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NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English Chapter 7 - The Open Window

Last updated date: 23rd Apr 2024
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NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English It So Happened - The Open Window - Free PDF Download

The NCERT solutions for class 8 English It So Happened Chapter 7 is drafted according to the guidelines set by the board. The entire NCERT solutions for class 8 English the open window was drafted by our experts, to ensure students get a complete understanding about the chapter and the solution. This makes learning simple and interesting. The best part of using Vedantu platform for any subject is the downloadable option for easy learning.  You can find NCERT Solution for class 8 English chapter 7 the open window in the PDF format that can be downloaded to learn on mobile and desktop. This has made the life of students referring to Vedantu easy because they can start practicing for the exam by solving these solutions. You can also download the NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Maths and NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Science from Vedantu, which are curated by master teachers.


NCERT Solutions For Class 8


Class 8 English It So Happened

Chapter Name:

Chapter 7 - The Open Window

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Text, Videos, Images and PDF Format

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English and Hindi

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Access NCERT Solutions For Class 8 English It So Happened Chapter 7 – The Open Window

Question 1. In the phrase “My aunt will be down presently”, what does ‘presently’ mean?

  1. ‘presently’ means after some time.

  2.  ‘presently’ means soon enough.

  3. ‘presently’ means late.

  4.  ‘presently’ means not at all.

Answer: (b)  ‘presently’ means soon enough.

Question 2. What was Frampton Nuttel being treated for?

  1. Frampton Nuttel was being treated for nerve cure.

  2. Frampton Nuttel was being treated for cancer.

  3. Frampton Nuttel was being treated for TB.

  4. Frampton Nuttel was being treated for fever.

Answer: (a) Frampton Nuttel being treated for nerve cure.

Question 3. What did Nuttel have in the words of his sister?

  1. He had complete faith.

  2. He had no faith.

  3. He did not have enough faith.

  4. He had much faith.

Answer: (c) He had not enough faith.

Question 4. Between whom was there sufficient silent communion?

  1. Frampton and Sappleton

  2. Frampton and Mrs. Sappleton 

  3. Frampton and Ronnie

  4. Frampton and Vera

Answer: (d) Frampton and Vera

Question 5. When did the tragedy that Vera was speaking of happen?

  1. The tragedy happened when Framton’s sister was in the village.

  2. The tragedy happened when Framton’s sister had not yet reached there.

  3. The tragedy happened when Framton’s sister had left the village.

  4. The tragedy happened when Framton was not even born.

Answer: (c)The tragedy happened when Framton’s sister had left the village.

Comprehension Check 

1. Why had Framton Nuttel come to the "rural retreat"? 

Ans: Framton Nuttel came to the “rural retreat” for a peaceful environment. He was suffering from a nervous breakdown and therefore, the doctor had recommended he get away from the city life for some time. So, he had come to the “rural retreat” to undergo a nerve cure.


2. Why had his sister given him letters of introduction to people living there? 

Ans: Because he didn't know anyone there, his sister had sent him letters introducing him to people who lived there. She knew he wouldn't speak to anyone and that his nerves would be frayed as a result of his moping. That's why she'd sent him letters of introduction to everyone she knew in the town.


3. What had happened in the Sappleton family as narrated by the niece? 

Ans: The niece told Nuttel that Mrs Sappleton's husband and two younger brothers had gone shooting through the open French window three years ago. They never returned. They were all submerged in a bog while traversing the moor to their favourite shooting area. It had been a wet summer, and locations that had been safe in previous years suddenly gave way without notice. Their remains were never found.


4. What did Mrs Sappleton say about the open window? 

Ans: Mrs Sappleton expressed her hope that Framton was not bothered by the open window. She informed him that her husband and brothers would be returning home straight from their shoot, as they always did.


5. The horror on the girl's face made Framton swing around in his seat. What did he see? 

Ans: In the dusk light, Framton noticed a silhouette of three men and a dog when he turned around. The dog was then yelled at by a hoarse voice. The description matched Vera's description.


6. Why did Framton rush out wildly?

Ans: As per the niece, her aunt's husband and siblings had been missing for three years. Framton mistook them for ghosts when he saw them approaching. As a result, he raced out, terrified. 


7. What was the girl's explanation for his lightning exit? 

Ans: The spaniel, according to the girl, was the cause of his quick exit. He was afraid of dogs, she claimed. She added that he was once pursued by a group of pariah dogs into a cemetery on the banks of the Ganges. He was forced to sleep in a freshly dug grave, with the creatures snarling, gloating, and foaming above him.



1. Is this a mystery story? Give a reason for your Answer. 

Ans: The events related by Mrs Sappleton's niece manage to evoke a sense of foreboding while explaining the enigma of the open French window. When the three men approach the open window later in the story, the reader (like Framton) can only assume they are ghosts. As a result, one may conclude that this story contains aspects of mystery.


2. You are familiar with the ‘irony’ of the situation in the story. (Remember The Cop and the Anthem in Class VII Supplementary Reader!) Which situations in The Open Window are good examples of the use of irony?

Ans: The term "irony" describes the disparity between what is intended or expected and what actually happens. The irony of the situation is reflected in the open window.  Framton seeks relaxation and relief from his anxiety in the countryside. Mrs Sappleton's niece, on the other hand, makes such a joke that he rushes out. Framtom mistook Mrs Sappleton's husband and brother for their ghosts. Secondly, all this while Mrs Sappleton assumes that Vera is amusing Frampton and he is having a good time, which wasn’t the case. 


3. Which phrases/sentences in the text do you find difficult to understand? Select a few and guess the meaning of each. Rewrite a simple paraphrase of each.

Ans: Following are few phrases that were difficult to understand:

  • Came into the nice division – To fall in the category of nice people.

  • Masculine habitation – The room/place which gives the impression that it is inhabited by some male.

  • “Bertie, why are you bound? – 'Bound' is a word that signifies 'leap.' However, in this context, it refers to a person whose actions are offensive to others.


It So Happened - The Open Window Solution From Vedantu

The chapter 7 English class 8 that happened by the NCERT is interesting to learn and solve. It is about Franton Nuttel who is suffering from a nervous breakdown and was advised to avoid city life for the time being. He visits Mrs. Sappleton's place, where he meets the niece who manipulates him with a fake story. She lies to him by saying that the window the house is open because Mrs. Sappleton hopes the ghost of her husband and her two younger brothers will arrive, who went missing three years back. However, Mrs. Sappleton said to Nuttel that her husband and her brothers would be coming home directly from their shooting.


The entire NCERT solutions for class 8 English chapter the open window is about how Nuttel was lied to by the niece as a prank. Authors of Vedantu have divided solutions into different sections.


Why You Must Download NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English It So Happened Chapter the Open Window?

English chapters of class 8 are interesting to learn. Learning English can help students to work on their language and grammar. At Vedantu, the entire NCERT solutions class 8 English supplementary chapter 7 is available in the form of PDF helping students to download and solve. The chapter is a document containing answers for all questions from the textbook in detail. This helps students to prepare for the exam. Students can totally rely on the content of this chapter.


Another reason to download the chapter is the stepwise process of solutions presented. Class 8 students can have an easy learning process and prepare for the exam.


Why Prefer Vedantu’s NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English Supplementary the Open Window?

Vedantu is a leading platform for students who are learning NCERT syllabus in different classes and preparing for the board exam. The platform is backed by in-house authors who are expert in designing the complete solution by adhering to the CBSE guidelines. Students can connect with subject authors through recorded sessions and live lectures. If taking a paid version, students can also go for the interactive digital environment. This certainly improves the experience of learning for students.


Chapters and their solutions carry all essential points required for the exam preparation. Be it students from class 10 or class 8; they prefer Vedantu because of authentic information and nicely segmented sections.  Over the years, Vedantu has become the leading platform for students to learn and the teacher to prepare solutions. Vedantu is the perfect mediator between students and subject authors. This is why downloading NCERT books of class 8 English made chapter 7 is beneficial.


NCERT Class 8 English It So Happened Chapter wise Solutions

FAQs on NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English Chapter 7 - The Open Window

1. How to Download the NCERT Book of Class 8 English It So Happened Chapter 7?

You can download NCERT solutions class 8 English chapter the open window from the official website of Vedantu and click on the download link. You can also download the same in PDF format. This has really helped students to prepare for the exam.  Students can download chapters of specific subject in the PDF format to make the process of learning easy. All the solutions are available in the stepwise. This becomes easier for students to prepare for the subject.

2. How Authentic is the NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English It So Happened the Open Window From Vedantu?

In-house authors of Vedantu create solutions according to the guidelines of CBSE. Every answer is explained in simple language, so students can understand it clearly. One of the reasons why Vedantu’s solution makes authentic is because in-house subject expert keeping the guidelines of CBSE in mind create all chapters, including the NCERT solution class 8 English supplementary chapter 7.

3. What is NCERT Solutions Class 8 English Chapter the Open Window all About?

The NCERT solutions for class 8 English it so happened the open window is very interesting to learn. The chapter is about Framton Nuttel, who is away from the city to recover from the nervous breakdown. When he reaches Mrs Sappleton's home, her niece narrated a fake story to have fun with Nuttel. According to her, Mrs Sappleton family had a tragedy three years back, when Sappleton's husband and two younger brothers went missing and died. The reason why Sappleton keeps the windows open because she feels their ghost will come back. After listening to her story, when he turned back, he saw silhouettes of three men and dog in the evening light. Then there is a hoarse voice shouting at the dog. This made Nuttel shiver and run away.

4. What do you know about the Chapter-”Open window” of Class 8 English?

The tale of the open window isn't really a mystery. It demonstrates a little girl's creative imagination. She recounts a made-up narrative as a practical joke on Framton. Framton, an unfortunate victim of her prank, rushes out of the home. The story depicts the life of Framton, a man who relocates to a new town. He wants to get rid of his anxiety, and his sister, who lives nearby, is willing to assist him.

5. Who is the writer of Chapter-”Open window” of Class 8 English?

Saki's short tale The Open Window, which has been widely anthologized, was initially published in the collection Beasts and Super-Beasts in 1914. The tale is actually extremely entertaining, and it appears that Saki's major goal in creating it was to amuse people. Despite being naughty, the girl who tells the guest the magical part of the story is charming. She is perceptive and creative. Visit Vedantu's website or the app in case you have any more queries about this chapter.

6. What did Mrs. Sappleton say about the open window?

After her husband and her younger brothers went on a shooting rampage, Mrs. Sappleton claimed she expected them to return through the house's window, where they had departed. They only ever travelled that path. In addition to being the lady of the Sappleton house, she is Vera's aunt. She does appear to be aware of Vera's love of storytelling, For more questions related to this chapter, feel free to go through the website of Vedantu and avail the modules as well.

7. What is the moral of the Chapter-The Open Window?

The message of "The Open Window" is that those who are naïve and self-absorbed will face the consequences of not questioning what they are presented with. The tale "The Open Window" sends another message to the reader: it's hard to tell if someone's account of an event is true or not. In addition, people who have the ability to tell skillfully misleading stories may easily deceive others. When people disclose their weaknesses, others might be nasty and harsh on purpose.

8. What was Vera's explanation for Framton Nuttel's lightning exit in the story The Open Window?

Vera had told him a narrative about why Mrs. Sappleton leaves the window open, claiming that Mrs. Sappleton believes her lost husband and brother would return through it, just as they departed through it so long ago. Framton mistook the figures for ghosts when they approached. As a result, he bolted from the room in terror. The girl stated that the dogs had a bad reputation in Framton. As a result, when he saw the dog, he bolted. To study and practice more questions students can download the free PDF of NCERT Solutions from Vedantu website.