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NCERT Solutions for Class 4 Hindi Chapter 2 - Jaisa Sawal Waisa Jawab

Last updated date: 29th Feb 2024
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NCERT Class 4 Hindi Chapter 2: Complete Resource for Jaisa Sawal Waisa Jawab

Class 4 Hindi chater 2 NCERT Solutions are to the point and fully adhere to the current guide of CBSE and NCERT. NCERT Solutions for Class 4 Hindi Chapter 2 Jaisa Sawal Waisa Jawab covering questions from the newest editions of all NCERT Class 4 Hindi textbooks. They assist create and keep a strong foundation in all the topics in a curriculum. The fact that Class 4 is an essential milestone in your academic career only adds to why you should pay particular attention to each subject in your curriculum. NCERT Solutions Class 4 Hindi Chapter 2 is specific to the point that makes qualifying for exams and finishing homework tasks much easier.

Vedantu has detailing of the chapter in the following paragraphs. You can download the app and get a complete list of questions and answers along with PDFs are available for you.


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NCERT Solutions for Class 4 Hindi Chapter 2 Jaisa Sawal Waisa Jawab

Ch 2 Class 4 Hindi: Key Highlights

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 Hindi Chapter 2 Jaisa Sawal Waisa Jawab is a great story and lesson to learn for your life. Hindi Class 4 Chapter 2 is all about the story, Emperor Akbar and his minister Birbal. Everyone tries to stop speaking before Birbal's intelligence. Because of this, some courtiers were jealous of Birbal. They keep attending ways to degrade the respect of Birbal in front of King Akbar.

Class 4th Hindi Chapter 2: Gist

Emperor Akbar was very fond of his minister Birbal. For this reason, some officials were jealous of Birbal. He used to think of ways to get Birbal into trouble. Khawaja Sara, Akbar's special manager, viewed Birbal as a child and an idiot in the face of wisdom and knowledge. One day he decides to prove to Birbal that he is a fool. He pondered difficult questions carefully. He was convinced that Birbal would never be able to answer such questions. Then his value (of Kwayaja Sara) will grow before the emperor.

Rabbit Sara came straight to Akbar. Giving him three questions, he asked Birbal to answer them to deepen his understanding. At Kwwaja's request, Akbar told Birbal that Kwaja saheb, a highly experienced man, wanted to ask you three questions. Can You Answer Them? Birbal immediately prepared himself. Khwaja's first question is - where is the centre of the world? In response, Birbal simply pressed his stick to the ground and replied: "This place falls in the middle of the earth from all sides." Khwaja's second question is - how many stars are there in the sky? Birbal asked for a sheep and said that the number of stars in the sheep's body was in the sky. Birbal challenged Khwaja Saheb, saying that if he saw any doubts in this, he could count the hair and compare it with the number of strings. His third question is - what are the people of the world? Birbal responded in surprise - Jahanpanah! The world's population continues to fluctuate from one moment to the next because people will die every second. it is.

Therefore, when all the people are gathered in one place, they can be counted only and given a specific number. Khawaja saheb was not satisfied with Birbal's response. He told Birbal that those elusive answers would not work. Birbal said such questions have the same answers. Khawaja Saheb said nothing further.

Hindi Class 4 Chapter 2: Purpose of the story 

The Ch 2 Class 4 Hindi- Jaisa Sawal Waisa Jawab infers a great and valuable lesson for life. In words that you must not try to demean others by counting themselves as highly intelligent. You should not have the jealousy factor to prove yourself always right and intelligent. Use your intelligence and talent. Never compete with someone just because of jealousy.

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Vedantu's NCERT Solutions for Class 4 Hindi Chapter 2 - Jaisa Sawal Waisa Jawab are an invaluable resource for young learners. With concise explanations and comprehensive answers, these solutions empower students to grasp the concepts with ease. The user-friendly platform of Vedantu enhances the learning experience, allowing students to study at their own pace and gain confidence in their Hindi language skills. The interactive approach fosters engagement and deepens understanding, making the learning process enjoyable and effective. As a result, students can excel in their academics and develop a strong foundation in Hindi, setting them on a path to academic success and linguistic proficiency.

FAQs on NCERT Solutions for Class 4 Hindi Chapter 2 - Jaisa Sawal Waisa Jawab

1. Where can I download CBSE Class 4 Hindi Chapter 2 solutions Jaisa Sawal Waisa Jawab?

If you are looking for an online solution for Chapter 2, then Vedantu is developing the best and quality study material for Class 4 students. Your query is related to chapters solved by expert teachers as per the latest NCERT (CBSE) Book guidelines.

Vedantu’s NCERT solution of Class 4 Hindi Chapter 2 provides in a free PDF format that covers 100% question answers to each book exercise question. Sound capture in literature knowledge is very important and mandatory for you to get the highest points in the study. 

2. What was the essence of the Hindi Class 4 Chapter 2?

The complete essence of the story is that if you want to prove someone wrong with jealousy, You will always fail. In a sense Class 4 Chapter 2 Solution - Jealousy is the main problem described in the whole story which all the people in the Kingdom have with the Birbal. They make attempts to prove him wrong. But Birbal was much more intelligent and clever. Class 4 NCERT Solutions plays an important role in laying a solid foundation for all CBSE board students. Click on Vedantu's website and get the details of the chapter. You will get NCERT Solutions Class 4 Hindi Jaisa Sawal Waisa Jawab.

3. Is it important to prepare all questions covered in Chapter 2 Class 4 Hindi?

The NCERT Solutions for Chapter 2 in Class 4 Hindi contain questions that are based on the details that can be read throughout the chapter. These questions are meant to assess how much students could grasp from the chapters and any of these questions can be asked in the exams. Hence, it is important to prepare all questions so that students can understand everything in the chapter and be able to answer all questions in the exams.

4. What is Chapter 2 in Class 4 Hindi all about?

This chapter discusses one of the many incidents that took place in Akhbar’s court where Birbal’s intelligence and wisdom was the key element. This is one of the various stories that have been narrated from time to time and for many generations since they teach students many important life lessons.

5. Where can I download the NCERT Solutions for Chapter 2 Class 4 Hindi from?

Vedantu provides NCERT Solutions designed by professional and experienced faculty who create these solutions with proper research and accurate information. This is done in order to help students prepare well, achieve a good understanding, and score high marks in their exams. You can also access these NCERT solutions for free from Vedantu’s website. The NCERT Solutions for Chapter 2 Class 4 Hindi can also be downloaded free of cost from Vedantu’s mobile app as well.

6. How to properly study Chapter 2 in Class 4 Hindi and score well?

The chapters in your Class 4 Hindi syllabus may often feel long and boring. However, to properly understand Chapter 2 in Class 4 Hindi, it is very important to read it thoroughly so that students can easily answer all the questions based on this chapter. It must be ensured that you make notes of the important details that you can find in Chapter 2. The next step should be to practice writing answers. Students can refer to NCERT Solutions for Chapter 2 Class 4 Hindi.