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NCERT Solutions for Class 4 Hindi Chapter 6 - Naav Banao

Last updated date: 17th Apr 2024
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NCERT Solutions for Class 4 Hindi Chapter 6 - Naav Banao

Hindi Class 4 Chapter 6 Naav Banao Naav Banao is a poem that tells about the excitement of a child for making paper boats. It talks about the upcoming rainy season when rain is about to fall on earth, and water puddles will be formed, which makes children happy.  The verse by Hari Krishna Das Gupt says that sailing paper boats is a fun activity and you should leave behind your laziness to enjoy this little activity. Rain is one of the most beautiful seasons and a season of joy and laughter which is represented in the poem.

In order to have a more precise idea of this chapter, it is suitable to refer to NCERT Solutions for Class 4 Hindi Chapter 6 Naav Banao Naav Banao. NCERT questions are designed in a way that helps students pick and focus on the essence of the poem. These questions require appropriate solutions according to the question asked, and also some questions are based on Creative Thinking too.


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NCERT Solutions for Class 4 Hindi Chapter 6 Naav Banao

NCERT Solutions Class 4 Hindi Chapter 6 talks about how a brother says no to his younger one for making a paper boat because he is lazy enough to go to the market and bring colourfully paper to make the paper boat. It shows how the little one has no money, and the big brother has money, and the little one asks the brother to bring paper for making those paper boats and enjoying the season of rains. Also, it includes how a paper boat travels through the waves of water. 

NCERT Solutions Class 4 Hindi Naav Banao Naav Banao have been presented to students in a very systematic and detailed way most suitable to the level of Class 4th students. Students who have the habit of learning in a question-answer format can refer to these solutions for their learning and still not miss out on important details from the chapter.

NCERT solutions are designed by experts in the subject who ensure that these answers are appropriate according to the question and are written in a way that is suitable enough to attempt in the examination. The solutions are provided in a simple and straightforward language which makes it easier for the children to understand the points and also memorize them quickly. Also, the solutions include useful vocabulary in Hindi for students to learn new words along with their learning.

Class 4 Chapter 6 solution: Syllabus

The syllabus for Class 4th NCERT Hindi is constructed in a way that will help students to know about different topics and stories in which the things in our environment are represented as if they are just the same as human beings. The syllabus is designed in a way so that students can relate to these topics and can enjoy their learning. 

The chapters in the syllabus talk about the innocence of the clouds, the childhood of a father etc. These topics help children to relate to daily life and make an understanding of others around them. The syllabus also includes chapters that talk about walking towards freedom and "Jesa Sawaal, Vesa Jawaab".

Tips for students to study Hindi

  • Hindi is one of the most spoken languages in India and children must be well versed with this language and the chapters. Here are some tips for studying Hindi in a better way.

  • Always give yourself a written practice because students tend to make a lot of mistakes in writing the spellings of the words. Well-written approach from Class 4th onwards will help students to get much better in the coming years. 

  • In order to learn Hindi in a better way. It is always advisable to complete all the Class 4 Hindi ch 6 NCERT solutions and solutions for other chapters too because NCERT consists of both types of questions, one is those that are text-based. 

  • The others are based on Creative Thinking which enhances the ability of the student in the language more and more and also enhances the expression of the child in a better way.

Things to avoid while preparing for Hindi Exam

While preparing for the Hindi exam, don't try to cram all the answers that are given. The student must try first to attempt the answer themselves and then refer to the CBSE Class 4 Hindi Chapter 6 solutions so that the child can make a difference between what he or she has answered and what exactly is the correct way of answering the question. 

Students should not stress themselves for longer periods, and they should take breaks in between. While preparing for the exam, students must take care not to overwhelm themselves with a lot of chapters and poems to memorize at the same time. 

It is advisable not to study for more than 40 minutes at a stretch. Always take 5 to 10 minutes break in between and then resume learning. 

Why is Vedantu best for the study material?

Vedantu study material is easily accessible in different formats and on other devices so that it becomes easier for the student to access it according to his or her preference. Vedantu has experienced subject teachers who have good knowledge of the syllabus according to the CBSE examination point of view. 

They are expert in providing you with exact content which is structured logically and easily. Vedantu is a helpful site that gives the students the correct understanding of the text and the study material related to the syllabus which makes learning fun which includes worksheets and PDF etc.

FAQs on NCERT Solutions for Class 4 Hindi Chapter 6 - Naav Banao

1. Why consider NCERT Solutions for Class 4 Hindi?

Ans: The NCERT solutions are essential for Class 4th CBSE because these questions are designed according to CBSE guidelines and these questions are most likely to be asked in the main examination. It is essential to have a proper understanding of the question and the solutions of the questions given at the end of each chapter.

2. What is Class 4 Hindi Chapter 6 Naav Banao Naav Banao based upon?

Ans: Class 4 Hindi Chapter 6 Naav Banao Naav Banao is based upon the beginning of the monsoon season and the excitement of a little child to sail a paper boat in the water that will collect due to the rain. The child asks his brother to bring the material required to make the paper boat and is extremely excited to enjoy the monsoon season.

3. What is Chapter 6th of the Class 4th Hindi textbook?

Ans: The theme of the chapter is Naav Banao, Naav Banao. The scene depicted in the poem is taking place during the rainy season. The child is trying to convince her brother to come quickly and make paper boats with her. The background of the poem is the heavy downpouring of water. The streets have been inundated by the rain and rainwater collected in the streets appears like a beautiful stream. People are mesmerized by the scene that has unraveled before them.

4. Who composed the poem Naav Banao, Naav Banao of Class 4 Hindi?

Ans: The poem has been composed by Harikrishnadas Gupta. He was born in the year 1950 in Nepal. He has composed numerous poems in Hindi and Nepali languages. He is well-known for the contribution he made to Hindi as well as Nepali literature. He completed a Bachelor of Science and received a doctorate in philosophy. Harikrishandas Gupta has written and published more than a dozen books. He has covered various themes in his poems and books.

5. What do you understand by the last two stanzas of the  Naav Banao, Naav Banao of Class 4 Hindi?

Ans: The last two stanzas of the poem reflect our struggle in daily life. There are numerous tasks and activities that we know we must do. But laziness and procrastination are the only obstacles that hinder our work. The last two stanzas are the motivation for they tell us that we can do anything and accomplish everything if we can overcome our laziness and get working. The hidden meaning in these lines encourages us to complete our tasks and enables us to achieve our potential. There is also a sense of satisfaction and a feeling of confidence in the completion of tasks.

6. Where can I find  Naav Banao, Naav Banao of Class 4 Hindi answers?

Ans: The poem, Naav Banao, Naav Banao, is a short and inspiring poem included in the curriculum of class 4th Hindi textbook. It is crucial to practice the questions given at the end of the chapter. Answering the questions allows you to see for yourself how well you have understood the chapter. After you have tried answering the questions in the best manner possible, you can evaluate your answers by comparing them to the answers provided at Vedantu. The NCERT solutions for  Chapter 6 of Class 4 Hindi available on Vedantu will help you in a better understanding of the chapter as well as the right way of presenting the answer. Answers are free of cost and also available on Vedantu Mobile app.

7. How should I study the poem Naav Banao, Naav Banao of Class 4 Hindi?

Ans: You can start by going through a YouTube video explaining the chapter. Then, read the chapter aloud. Go through the chapter once again. Refer to Vedantu’s NCERT solutions for the poem Naav Banao, Naav Banao to understand the concept. The entire poem is explained in easy to understand language. NCERT solutions are written by the best Hindi teachers in India and follow the latest CBSE guidelines, making schemes and syllabus.