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NCERT Solutions For class 10 Hindi Sanchayan

Last updated date: 13th Jul 2024
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NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Hindi Sanchayan - Free PDF Download

We all love the language Hindi when it comes to movies and songs but end up scared and anxious before a Hindi exam. The language Hindi is beautiful and rich with lots of literature that can be truly felt and understood only if we know the Hindi language. It provides a sense of identity for many individuals in our country and acts as a medium of communication in most places. Not knowing Hindi in a country like India would block one from the literature but also and make general communication difficult.

NCERT books encourage students to learn new concepts and skills that are needed to function in everyday society. The whole curriculum is designed by the best teachers to help students to understand the fundamental ideas and abilities. Class 10 Sanchayan solutions provide the most suitable solutions for every question covering all three chapters, i.e. Harihar Kaka, Sapno ke se Din, and Topi Sukhla.

The questions asked during the examination follow the pattern from NCERT books, and it's important to prepare the exercises for every chapter before the examination. Vedantu provides the most important preparation resources like NCERT Solutions, sample papers, all previous years resolved papers, etc., in PDF format. Students can easily access these resources from anywhere, anytime, and they can be downloaded and used offline.

You can also Download Class 10 Maths NCERT Solutions and NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Science which will help you to revise the whole syllabus and achieve greater marks in the examinations. 

Detailed Overview of Class 10 Hindi Sanchayan NCERT Solutions


NCERT Solutions for Class 10


Class 10 Hindi

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Hindi Part 3 - Sanchayan

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Text, Videos, Images and PDF Format

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English and Hindi

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NCERT Class 10 Hindi Sanchayan Chapterwise Solutions

Class 10 Hindi Sanchayan NCERT Solutions

Prepare for your Class 10 Board exams by solving the following chapter-wise NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Hindi.

NCERT Solutions Class 10 Hindi Sanchayan All Chapters

Chapter 1 - Harihar Kaka

Chapter 2 - Sapno Ke Se Din

Chapter 3 - Topi Shukla


NCERT Class 10 Hindi Sanchayan Chapterwise Solutions

  • Chapter 1 - Harihar Kaka

  • Chapter 2 - Sapno Ke Se Din

  • Chapter 3 - Topi Shukla


NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Hindi CBSE Term I and Term II 2024-25

Vedantu provides the ultimate study guide for students preparing for CBSE Class 10 Hindi exam 2024-25. There are four books to be covered in CBSE Class 10 Hindi syllabus this year, Sanchayan, Kritika, Kshitij, and Sparsh. The chapter-wise NCERT Solutions for Sanchayan are given on this page. Similarly, Vedantu offers NCERT Solutions for the other three books in a chapter-wise manner. The links to NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Hindi Kshitij, Sparsh, and Kritika are given below.


NCERT Solutions for CBSE Class 10 2024-25 (Maths, English, Social Science, Science)

Students can find the Class 10 NCERT Solutions for all subjects on Vedantu. The NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Maths, English, Science, and Social Science links are listed below.


NCERT Study Resources for Class 10 Hindi

For complete preparation of Hindi for CBSE Class 10 board exams, check out the following links for different study materials available at Vedantu.

Hindi Class 10 NCERT Solutions Sanchayan - Free PDF

CBSE Class 10 NCERT Hindi Sanchayan Solutions

The CBSE Class 10 Hindi Sanchayan book solutions is a textbook document of Class 10 Hindi CBSE containing the solutions for all the chapters in detail. These NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Hindi Sanchayan are designed according to the latest CBSE syllabus and guidelines.


The Class 10 literature syllabus includes four textbooks to choose from. They are Kritika, Kshitij, Sanchayan and Sparsh. All the books have chapters that are hand-selected by expert members of the Board. Each chapter helps the student learn something new and ultimately become fluent in the language. Kritika contains five chapters, Kshitij has 17 lessons, and Sparsh has 17 chapters.


NCERT Class 10 Hindi NCERT Sanchayan Contains the Three Chapters

  • Chapter 1- Harihar Kaka

  • Chapter 2- Sapno ke se Din

  • Chapter 3- Topi Shukla 

The story 'Harihar Kaka' is written by Mithileshwar. It is a story of a simple old man living in a rural neighborhood. During his last stage of life, he became helpless because all his relatives were selfish. The writer also mentioned how greedy his family members and neighbors were. The story revolves around the challenges of that old man and how he survived the harsh nature of all his loved ones.


The next chapter is 'Sapno ke se din'. It was written by Gurdial Singh. In the text presented, the author recounts his childhood memories. He mentioned how he and his companions used to have fun during their school days and how afraid they were of their teachers. The author and his friends never understood the behavior of their teachers in their childhood, which is described by the author in this lesson.


The story 'Topi Sukhla' is an excerpt from the novel written by Rahi Masoom Raza. The story is about Topi, his friend who was from a different religion, yet both of them had a deep friendship. The author portrayed the importance of love and friendship in someone's life.


All three chapters cover very important and deep values and emotions in the form of literature. The students will be completely immersed in these chapters while reading them and will thoroughly enjoy them. The authors use many different tools to enhance the essence of the chapters, and students are required to know these very well. 


Without understanding these deeper meanings and references, the true beauty of the chapter cannot be understood. It would also result in not being able to score high enough marks. Referring to Vedantu’s solutions for Class 10 Hindi makes this very easy and understandable. Students won’t miss a single point and will also learn how to write such answers.


Importance of NCERT Class 10 Hindi Sanchayan Question Answer for All Chapters

Class 10 Hindi Sanchayan is a part of the vivid syllabus compiled by the CBSE board for the secondary-level Hindi subject. This book has three chapters handpicked by the board with a motive to teach the different aspects of the Hindi language and the art of writing.

These three chapters are of utmost importance for the preparation of this subject. Students can easily comprehend the context of these chapters if they have proper study material. Apart from the notes, they will need the solutions for the exercise questions of these chapters.

These exercise questions have been compiled by the board. It is crucial for the students to attempt to solve all of them to understand the context of the chapters. Hence, the experts of Vedantu have taken a step ahead and composed accurate answers to all the exercise questions.

Along with the 10th Standard Hindi Sanchayan Notes, the assistance of the solutions will help students proceed with the preparation of the syllabus with proper coordination. Once a chapter is complete, you can solve the exercise questions and refer to the solutions given. In this way, you can learn how to attempt to answer such questions and develop your concepts.

Advantages of CBSE Class 10 Hindi Book Sanchayan Solution Chapter Wise

  • Complete your study material by adding the respective NCERT Class 10 Hindi solutions for each chapter. In this way, you can organise your study time and can come up with precise answers to the comprehension-based questions included in the exercises.

  • Find the answers to the exercise questions without any hassle, and save precious time. Study these questions and take a step ahead with your preparation.

  • Whenever you face any doubt related to a chapter and its exercises, refer to the NCERT Solutions Class 10 Hindi Sanchayan Overview and get it resolved instantly. You can download the PDF files of the solutions on your smart device and refer to them at your convenience.

  • Focus on the answering formats adopted by the experts to understand the ideal way of attempting the exercise questions. Study these formats to learn how to answer questions during an exam and score more precisely.


Benefits of Using Vedantu Solutions for Class 10 Hindi

Want to know why we insist on using the solutions provided by Vedantu? Read ahead to find out:

  • Vedantu brings the most qualified tutors to formulate the answers for these solutions. All of them are written with great thought and analysis so that the students would be able to learn most efficiently.

  • Since these experts have been in the field of education for a long time, they know what the examiner expects in the examination. They also follow the NCERT guidelines very strictly.

  • All the answers are arranged in a neat sequence, so students can refer to the exact questions they doubt about.

  • The answers explain all the hidden meanings in-depth, making it very clear what the author is trying to convey.

  • The Sanchayan class 10 PDF are available on the website for free, and anyone can download them even without any registration or fees.

  • Vedantu’s solutions can be saved offline in the form of a PDF. Students can view it on any device and even take a print of these notes, depending on their comfort. 

Do you still have doubts about downloading these solutions provided by Vedantu? Make use of these resources that are available free of cost and make the most of them now!

Download Chapter Wise List of NCERT Solutions Class 10 Hindi Sanchayan PDF

Studying the exercises of Class 10 Hindi Sanchayan has never been more accessible. Download and refer to the solutions developed by the experts in PDF format. You can also compare your answers to the solutions and find where you need to focus more. This is how you can complete preparing the syllabus with no chapters left behind. Use these solutions to your advantage and score more in the final exam. 

FAQs on NCERT Solutions For class 10 Hindi Sanchayan

1. Why do we require NCERT Solutions Class 10?

Having NCERT materials, downloaded with you during exam preparation, helps you get a glimpse into all the topics. This facilitates a quick and systematic revision. Reviewing the chapter two or three times helps us to remember the concept longer. However, book reviews take a lot of time. That’s why you should visit our study materials.

Going through NCERT Solutions helps you understand the concept better. Our study materials are developed and reviewed by professionals who are trained in in-house teaching. So, you can get accurate study material, with just one click.

2. How can I score well in my Class 10 Board examinations?

Make a proper timetable. Without proper planning, it is almost impossible to reach your goal. Therefore, to make effective preparations for CBSE Class 10 board exams, every student should prepare the appropriate study timetable first and make practice of sticking to the same.

Students are often asked to resolve question papers from previous years, especially if they are done after a review of the entire program. Practice questionnaires help you track your preparation level and know where you are lacking or strong.

Avoid studying for hours at a time; instead, take regular intervals every 40 to 50 minutes. These moments are important for relaxing your brain and restoring your energy to prepare for the next lesson. They help keep your brain focused and alert.

3. Which is the best online web portal to find NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Hindi Sanchayan Part 2?

The questions which are asked in CBSE board exams follow a strict NCERT pattern, and thus it becomes very important to prepare the questions given in the exercises of the NCERT book. Here, it becomes vital to have apt solutions for NCERT exercises along with previous years' questions. The best online web portal to find NCERT Solutions for class 10 Hindi Sanchayan Part 2 is Vedantu as all of these are provided in PDF in an easily accessible format and free of cost.

4. Are NCERT Solutions of Class 10 Hindi Sanchayan enough to secure marks?

No doubt NCERT Solutions of Class 10 Hindi Sanchayan are vital to secure good marks but not enough. When coupled with the previous year's question papers and some sample questions based on the NCERT pattern, it will become easy enough for one to secure the best marks in Hindi. All these are available in easily accessible and easily downloadable format on Vedantu, which can be read offline too and can be made available for the student anywhere and anytime.

5. Which book is referred to by CBSE while making exam papers from NCERT Class 10 Hindi Sanchayan?

NCERT textbooks are required for CBSE exams. Many readers may be intimidated by NCERT textbook questions because they are based on common sense and are designed to assess students' understanding of subjects covered in a certain chapter. To prepare for the tests, students should use the resources available on the internet. Many online providers of NCERT Solutions and related learning materials are available to assist CBSE students in achieving good grades. While students are increasingly being forced to make decisions, making an informed selection about which resource to use is critical.

7. Give strong reasons to read NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Hindi from Vedantu.

The value of NCERT solutions can be attributed to a number of factors. 

  • First and foremost, it is based on the most recent CBSE Class 10 Hindi Syllabus and is created by subject professors.

  • It presents all of the solutions in a conceptualised format with simple language for pupils to understand.

NCERT Solution books of Class 10 include complete solutions to all relevant problems as well as sample or previous papers. Because it includes all major themes questions with step-by-step solutions, it is highly valuable for quick revision of all ideas before the exam.