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Pre RMO Examination

Last updated date: 18th May 2024
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Pre RMO Exam- Latest Updates for Pre- RMO Examination

Pre RMO, or PRMO, is the first step to the Indian Mathematical Olympiad. PRMO full form is the Pre-Regional Mathematical Olympiad. It is a preliminary round for the selection of candidates for the Regional Mathematical Olympiad (RMO). Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education (HBCSE) has been appointed as the coordinator for the exam by the National Board for Higher Mathematics (NBHM). Under its supervision, the PRMO exam will be organized by the MTA (Mathematics Teachers’ Association). NBHM is in charge of the mathematical olympiad related-activities.

Pre-RMO Exam 2023-24: Details You Should not Miss

Pre RMO exam is held in August every year. Those who will qualify in PRMO will be eligible for the next round of the Mathematics Olympiad in India. Regional Mathematical Olympiad or RMO exam is the most sought after Mathematical contest in the country. Those who are interested in the national-level competition must concentrate on qualifying PRMO 2023-24.

PRMO 2023-24 Exam Tentative Dates



June 22, 2023

Starting date of PRMO/IOQM Registrations for schools and colleges

July 10, 2023

Starting Date of PRMO/IQOM 2023-24 Registration for students

August 5, 2023

Last date of IOQM/PRMO Registration for schools and colleges

August 1, 2023

Online PRMO 2023-24 Registration (NIOS Students)

August 8, 2023

Last Date of PRMO/IOQM 2023-24 Registration for students

August 25, 2023

Release of IOQM Admit Card

September 3, 2023

IOQM-2023-24 Exam

October 2023

Declaration of PRMO Result

Is there a Negative Marking in PRMO? 

No, there is no negative marking in PRMO. You must use this to your advantage and answer all questions even when you may not know the correct answer with certainty.

Exam Pattern

Pre RMO exam includes a total of 30 questions which shall be completed within the exam duration of 3 hours. The answer to each question will be in either a single-digit or a two-digit number. The questions will be mainly from Class 11 and Class 12 syllabus. Candidates must be well versed with the important topics for the Pre RMO exam such as Integers, Number Theory, Trigonometry, Permutations and Combinations, etc. For a detailed PRMO exam pattern, visit Vedantu’s site and look for the Pre-RMO Exam Pattern writeup.

The PRMO test is the main stage for students working towards the International Mathematics Olympiad. One should focus on arithmetic to score well in this test. Subjects identified with analytics and insights are excluded from the PRMO test. The significant sections for the tests are number frameworks, polynomial math, and calculation. Students should go through the PRMO prospectus thoroughly to comprehend the test and score well.

How to Prepare for the PRMO Exam? 

Understudies should concentrate on science to score well in the PRMO assessment. Tips to secure a good position and get chosen for the test are given below:

Each understudy should be clear with every one of the points given in the PRMO schedule. 

They ought to go through the example papers and previous year's inquiries to comprehend the PRMO assessment pattern, difficulty level, and other aspects.

Try to clear every uncertainty identified with the points given in the schedule. 

Become familiar with every one of the topics and keep a copy of equations ready to revise them at any time. 

Note that the Olympiad Exams seek to test beyond what you learn in classrooms, it generally tests your idea, legitimate methodology, and the comprehension behind the subjects/points.

Registration Process

Website for PRMO is the Official Website. Pre-Regional Mathematical Olympiad or PRMO aspirants can visit the official website to understand the registration process before applying for Pre RMO 2023-24. Only those schools which register themselves as “registration centres” will be allowed to participate. Once the schools have been registered, they can collect the registration fee from their students who are interested in Maths Olympiad and have the right aptitude for the test. Students are required to pay the registration fee of Rs. 230, out of which 20 Rupees per candidate will be retained by the respective schools.

After successfully enrolling for PRMO, admit cards for the test will be made available.

New Changes in PRMO Exam 

From this year HBCSE has presented a few changes in the PRMO test : 

  • Pre RMO test or PRMO test is currently renamed to IOQM from the academic year 2023-24. 

  • Earlier, the Mathematical Olympiad was a complete 6 phase test. However, now, the test stages have been brought down to 3 phases: IOQM, INMO, and IMOTC. 

  • The enrollment Process should be possible through a web-based channel from the official site. The previous enlistment forms were filled by the school itself. 

  • MTA authorities will direct the PRMO test on a decided date.

Eligibility Criteria

Before applying for the examination, it is the candidates’ responsibility to adhere to the eligibility norms set by the authorities. Candidates must be born on or after August 1, 2002. Students of Class 8-12 are eligible to take PRMO 2023-24. The candidate must be an Indian Citizen. However, OCI card holders, i.e. candidates who have Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI) are allowed to write PRMO on certain conditions. These conditions will be explored in detail in the Pre RMO Eligibility Criteria article by Vedantu.

Results of PRMO

  • The Mathematics Teachers Association delivers the outcomes for the HBCSE PRMO on their official site. 

  • Visit the site of the Mathematics Teachers' Association. 

  • Go to the Activities>Exams>PRMO 

  • The outcomes connected for PRMO will be shown on the page in the declaration section. 

  • The page will be diverted to the outcomes page with a rundown of understudies for every locale. 

  • Check for your roll number. 

Note: Students from Kendriya Vidyalaya and Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya need to contact their particular school facilitators for PRMO results as their outcomes won't be posted online.


Based on the performance in Pre RMO, students will qualify for Regional Mathematical Olympiad or RMO. Students are required to visit the Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education (HBCSE) website to avail the list of Pre RMO qualifiers. HBCSE, the concerned authority, will announce the names of eligible students from all regions for Indian National Mathematical Olympiad or INMO based on RMO scores. From this, it can be inferred that the Regional Mathematical Olympiad is a crucial exam that opens the door to the National and International Mathematics Olympiads. This means that candidates must take Pre RMO seriously as it is the first step towards succeeding in Mathematics competition.

PRMO is the Pre-Regional Mathematical Olympiad, otherwise called the main level qualifier towards addressing India at World Championship Mathematics Competition for High School understudies led by International Mathematical Olympiad in different nations. In India, the PRMO test is conducted under the direction of the Mathematics Teachers Association (MTA).

FAQs on Pre RMO Examination

1. What is the Full Form of Pre RMO?

Pre RMO stands for Pre-Regional Mathematical Olympiad. Pre RMO, also known as Pre RMO, is the preliminary round for selection at the regional level of the Mathematics Olympiad in India. This means that candidates are required to qualify for Pre RMO in order to be eligible for the RMO exam. All the crucial eligibility conditions are mentioned in the above article.

2. When will the Pre RMO Exam 2023-24 be Held?

Pre-Regional Mathematical Olympiad (Pre RMO) is held in September every year. The concerned authorities are deciding on the possibilities of conducting the exam amid this situation. Pre RMO 2023-24 Exam Date has been announced by the authorities. Candidates are required to visit the official website regularly for any updates regarding the exam.

3. Which is the Conducting Body for Pre RMO?

Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education (HBCSE) is the main conducting body for Pre RMO. HBCSE is in charge of conducting the Pre RMO exam, along with the MO-Cell and the National Coordinator, as appointed by the National Board for Higher Mathematics (NBHM). The Pre RMO exam will be organized by the MTA (Mathematics Teachers’ Association). NBHM is the main conducting body that supervises the mathematical olympiad activities in the country.

4. How to Prepare for Pre RMO to Qualify the First Round?

Qualifying Pre RMO requires immense practice and hard work. The examination assesses a student’s problem-solving abilities and reasoning skills. Hence, students must work on core concepts related to the subject. Math Olympiad aspirants must seek the help of online mentoring platforms like Vedantu. Vedantu has a team of exceptionally qualified teachers who can help students fulfill their dream of winning the olympiad exams. You can also avail all the required resources on Vedantu’s platform including sample papers, syllabus, previous year question papers, etc.

5. Is there any eligibility criteria for PRMO?

Yes, there is an eligibility criteria for PRMO. It is as follows: 

  • Students who were born on or after August 1, 2001, are qualified to apply for the PRMO. 

  • Students from classes 8 to 12 are qualified to apply 

  • Only Indian residents and students with OCI cards are qualified to apply for the test. According to the Madras High Court orders, understudies with OCI status won't be qualified.