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International English Olympiad Result 2023-24

Last updated date: 12th Apr 2024
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IEO Exam Results 2023-24: Get Complete Details Here

The International English Olympiad exam organised by the Science Olympiad Foundation is conducted in two stages or levels. Level 1 is conducted for the students  of classes 1 to 12, whereas level is conducted for classes 3 to 12. The level 2 exam is conducted only for students who qualify level 1 exam.

Participating students can check the IEO 2023-24 result for both level 1 and level 2 after appearing for the exam on SOF official website. However, for the convenience of students, we have provided the SOF IEO results with the latest updates on this page.

The SOF IEO 2023-24 exam will be conducted on three dates in October and November. Schools may select any one date for conducting the exam at their convenience. Currently, the exams will be held in offline mode. 

This article provides complete information regarding the SOF IEO exam, level 1 and 2 results for the academic year 2023-24.

IEO 2023-24 Results Highlights

Name of Exam

International English Olympiad

Exam Conducting Body

Science Olympiad Foundation


To enable students of classes 1 to 12  to determine their level of proficiency in English Language

SOF IEO result website

Application Process

Through School


Participation Certificate + Student Performance Report to all students

IEO Result 2023-24 Dates (Level 1 And 2)

IEO Set A Exam Date 

September 26, 2023

IEO Set B Exam Date 

October 12, 2023

IEO Set C Exam Date 

November 2, 2023,

IEO Level 1 Result Date

December 2023 or January 2024 (Tentative)

IEO Level 2 Exam Date

Will be announced by the SOF in January 2023

IEO Level 2 Result Date

To Be Notified

How to Check SOF IEO 2023-24 Result?

Follow the below steps to check IEO 2023-24 results.

  • Step 1: Visit SOF IEO Result official website (

  • Step 2: A login window will appear on your screen. Under the “Select Olympiad” option, click on the IEO 2023-24 result.

  • Step 3:  Enter your roll number in the format YourSchoolCode-Class-RollNo. For example, (AN0006-11-005).

  • Step 4: Solve the captcha and fill in the answer in the given field.

  • Step 5: SOF IEO Result 2023-24 will appear on the screen. Your result will contain students’ scores and personal details. Save and take a printout of the same for future reference.

Details Mentioned on SOF IEO 2023-24 Result

SOF IEO 2023-24 results will have the following details.

  • Student’s name

  • Roll number

  • Class and section

  • Total marks

  • Obtained marks

  • School name

  • International ranks

  • Zonal ranks

  • International award won by student

  • Zonal award won by students.

IEO 2023-24 Awards Distribution

During 2023-24; Students will be awarded on the basis of their School, Zonal and International ranks. School principals and teachers will be commended based on the performance of schools at International, Zonal and Distt. Level with cash awards, trophies, gifts and citations.


In the academic year 2023-24, the following awards will be given to the IEO English Olympiads winners. 


For Classes 3 to 12 - International & Zonal topper awards will be provided to the 2nd-level winners.


For Classes 1 to 2 - International & Zonal topper awards will be provided to the 1st-level winners as exams for these classes are single-level exams.

  • At the Zonal level, the top 3 rankers will be awarded zonal medals, cash prize, and certificates of zonal excellence.

  • At the International level, the top 3 rankers will be awarded International medals, cash prize, and certificates of outstanding performance.

  • At the School level, every student will get a Students Performance Report in digital form. Students who score 100% marks will be awarded the Gold medal of excellence.


Why is Student's Performance Report Shared by the SOF?

The objective of sharing SPR is to help students and their parents to analyse the answers written by the students. This enables the student to understand their strengths and sections requiring improvement in absolute terms and also on a competitive scale where lakhs of students of their class participate in the  Olympiad exam.


Student Performance Report (Spr) Consists of Five Sections:

  • Section A: This section provides students' marks and rank achieved by them at the School / City / Zone / Region / International level.

  • Section B: This section provides a past Year-wise analysis of the student.

  • Section C: This section provides a percentage score analysis of the student with a comparison at Class, City, Zone and International levels.

  • Section D: This section provides a comparison of average marks analysis at the School, City, Zone and International levels.

  • Section E: This section provides a Topic-wise performance analysis of the student.



This was the complete discussion on SOF IEO 2023-24 Results. Hope the students found the information in this article beneficial for their studies. Stay tuned with Vedantu to get other latest updates on the SOF olympiad 2023-24 exams.

FAQs on International English Olympiad Result 2023-24

1. How do I check my IEO Level 2 results?

This question often beguiles students and parents. The question arises because the IEO results for the Level 1 exams are directly sent to the respective schools and the students or parents need not put extra effort into checking the results. However, in the case of IEO Level 2 exams, students or parents can check the results on the website of SOF. All they need is the roll number of the students as mentioned in their Level 2 admit cards.

2. Are the students who show excellence in the IEO Exams awarded?

Yes, the students who showcase an outstanding performance in the International English Olympiad are awarded at various levels. The winners are awarded at the International, Zonal, School and Class level. The zonal award of the International rank holder will be given to the next rank holder at the zonal level and similarly, a zonal rank holder’s class topper award will be given to the next top scorer within the class. This award system has always encouraged and motivated the students to perform better than ever before.

3. How many levels are there in the English Olympiad?

The International English Olympiad referred to as IEO in short is a 2 stage examination. Students who qualify with high scores in the first level are only eligible for the second level of the exam. The first level of the IEO exam is conducted within the working hours of the schools in the respective schools from which the students have enrolled. The performance of students at level 1 is analysed under several criteria to select the eligible candidates for the level 2 exam. The Level 2 exam is not for the students of class 1 and 2. Only students of class 3 to 12 are entitled to take up level 2 exams.

4.  Who is eligible to attempt the IEO 2023-24 level 1 exam?

Students of classes 1 to 12th are eligible to attempt the IEO level exam in the academic year 2023-24. There is no other eligibility criterion like minimum marks announced by SOF.

5. What happens when candidates tie at the same marks in the IEO?

When candidates tie with the same ranks, SOF follows tie-breaking criteria. The final rank is decided after going through the section-wise scores of the students.  The priority is given to the Achievers section. Following that, marks of the Word & Structure Knowledge section are checked. If students have the same marks in this section as well, then marks in the Reading section are evaluated. Lastly, marks of the Spoken & Written Expressions are tallied. For more information, sample papers, mock tests and study materials, students can visit Vedantu.