NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Hindi Chapter 4

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NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Hindi Chapter 4 Vasant – Deewano Ki Hasti

Vedantu provides the most accurate NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Hindi Vasant Chapter 4. With the help of these solutions, students can easily understand the chapter and can attempt all questions of this chapter in the exams. Experienced teachers set up these important questions-based solutions. To score more marks in Hindi, Download CBSE NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Hindi Vasant Chapter 4 Deewano ki Hasti pdf file given below on this page.

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NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Hindi Vasant Chapter 4 Deewanon Ki Hasti part-1
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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. In the Poem "Deewano Ki Hasti"; What is the Motive of the Poet?

Here poet Bhagwati Charan Barma describes the problem of life, which has to be faced by every young star to become a successful person. Despite so many debacles, one has to live a joyful life because the chances of success and failure are equal, so we have to deal with failure with enough happiness. Even in a challenging situation, our duties and responsibilities should not be forgotten. As we all are the citizens of the world, everyone has a right to lead their life with great enjoyment, so without blaming another, one should carry the burden of failure as well as success.

2. What is the Justification of the Name "Deewano Ki Hasti"?

Here the word "Deewano" refers to the character full of happiness, who knows to enjoy every moment of life. The remaining word "Hasti" refers to existence or presence even in a momentous situation. The poet wants to explain that time travels on its own, and waits for none. So, if one enjoys some of the finest moments in life, one also has to be brave enough to accept the worst situation. Always keep your hopes up, don't be more affected by failure, always spread positivity and pleasure as much as you can to make this world beautiful. Distribution of happiness among others and think about today is the main object throughout the poem, so "Deewano ki hasti" a suitable title given by the poet.

3. What Should One Learn from This Poem?

In this poem, the poet briefly discusses how to deal with negativity in different situations in life, as every step of life makes us deal with different problems. Go with the wave of time, and don't hold on to sorrow or happiness for a long time. If one restricts themselves to their problems, and doesn't move over the hurdles, their life will stop moving on. Here the poet asks the reader to keep patience and accept all the responsibilities in life with utmost sincerity. The only way to love each other is to stop blaming others for things happening in your life. 

4. What Is the Actual Meaning of the Word "Ullas" in the Poem?

The word "ullas" refers to happiness and joy; the poet discussed the presence of the jovial people who do not have fixed habits. When the person is full of enjoyment, if he stays in a place for a while, maybe found somewhere else in the next moment. In the world full of self-centred people, they are the only one who wants to spread love willingly. They have risen above the distribution of pleasure, and they can't be stationary, so they are always moving, leaving a strong remark, and creating a colossal vacancy which can't be fulfilled by others. 

5. How Vendantu Helps the Student, NCERT Solutions of Class 8 Chapter 4 "Deewano ki Hasti"?

Vedantu provides chapter wise Ncert solutions for Class 8 Hindi Deewano ki Hasti to students so that they can easily get a brief description of the chapter which will further benefit their exam. Here, the primary subject matter is vastly discussed and focused on the main objective of the chapter. It emphasizes on the pointwise question-answer discussion, which helps to learn more accurately. Here, students can find the summary of the poem written in a simple language. With the help of this, students can solely concentrate on developing their knowledge.

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