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PRMO Exam Pattern

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Due to Covid - 19, there will be no PRMO and RMO this year. A three-hour examination known as the Indian Olympiad Qualifier in Mathematics (IOQM) conducted by the Mathematics Teachers Association (India)(MTA)(I). Read More about IOQM.

IOQM syllabus and examination format will be similar to PRMO this year.

The Pre RMO exam pattern is published on the official website of the Homi Bhabha Center for Science Education, for the perusal of aspiring students. The Pre Regional Mathematical Olympiad (Pre RMO) is a 3-hour long examination which is conducted in a pen and paper-based format. It is of utmost importance for the students willing to participate in the Olympiad, to be well-versed with the Pre RMO exam pattern. Going through the  Pre RMO exam pattern will help aspirants to get useful insights into the question pattern, types of questions asked, marking scheme, and various other important aspects of the examination.

An Overview of the Pre RMO Exam Pattern

The Pre RMO exam pattern is discussed, in detail, in this segment so that students can get a clear understanding of all the important aspects of the examination. 

It is important to keep in mind the exam duration when you prepare for Pre RMO as it will help you to pace up for the paper accordingly. The Pre RMO examination extends over a duration of 3 hours and you will be given OMR sheets to record the response for every question, within this time. You will be permitted to use normal pencils and blue or black ball pens to fill in their responses in the OMR sheets. Writing on the OMR sheets may affect your candidature, adversely, and only the filled-in bubbles on the sheet will be counted by the computers, during the checking procedure.

Another important factor that the Pre RMO exam pattern helps you to understand is the question pattern. There will be 30 questions in the Pre RMO examination and every question will be compulsory. Keep reading to know more about the marking scheme, the medium of examination, the type of questions, along with the other details of Pre RMO examination.

The Details of the  Pre RMO Exam Pattern are Tabulated Below for the Reference of all Candidates:

Particulars of Pre RMO Exam Pattern 


Duration of examination

3 hours (180 minutes)

Medium of examination

  1. English

  2. Hindi

Mode of examination

Pen and paper-based (Offline) 

Pens to be carried

Blue and black ball pens



Total number of questions


Type of questions

Numerical problems 

(Every question has a 1 or 2-digits answer.) 

Marking Scheme

As per the Pre RMO previous year question papers:

  • 7 questions carrying 2 marks each 

  • 15 questions carrying 3 marks each

  • 8 questions carrying 5 marks each

Negative Marking


Correction Mode

Scanned by machines

You must read through all the instructions given on the question paper before you start writing. Every answer must be marked carefully on the OMR sheet, and marking more than one answer on the sheet will be of no good. For the convenience of all candidates, the question paper will be available in both English and Hindi languages. After the examination, a copy of the filled-in OMR sheet will be given to you for future reference. This is the candidate’s copy of the answer sheet and will be required for verification purposes in the next processes of the Indian Mathematical Olympiad program.

In some regions, the Pre RMO exam is conducted in two phases and one consolidated result of both the phases is published at the time of results. The cut-off scores for Pre RMO vary for each region and also depends on the performance of participants. If your score in Pre RMO corresponds to the cut-off scores for your region, you will be qualifying for RMO, the next level of the Indian Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) program.

Many school students take part in the IMO program, in consecutive years, up till the time they meet all the eligibility criteria for the examinations. Yet again, every year, there are students participating in Pre RMO for the first time. If your school is not yet registered for the Indian Mathematical Olympiad program, you can reach out to the officials-in-charge at your school for participation in the same.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1: What is the Total Number of Questions Asked in the Pre RMO Examination?

Answer: A total of 30 questions are asked in the Pre RMO examination. It is mandatory to answer all the questions. Most likely, the answers to these questions will be of 1-digit or 2-digits and you will have to mark it in the OMR sheet provided during the examination.

Q2: Is there any Negative Marking in the Pre RMO Examination?

Answer: No, there is no negative marking in the Pre RMO examination. You can answer all the questions, without worrying about any negative marking. However, any discrepancy in filling the bubbles in the OMR sheet will affect your scores, adversely. If you do not fill-in any bubble properly in the OMR sheet, that particular answer will not be counted at the time of checking.

Q3: What is the Time Duration Allotted for the Pre RMO Examination?

Answer: Pre RMO is a 3-hour long examination and most likely there will be no breaks during the examination. You need to be fast enough to finish attempt all the 30 questions within the stipulated time. You should go through the instructions carefully before you start solving the paper. Your name, date of birth, email address, and roll number, written in the OMR sheet, are your login credentials for checking the scores.

Q4: What is the Marks Division for the Pre RMO Examination?

Answer: As per the previous year’s Pre RMO question paper, there will be questions of 2 marks, 3 marks, and 5 marks. In 2018, the first 7 questions carried 2 marks each, the next 15 questions carried 3 marks each, and the last 8 questions carried 5 marks each. Solving sample papers and mock tests will give you a better idea of the marks division.