IEO 2021 Result & Cut Off

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IEO Exam 2021 Results

The results of the International English Olympiad are delivered to the doorsteps of the respective schools to which the participants belong. The authorities of IEO take a maximum duration of 8 weeks from the day on which the exam is conducted, to evaluate the performances of the students and announce the results. If the schools do not receive the result sheets by the end of 8 weeks from the date of exam, they can always take a step ahead and check the results of their respective schools on the website of Science Olympiad Foundation usually referred to as SOF. The tentative dates of IEO results 2021 may fall somewhere in the month of December and the IEO Level 2 Results are announced usually in the month of March or April. On the discretion of SOF, the year specific dates of IEO 2021 results will be announced. 

IEO 2021 Exam Results

An Insight of IEO 2021 Results

The most important portion of the IEO results 2021 level 1 and IEO level 2 results is the design of the Student Performance Report referred to as SPR. An SPR gives a detailed analysis of the performance of the students in the IEO Examinations. Every student and his / her parent can get a brief overview of the student’s understanding and ability in the subject. Students can easily keep a track on their strengths and weaknesses in the English Language. The Student Performance Report gives an in depth review of the performance of the students in the IEO exam under six different sections.

Student Performance Report (SPR)

The detailed description of the IEO Results 2021 in the form of SPR is furnished below. 

  1. Section A:

The first section referred to as Section A consists of the slots reserved for entering the marks scored and the rank acquired by the students in the School / City / Zone / National Level / International Level.

  1. Section B:

The second section referred to as Section B gives the details of performance of the student in various sections of the question paper. Section B gives the detailed description of the performance of the student in 4 different sections  of the question paper which includes:

  • Word structure and knowledge

  • Reading

  • Spoken and Written expression

  • Achievers section

  1. Section C:

The third section labeled as Section C gives the correct answers to all the questions asked in the Olympiad Examination and the answers written by the students in their exam paper. This section of IEO 2021 results also gives a performance analysis of the student in comparison with the other students at zonal and international level. 

  1. Section D:

The fourth section named as Section D gives the performance of the students in the form of percentage. The student’s percentage is also compared with the percentage of other students within the class, city and zone and also the students at international level. A detailed report of comparison of the same is given in this section.

  1. Section E:

Average marks of the student is analysed at various levels including the class, school, city, zone and international level. The comparison chart of the student’s marks with the score of other students across the levels is described in this section. 

  1. Section F:

Considering the fact that humans always tend to learn from their own mistakes and to inhibit the spirit of self comparison and motivation, IEO 2021 results have included this section in the SPR. This section gives a detailed description of the marks obtained by the student in IEO exams written during the past 8 years. This helps the student keep track of their spirit in getting through the ladder of success. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How Do I Check My IEO Level 2 Results?

This is the most common question of most of the parents and students. The question arises because the IEO results 2021 level 1 is directly sent to the respective schools and the students or parents need not put an extra effort in checking the results. However, in case of level 2, students or parents can check the results on the website of SOF. All they need is the roll number of the students as mentioned in their level 2 admit cards.

2. Are the Students Who Show Excellence in the IEO Exams Awarded?

Yes, the students who showcase an outstanding performance in the International English Olympiad are awarded at various levels. The winners are awarded at International, Zonal, School and Class level. Zonal award of International rank holder will be given to the next rank holder at the zonal level and similarly a zonal rank holder’s class topper award will be given to the next top scorer within the class. This award system has always encouraged and motivated the students to perform better than ever before. 

3. How Many Levels Are There in English Olympiad?

The International English Olympiad referred to as IEO in short is a 2 level examination. Students who qualify with high scores in the first level are only eligible for the second level of the exam. The first level of IEO exam is conducted within the working hours of the schools in the respective schools from which the students have enrolled. Performance of students at level 1 is analyzed under several criteria to pickout the eligible candidates for level 2 exam. Level 2 exam is not for the students of class 1 and 2. Only students of class 3 to 12 are entitled to take up level 2 exams.

4. How Do You Get 1st Rank in the Olympiad?

Scoring first rank in the IEO exams is not a great deal. All that one has to put in is a lot of dedication, determination and strong desire to perform great. Securing 1st rank in the Olympiad Exam is not rocket science. However, students need to know that the marks scored by them in all the sections at level 1 and level 2 exams take a higher priority while awarding the ranks. If two students have secured the same marks in all the sections of both the levels, then they will be awarded the same rank.