IMO 2020 Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility for Olympiad Exam

International Mathematics Olympiad is a Mathematics competition conducted by the Science Olympiad Foundation yearly for the high school students. The detailed IMO Olympiad eligibility 2020-21 is discussed in this article  for the candidate looking to apply for IMO exams 2020-21. It should be noted that IMO exam eligibility criteria is quite moderate and remains the same from the last several years and, so it will be similar this year also. Before starting with the preparation for the IMO exam, candidates should be aware about the complete IMO exam eligibility criteria to understand  whether they are eligible for IMO exam this year or not.

Read the article below to get important information about IMO Exams eligibility criteria.

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IMO Exams Eligibility Criteria 2020-21

The schools which have resisted themself with SOF can only apply for IMO. The Schools have to choose any convenient date for the exam and register for it 30 days prior to the date of the exams. Interested students can register for the SOF IMO exam from their respective schools. Individual registrations are not accepted. A minimum of 10 students need to register from each school is mandatory for  the SOF IMO exam.

  • Students of class 1 to 12 who are looking to evaluate their Mathematics academic performance are eligible for Level 1 IMO exams paper. 

  • Students who achieved a minimum performance in level 1 are eligible for the level 2 IMO exam.

Eligibility Criteria For Level 1 IMO Exam

All the students of class 1 to 12 are eligible for the Level 1 IMO exam irrespective of their academic performance. The moderate eligibility criteria for level 1 IMO exams paper helps in increasing the participation level of the students throughout the world. Students for classes 1 to 12 pursuing education within the country or outside the country can freely apply for the IMO level 1 exam.

Eligibility Criteria For Level 2 IMO Exam

Students who qualified minimum performance level in the Level 1  IMO exam paper are further shortlisted for the Level 2 exam. The following are the eligibility criteria for the students who can apply for the level 2 IMO exam paper.

  • Top 5 students are eligible for level 2 exams.

  • Top 25 students for each class and zone are eligible for the level 2 IMO exam.

  • Top rank holders of each section are also eligible for the level 2 IMO exam.

  • Rank holders of each participating school were a minimum of 10 students from class who attempted the exam and scored 50% qualifying marks.

The students of class 1 and class 2 are not required to appear for the level 2 exam as their performance will be judged on the basis of level 1 exam.

What is IMO Exam?

IMO exam is an annual Olympiad Mathematics test organized for the students of class 1 to 12 by the Science Olympiad Foundation. IMO exams full form stands for the International Mathematics Olympiad exam. The IMO exam aims to identify and encourage students who are competent to become future scientists or technologists. IMO exams help those competent students to compete with other students throughout the world. It enables students to judge their Mathematics skills. The results of IMO provide an overview to the students for their academic growth. A student’s performance report shows the specific reviews of the students efficiency in the exam. 

Exam Pattern

For Students of Class 1st to 4th

  • The total number of questions asked in the IMO exam paper is 35.

  • IMO exam duration for attempting 35 questions is 60 minutes.

The IMO Exam Questions Paper for Classes 1st to 4th Includes 4 Sections

  • Section 1 - Logical reasoning (10 questions)

  • Section 2 - Mathematical reasoning (10 questions)

  • Section 3 - Everyday Mathematics (10 questions)

  • Achievers Section ( 5 questions)

For Classes 5th to 12th

  • Students appearing for the exams have to attempt 50 questions.

  • The IMO exam duration for attempting 50 questions is 60 minutes

The IMO Exam Question Paper for Classes 5th to 12th Includes 4 Sections.

Section 1 - Logical reasoning ( 15 questions )

Section 2 - Mathematical reasoning (20 questions)

Section 3 - Everyday Mathematics ( 10 questions)

Section 4 - Achievers Section ( 5 questions)

IMO Exam Dates

The exam dates for 14 International Mathematics Olympiad 2020-21 have been changed. Read the below table for getting the latest information about IMO exam dates for 2020-21.

14th IMO (1st level exam )

Date 1: December 1, 2020

Date 2: January 19, 2021

14th IMO (2nd  level exam )

2nd  /3rd   Sunday of Feb 2020

14th IMO (1st level exam answer key)

3rd  week of Dec 2020

14th IMO Result  (level 1)

3rd week of January 2020

14th IMO Result  (level 2)

To be announced

Application deadline

31 August 2020

IMO Exam-Application Process

Interested candidates can get their IMO exam registration forms from their respective schools. Students can apply for registration form through their respective schools by following the below steps.

  • The schools registered with SOF will receive prospectus including the registration forms.

  • Schools have to first register themselves with SOF. Students can get their registration from their respective schools.

  • In case the school is not registered with SOF, it can still receive the prospective by contacting SOF.

  • Schools can get in touch with SOF through phone ( 0124-4951200) or email.

  • Interested candidates can fill forms with all the relevant details and submit the forms to their respective schools.

  • The school must fill duly registered forms to SOF before the due date.

Interested Students Also Have to Pay a Certain Amount of Registration Fees

  • INR 125 as registration fees per student for schools in India.

  • USD to as registration fees pee students for schools in India.

Schools may charge additional INR 25(including GST) or USD 1 (for international students) for covering expenses of managing exams or remuneration to teachers or other miscellaneous fees.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is SOF?

SOF or Science Olympiad Foundation, a promoter of the IMO exam is an educational organization aiming to enhance the academic level of students. The organization conducts various olympiad exams including International Mathematics olympiad, International General Knowledge Olympiad, International English Olympiad, International Company Secretaries Olympiad, National Science Olympiad, and National Cyber Olympiad. For several decades, SOF has been striving to enhance scientific attitude through innovative activities incorporating students throughout the world.

2. When Will the Result of the International Olympiad Mathematics Exam 2020-21 Be Announced?

The result of the International Mathematics Olympiad exam 2020-21 is tentatively announced on 15 January,2021. Students can check their result on SOF official website by entering their roll number in the login window. The IMO 2020-21 result includes students' names, class, and marks obtained by them. Students can also get their IMO exam results 2020-21 through their respective school.

3. How to Prepare for the International Mathematics Olympiad Exam?

Most of the International Mathematics Olympiad Exams are designed from the syllabus that are taught in school. No additional reference books are required for the preparation of exams. Students should be well-versed with the basic concepts of Mathematics for clearing their level 1 and level 2 IMO exam paper. Questions asked in the IMO exam paper are quite different from the questIons that are being taught at school.

4. What Are the Benefits of IMO Exams?

IMO exams perceive a child's ability and potential that enables them to survive better in today's competitive world. They motivate students to strive deeper and better understand scientific facts in order to enhance their reasoning, analytical, and problem- solving skills. They also prioritize the areas lacking proficiency so that a proper orientation can be given to improve that area.