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NCERT Solutions For Class 8 Hindi Durva

Last updated date: 16th May 2024
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NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Hindi Durva - Free PDF Download

CBSE Class 8 Hindi Durva has a vivid syllabus comprising 17 chapters covering handpicked stories written by famous authors. To study and prepare this syllabus, students will need the assistance of profound study material and the Class 8 Hindi Durva Question Answer for all the chapters. Download and refer to these solutions to make your preparation better.

Hindi is an important subject that forms a huge part of the Class 8 syllabus. It has equal weightage and importance as the other subjects. Class 8 is an important year for students which gives them a taste of classes 9 and 10. Students will have to divide their time and study smart while preparing for all the subjects.

Hindi is a language subject. It cannot be prepared for in the same manner as all the other subjects. While studying Hindi, we need to be slow and consistent in our efforts. We cannot read the entire book in one day and expect to become masters. This is why the direction of approach is very important.

NCERT Hindi for Class 8 has three prescribed textbooks. They are Bharat ki Khoj, Durva, and Vasant. All three books are written and compiled in a way that all the students can understand and read them easily. All the students will be able to learn, understand and enjoy these lessons, provided one takes the required efforts.

NCERT Solutions by Vedantu is the best CBSE Hindi guide for Class 8. The solutions help in explaining all the answers to all the questions to the students. With such clear solutions, there will be no doubt in the student’s mind with regard to the chapters in Durva.

NCERT Solutions are meticulously prepared by Vedantu for the exercises given in NCERT textbooks that are followed by the CBSE board schools. These NCERT Solutions help students to understand the chapters easily and simply without much effort. These solutions are designed by our highly experienced experts who work hard to prepare the best solutions for students. NCERT Class 8 Hindi Durva Solutions are prepared to help students to study their Hindi chapters efficiently and later do proper revision during the exams. Students get an idea of how an answer should be written to score better.

Subjects like Science, Maths, English will become easy to study if you have access to NCERT Solution for Class 8 Science, Maths solutions and solutions of other subjects. You can also download NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Maths to help you to revise the complete syllabus and score more marks in your examinations.

Detailed Overview of Class 8 Hindi Durva NCERT Solutions


NCERT Solutions for Class 8


Class 8 Hindi (Durva)

Number of Chapters:


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Text, Videos, Images and PDF Format

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English and Hindi

Available Materials:

Chapter Wise

Other Materials

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  • Revision Notes

Download Chapter Wise List of NCERT Solutions Class 8 Hindi Durva PDF

Download the free PDF versions of the exercise questions for all the chapters according to your study curriculum. Make your study material complete by adding these solutions and learn how the experts have precisely answered all the questions. Develop an excellent answering strategy for these chapters and learn how to score more in the exams. Complete one chapter after the other by resolving doubts and developing your Hindi comprehension skills.

NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Hindi

Given below are the chapter-wise NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Hindi. These solutions are provided by the Hindi experts at Vedantu in a detailed manner. Go through these chapter-wise solutions to be thoroughly familiar with the concepts.


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NCERT Durva Class 8 - Free PDF Download

NCERT Solutions can be easily downloaded as well as can be taken out in printed form if a student wants to study offline. Many times, it might not be possible for students to have net connectivity and in such cases, downloading the solutions is a good option. Once downloaded, the content is accessible for students anytime and anywhere. NCERT Solutions Class 8 is entirely free of cost and can be downloaded from our site or app.

In the book Durva, there are 17 chapters that are listed in the textbook. These chapters are picked by experts of the board keeping in mind the level of the students who would be reading them. Students are advised to not skip any of the chapters as all of them have equal importance.

NCERT Solutions for Class Class 8 Hindi Chapters

In the curriculum of Class 8 Hindi Durva, there are a total of 17 chapters. All these chapters are focused on making students familiar with the Hindi language.

Chapter 1 Gudiya

This chapter is about childhood and how a child plays with dolls assuming them to be a part of the family and a real person.

Chapter 2 Do Goraiya

This chapter is about children making a birdhouse in their house of parents.

Chapter 3 Chithiyon Mein Europe

In this, a husband tells everything about Europe to his wife through letters.

Chapter 4 Os

In this chapter, the beauty of dew drops is described in a very aesthetic manner.

Chapter 5 Natak Me Natak

In the story, a play is planned by Rakesh and his friends but unfortunately, Rakesh was not able to act in it due to an injury.

Chapter 6 Sagar Yatra

This story is about a world tour by 10 Indians in a single boat. The ups and downs they face during the journey are described in the chapter.

Chapter 7 Uth Kisan O

In this poem, the poet urges the farmers to get up as the rainy season has arrived and he must prepare the fields and sow the seeds.

Chapter 8 Saste ka Chakkar

The story involves two friends Ajay and Narendra. The latter goes to buy a lollipop and doesn't return. What happens next is the story.

Chapter 9 Ek Khiladi ki Kuch Yadein

The story is about a renowned hockey player Keshav Dutt and his experience which is inspiring.

Chapter 10 Bus ki Sair

Valli Ammai, a small girl from a small village long for a bus ride. So she just boards a bus for the city.

Chapter 11 Hindi ne Jinki Zindagi Badal di

The story is about Ms Maria who was awarded by Dr APJ Abdul Kalam for her achievements in the Hindi language.

Chapter 12 Ashad Ka Pehla Din

In this poem, the poet describes the rainy season using language.

Chapter 13 Anyay ke Khilaf

The story is set during the time of British rule.

Chapter 14 Bachho ke Priye Shree Keshav Shankar Pillai

The story is about Keshav Shankar Pillai who loves children so much that he became a doll collector and he has dolls from different parts of the world.

Chapter 15 Farsh Par

Through this poem, the poet describes the importance of the maid and how she cleans the floor and others make it dirty.

Chapter 16 Budhi Amma ki Baat

The chapter is all about an old lady motivating a small farmer who was disappointed.

Chapter 17 Wo Subah Kabhi to Aayegi

The chapter is all about an ill woman who revives through ayurvedic medicines.

How to Prepare for Hindi Class 8 Durva?

As mentioned earlier, Hindi is not to be learnt like all other subjects. It is to be learnt in a different manner. For the best way to prepare for Hindi, let us take a look at these methods of study:

  • Read through the whole chapter from Durva. Read from the very first line to the last without any discontinuity. Then take a look at the questions given behind. This will help in getting a general idea about the chapter and the theme of the lesson.

  • Read it for the second time, slower than the first and mark all the areas which are important.

  • Next, head to Vedantu’s solutions for Class 8 Hindi Durva. Read through the answers to each question. Mark the important words and write down the meanings of things that might be difficult.

  • Practice These Answers: Try to frame them in your own words without missing any point. Read them more than once so that it is easy to understand.

  • Keep a Habit of Writing Notes: Make notes for whatever you find difficult. This could be anything from the entire answer or just word meanings. Make sure it is concise. You can also make notes on Vedantu’s solutions if you have a printed copy of them.

  • Practice Previous Years’ Questions: There is always a good chance of these questions repeating and reading through them will give the students the confidence as well as the preparedness to answer similar questions.

  • Practice Regularly: As mentioned above, Hindi is not a subject that one can learn overnight. It requires patience and practice. This is of utmost importance when it comes to learning the subject.

NCERT Solutions Class 8 Hindi Durva Chapter-wise Marks Weightage

All these chapters are followed by word meanings (shabdarth) and some exercise questions like fill in the blanks, true-false, match the column, short answer questions and some long answer questions.  Hindi is always a fun language to learn and also a subject where you can score high marks.

Why are NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Hindi Durva Important?

  • NCERT Solutions Class 8 helps students in an effective revision before their exams or tests. These solutions ensure that important points are not missed by students.

  • Students also learn the skill of writing an answer to score better.

  • Even if the student doesn't know anything about the chapter, he/she can start with these NCERT Solutions and do the preparation.

  • These answers are written by experts on the subject. One can confidently trust the answers while preparing as the members who have written them are subject experts with plenty of experience when it comes to Board exam answers.

  • The answers also very closely follow the NCERT guidelines, so the students need not worry about reading unnecessary material.

  • All the answers are written in a crisp and simple format so the students can understand and remember them quite easily.

  • On reading these solutions, students will get a clear idea about the theme and character sketches of the plot. They will also know all the details about the references made by the author which is very important from the exam point of view.

There are so many benefits and advantages which make Vedantu the perfect choice for any student’s reference material. Download the solutions for Class 8 Hindi Durva today and get started on your journey to great marks!

CBSE Class 8 Hindi Durva NCERT Solutions - Salient Features of NCERT Solutions

Class 8 Hindi Durva has important chapters that students need to prepare to score well in the exams. All these chapters are stories framed by famous authors with specific contexts. To understand the contexts, students need to read the chapters well and answer the exercise questions accordingly.

To make it easier for the students, the experts of Vedantu have framed precise solutions for the exercise questions. Students will easily find accurate answers framed by following the latest CBSE guidelines and syllabus.

These answers are compiled following simple language for easy comprehension of the context of a chapter. Hence, students will learn what the author wants to express in his story. Studying the chapter exercise solutions will help students to complete the syllabus on time and prepare for the exams. They will also discover the NCERT Solutions Class 8 Hindi Durva Overview quite helpful to assess their preparation level.

CBSE Class 8 Hindi Durva NCERT Solutions - Benefits of Chapter Wise List of NCERT Solutions Class 8 Hindi Durva

Following are the benefits rendered from NCERT Solutions:

  • Students will find an organised format of exercise solutions compiled by the experts. These solutions have been framed chapter-wise so that they can easily find and download the one they need.

  • Add these solutions to your study sessions. Complete one chapter after the other by downloading and referring to the solutions and attempting to answer the exercise questions. It will help you to make your study sessions more productive.

  • Resolve doubts related to the chapters in no time by referring to the answers to the exercise questions. In this way, you can easily detect which part of a chapter needs more attention. This is how you can complete studying the entire syllabus in a profound way.

  • Revise the 8th Standard Hindi Durva Notes along with these solutions to cover all the chapters on time. Use your revision time efficiently and prepare the syllabus well before an exam.

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FAQs on NCERT Solutions For Class 8 Hindi Durva

1. Who Brought the Doll and Why?

A doll was brought by the author in the poem Gudiya. He bought it from a street doll seller who was an old woman. She used to sit at the side of the road to sell toys. The author brought the doll because his kid's heart was instantly attracted to the doll. He liked the doll and even he knew it was a toy he bought. The doll's appearance is nicely described in the poem. The doll can open its eyes and close too. 

2. About which country the author is talking in his letter? What details did he give about the country he went to?

In the chapter 'Chhithiyon me Europe', the author is describing Europe in his letter to his family. He is talking about the weather, the food, games, his room and the culture of Europe in his letter. He wrote that there are 3-course meals served every day. Food given is yoghurt, pancakes, noodles, soup, etc. The sport that is popular in Europe is football. He also described his roommates and what he was going to do the next day.

3. How many books are there for CBSE Class 8 Hindi?

There are four books that have been prescribed by the CBSE board for Class 8 Hindi. These books are - Bharat Ki Khoj, Vasant, Durva, and Sankshipt Buddhacarita. You can get access to full explanations of all chapters in these NCERT Class 8 textbooks along with complete solutions to exercises of all chapters on Vedantu. All the solutions are framed under great expertise. Practising the NCERT Solutions PDF will improve your marks. 

4. How many chapters are there in the NCERT Class 8 Hindi book?

CBSE has prescribed four books for NCERT Class 8 Hindi - Bharat Ki Khoj, Vasant, Durva, and Sanshipt Budhcharit. Vasant has 18 chapters in total. There are five chapters in Sankshipt Buddhacarita and Bharat Ki Khoj has nine chapters in total. Solutions to all the chapters are available on Vedantu. You can download the full  NCERT Solutions Class 8 Hindi PDF on Vedantu and practice all the questions to get full marks in your exam. 

5. What are the chapters covered in NCERT Solutions Class 8 Hindi Durva?

In the NCERT Solutions Class 8 Hindi Durva on Vedantu, you will find the following chapters covered descriptively and in full detail - Gudiya, Chuttiyo Me Europe, Os, Do Goraya,  Sagar Yatra, Woh Subah Kabhi To Aayegi, Baccho Ke Priye Sri Keshav Shankar Pillai,  Budhi Amma Ki Baat, Natak Me Natak, Saste Ka Chakkar, Uth Kisan O,  Bus Ki Sair, Hindi Ne Jinki Zindagi Badal Di, Ek Khiladi Ki Kuch Yaadein, Ashadh Ka Ek Din, Anyay Ke Khilaf, and Farsh Per.

6. Where can I get the NCERT Solution for Class 8 Hindi Durva?

You can get the best NCERT Solutions Class 8 Hindi Durva only on Vedantu. You can find all the word meanings along with an explanation of each chapter. The NCERT Solutions Class 8 Hindi Durva PDF will also have a full solution to all the exercises including fill in the blanks, long answers, short questions, match the column and any other type of question. All the chapters have been covered in this solution. And all the PDFs can be downloaded from the Vedantu app at free of cost.  

7. Do I need to practice all the questions given in NCERT Solution Class 8 Hindi Durva?

Yes, in order to score full marks from the Durva textbook, it is advisable that you practice all questions that have been solved in the NCERT Solutions Class 8 Hindi Durva. All the questions are equally important and have an equal chance of coming for your exam. Moreover, practising all questions will help you in getting a full understanding of the whole chapter that you are studying.