectors of a point

  • Negative, components,  addition, multiplication of a vector by a scalar

  • The position vector of a point dividing a line segment in a given ratio. 

  • Geometrical Interpretation, properties

  • Application of scalar 

  •  Three - dimensional Geometry 

  • Direction cosines and direction ratios of a line joining two points. 

  • Cartesian equation and vector equation of a line, coplanar and skew lines

  • The shortest distance between two lines. 

  • Cartesian and vector equation of a plane. 

  • The angle between two lines, planes, a line and a plane. 

  • Distance of a point from a plane.

3. What are the topics dealt with under Probability in CBSE Class 12 Maths?

Probability is a chapter in the revised syllabus of Class 12 CBSE Maths. Following are the subtopics in it:

  • Conditional probability

  • Multiplication theorem on probability

  • Independent events

  • Total probability, Bayes’ theorem

  •  Random variable and its probability distribution

  • Mean and variance of a random variable.

  •  Binomial probability distribution.

Probability is one of the easiest chapters. Hence, students can practice and score well easily. They need to read the questions carefully to avoid any confusion while solving the problems. For a detailed view of the syllabus, please visit Vedantu.

4. What is the typology of questions asked in CBSE Class 12 Maths Exams?

All the questions test the remembering, Analyzing, Understanding, Applying, Evaluating and Creative thinking skills of the students. The highest weightage is given to understanding and remembering skills. It weighs around 40% of the total questions. Least number of questions tests creating and evaluating skills with around 10% each. Under remembering skills, students have to exhibit the previously learned material, they have to recall the basic terms, concepts, formulas etc., under the understanding part, students have to compare and contrast different concepts and draw conclusions. Under the creating part, they have to think and propose new patterns of problem-solving. 

5. What are periodic tests in CBSE Class 12 Maths?

CBSE Class 12 Mathsexam has two parts namely internal and external assessment. Internal assessment is for 10 marks and the rest are assessed in external examination. Periodic tests are part of the internal examination. They are completely a written examination conducted by the student’s Class teacher. It should be a balance of long answer, short answer and very short answer questions. Three periodic tests are to be conducted in the whole year. They are tentatively conducted in July, November and December. The school converts all three tests according to the weightage. The best of two are considered out of the three tests.