NCERT Solutions for Class 3 Hindi Chapter 12


NCERT Solutions for Class 3 Hindi Chapter 12 - Jab Mujhe Saanp Ne Kaata

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Understanding the context of the story from CBSE Class 3 Hindi Chapter 12 Solutions is easy. The NCERT Solutions provide credible study resources that include all essential elements and topics in the story like the setting, point of view, plot, imagery, characters, irony, themes, tone, literary devices and symbolism. Students preparing for their annual examinations should ensure to go through all the provided NCERT Solutions to secure high grades. The Class 3 Hindi Ch 12 NCERT Solutions is analysed by subject experts at Vedantu to help students interpret the purpose and meaning of the story and enable them to comprehend better for the exam.

The Solutions for Class 3 Hindi will soon be uploaded on this page.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Why Does the Author’s Grandmother Assume the Bite to be Caused by a Snake?

Ans. The author confronts a crawling snake in his yard that hides in a coconut shell. The author then uses a flat stone to cover the coconut shell and takes it to show his grandmother. Upon showing his achievement, the grandmother screams with fear and his grandfather rush inside the room, grabs the coconut shell and throws it into the yard, and the snake slithers into the bush. That was the reason the author's grandmother assumes the bite mark to be of a snake over a wasp.

2. Who is the Older Man, and How Does he Cure the Author?

Ans. The older person is known to hold the knowledge and power of mantras that would heal the author’s wound. The older man lays the author down in his hut, blesses water poured in a brass bowl and starts chatting different mantras. He then offers the author a glass of the blessed water to drink. The older man then tells the author's grandparents that a poisonous snake bit him but now is all cured and safe.