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Pre-RMO Exam Booklet

Last updated date: 25th Feb 2024
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Booklet for Pre-RMO Exam

Pre-Regional Mathematics Olympiad (Pre-RMO) is the first stage of choosing the Indian National Team. This team will represent India at the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO). IMO is an extravagant competition held annually at the international level to find mathematical geniuses. Top institutes like Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, and many others keep an eye on every winner of IMO. History suggests; that the winners of this competition have gone on to become the Mathematical genius of the world.

The Indian wing of the Mathematics Teachers Association MTA(I) with HBCSE conducts the selections for IMO. Starting with Pre-RMO, the selection process includes; 5 stages the other four beings: RMO (Regional Mathematics Olympiad), INMO (Indian National Mathematics Olympiad), IMOTC (International Mathematical Olympiad Training Camp), and the final stage team selections of IMO.

Vedantu has always dreamt of bringing Gold for India in IMO, and V is striving hard every day to make that dream come true. Help students prepare for Pre-RMO; Vedantu launches Pre-RMO Booklet. The booklet made under the guidance of Vedantu’s experienced Master Teachers will give you an insight into the Pre-RMO Examination and will help you prepare for the exam. Follow the link to download the booklet in pdf format.