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English Question Paper for CBSE Class 12

Last updated date: 23rd May 2024
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Previous Year Question Paper for CBSE Class 12 English

If the Queen’s language has you worried and in a tizzy, you can now rest your mind since Vedantu now brings CBSE class 12 English previous year question papers with solutions. Our English language solutions are known to reduce all your worries about the subject. As a student, you will need to put in untiring efforts and a lot of dedication, if you are keen on scoring exceptionally well during your class 12 exams. 


Once you understand which topics are important and know the focus areas, the rest can be managed by answering CBSE class 12 English in previous years solved question papers regularly. This will give you the confidence to face any challenge thrown at you as you are clear about the pattern and topics asked frequently. Vedantu is a wonderful resource for all those students who aim to reach the top through smart work and efforts. You can easily download question papers of the related subject and practice until you achieve perfection.

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CBSE Class 12 English Previous Year Question Paper

It is easy to get a feel about the real thing by taking a mock test before the exams begin. Kick off your preparations by solving the CBSE previous year question paper of English class 12 and then move on to earlier years. Take these tests as seriously as the Board exams by adhering to timelines and other guidelines. Such authentic preparation will build your confidence and reduce your anxiety levels to the bare minimum. Our website provides CBSE last year class 12 English board question paper with a free PDF solution download which will help you to check and compare your answers. This will help you to the necessary measures to correct any errors and ensure they are not repeated during the exams. This real-life examination scenario is the best way to fortify yourself for this critical juncture of your life. Watch out for those oft-repeated questions over the years and give extra effort towards them. This will help you to score more during your boards for sure.

Vedantu-Your Friend, Philosopher and Guide

At Vedantu, we are single-minded in our aim towards preparing you for your examination and promise to leave no stone unturned in this endeavour. Our website is a treasure house for previous year exam papers and provides an assured edge to those who use it wisely. A major benefit of connecting to a powerful resource like Vedantu is the availability of online tutors. Those students who need guided knowledge and additional preparation for the core science subjects which include Physics, Chemistry, Biology and maths can sign up for online tuitions to ace their exams. You will be completely familiar with the paper pattern, the time is taken to solve it in real-time and understand marking well. Since we provided solved CBSE Class 12 English papers for free, you can easily be conversant with the kind of answers the Board examiners expect from you.

Previous Years Question Papers for Class 12

Irrespective of students belonging to different streams, English is a common subject that every student has to attempt in CBSE Class 12. English is a kind of subject where neither everyone can score high marks, nor anyone wants to score low marks in the final year board exams. To help students score good marks in the board exams, previous year question papers play a vital role. 

Vedantu offers a collection of Previous Year Question Papers to help students of class 12 to score high marks in their final board exams. Solving previous year question papers and practising mock papers will help students to understand the question pattern, weightage of marks, and help to boost the confidence of students. You can find a list of previous year question papers on this page for reference. You can download and practise for free. All the papers are provided with solutions by India’s best teachers for clear understanding and a hassle-free experience.

CBSE Class 12 English

CBSE Class 12 English has been classified into three parts: English Core, English Elective and Functional English.

English Core

The Class 12 English core paper is a mandatory course. It consists of concepts and chapters that enhance the reading, writing and comprehension skills of a student. It also covers the literature part of the subject; which consists of prose, poem and supplementary based questions. It gives a practical understanding of the English language and enhances accuracy and fluency. 

English Elective

The Class 12 English Elective is an optional course. It gives high-level exposure to the English language based on literary texts. It consists of reading, writing, literature and grammar. It gives an in-depth understanding of fluency.

Importance of Previous Year Question Paper for CBSE English

Class 12 English is a lengthy paper and requires huge practise if one wants to do well in the examination. For enough practice, students are suggested to solve more and more previous year question papers. Solving previous year practice papers helps you get familiar with the exam pattern and regular practice helps you to score high marks. 

By solving the previous year papers, students will have a very good knowledge and an understanding of the question paper pattern and the type of questions asked in the examination. This will help us to understand our strengths and weaknesses. You can also sort out the time required to solve the paper by using a timer and can help to increase your question-solving and writing speed.  

Scoring well in English improves the overall percentage of a student. For students to score better in their board exam, we at Vedantu provide them with a list of CBSE Class 12 Previous year English core and English Elective question papers on this page. Students can download the question paper for their reference for free.

Preparation Strategy for CBSE Class 12 English Board Exam

English is the subject where most students generally have problems scoring high marks, especially when it comes to the Class 12 English Board Exam. Following are some tips to be followed while preparing for the English Exam:

Students should understand the syllabus well. Read comics, newspapers to understand how English is written in a formal setting. Practice writing in a regular setting. In your free time, attempt to write short stories and poems in English. Try to finish reading the English book every day for half an hour. Make notes of the important topics so that you can revise them before the exams. Solve the previous year question papers to get familiar with the question type, difficulty level and to identify the weak points. Keep a timer while solving the previous year question paper, as it can improve your speed, accuracy and time management. Be clear with the grammar section, as scoring in this part is very easy and consumes less time.

FAQs on English Question Paper for CBSE Class 12

1. Differentiate English Core and English Elective?

English Core

English Elective

It is a mandatory course.

It is an optional/ elective course.

It gives a practical understanding of the English language and enhances accuracy and fluency.

It gives an in-depth understanding of the language based on literary texts

It is comparatively easy and simple and can be taught easily.

It is a specialized one, which has a deep explanation of the language. It is comparatively hard. 

It is attempted by all the Class 12 students.

Only a few people choose this course and it has comparatively less competition.

2. How to study through CBSE Class 12 previous year question papers?

Here is a step-by-step procedure on how to study through CBSE Class 12 Previous Year Question Papers.

  1. Study and go through the entire question paper first.

  2. Create a strategy on how to approach the question paper effectively.

  3. Prepare yourself in advance to decide which question to answer first and which question to skip.

  4. Answer the questions only when you are more than 90% confident of answering them right. Skip the answers you don’t know.

  5. Analyze your paper yourself honestly.

  6. Go through every incorrect answer and learn them. To not repeat the same mistakes in the exam.

3. How to score full marks in the Class 12 English Board CBSE Exam?

Read every line of the chapter carefully. Practise the writing section more as it can help to score more marks. Make use of the previous year question papers and sample mock question papers as it can help to increase the writing speed and help to cope up with the exam timing. To score full marks in the board exam, one should never skip any portion. Focus on the grammar part as it will be one of the easiest scoring areas. Remember the name of the poets and writers as it may probably be asked in one mark question.

4. Which is better for Board exam preparation- Mock Test or Previous Year Question Paper?

Practicing through mock tests and previous year question papers can be an easy way to revise the syllabus for the exam entirely in a quick time. But, solving previous year question papers gives a fair idea of the exam pattern, question type, and difficulty level of the exam. It also provides the experience of actual examination to students, which boosts self-confidence and problem-solving skills. Previous year question papers help to analyze the practice and performance standards of the students to constantly upgrade themselves.

5. How is Vedantu different from regular tuition?

Students of Class 12 CBSE can make the most of our brilliant teachers to be consistent performers and achieve accolades in their academic journey. Vedantu provides top-notch online mentoring services including study materials and LIVE classes by expert teachers. You can download all the required study materials in PDF format and study at the comfort of your homes without travelling distances for tuition.  Vedantu provides you with its repository of previous year question papers for Class 12 CBSE  board exams.