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NCERT Solutions for Class 1 Hindi Chapter 22 - Hathi Challam Challam

Last updated date: 12th Jul 2024
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NCERT Solutions for Class 1 Hindi Chapter 22 - Hathi Challam Challam Free PDF Download

Hathi Challam Challam is a poem where the kids are riding on an elephant and enjoying the ride. The poet has described how the elephant looks and why the kids are fascinated with the ride. The chapter has been properly explained by the teachers and the answers to the questions in the exercise have been framed. The solution can be downloaded in the PDF format. It can be used offline to study the chapter and prepare it for the upcoming exams. Get NCERT Solutions for Class 1 Hindi Chapter 22 Hathi Challam Challam at Vedantu and complete the syllabus quicker than the rest of the class by clearing your doubts faster.


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Chapter 22 - Hathi Challam Challam


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The Solutions for Class 1 Hindi Chapter 22 will soon be uploaded on this page.

Hathi Challam Challam: Class 1 Hindi Chapter 22 Summary

Class 1 Hindi is a brilliant syllabus set by NCERT for students. It has excellent prose and poems for kids to learn and enjoy. Hindi Class 1 Chapter 22 describes how the elephant moves and what the kids on its back are doing. To understand the context of this chapter, you can use Class 1 Chapter 22 Solution prepared by the experts of Vedantu.

This poem has been written by the poet in the form of a rhyme so that students can easily remember the lines. It has 18 lines in the rhythmic format. These lines describe how the elephant walks and what are his physical features. It explains why the kids are so happy riding the elephant on that day. How the elephant carried all the kids easily on its back and walked in a slow swaying motion. Class 1 Hindi Chapter 22 explains how the elephant looks when it walks with his humongous body. It also explains how it uses its trunk to scratch his body. It also tells us how the pillar-like legs are used to walk.

The children sitting on the elephant are fascinated by the animal’s movements. They are elated to feel the swaying movements on the back of the elephant. When the elephant walks, they are also moving harmonically on its back. The poet explains how the animal looks for the children riding the elephant. The children are so small whereas the elephant is so big. Those big legs are falling on the ground like pillars. All the children are feeling very joyous as they want to ride on the elephant all day long. As per NCERT Solution for Class 1 Hindi Chapter 22, the mahout is also sitting on the top of the elephant wearing a pagri.

Benefits of Using NCERT Solution of Class 1 Hindi Chapter 22

The prime reason for using CBSE Class 1 Hindi Chapter 22 Solutions is to understand the meaning of the rhyme well. Kids will be able to grab the context of the rhyme and will be able to memorize it properly. They will find the utmost convenience to study the chapter and answer the questions in the exercise. It will become a lot easier for students to complete the syllabus and score well in the exams.

There is no need to worry as this solution will help you to prepare the chapter within a short time. Students will find the answers in the file very easily. They will practice well and make their foundation stronger. In fact, answering the questions in a proper format will also become a habit by using Hathi Challam Challam Class 1 NCERT Solutions. Students will be able to follow the CBSE format too.

Accurate answers to the questions in the exercise will help you save a lot of time. The meaning of all the lines will become clear and students will be able to memorize it quickly. This is why keeping the solution saved on a computer is a smarter choice. You will be able to use it anytime you want and make sure that you are done with the syllabus.


Getting ready for Class 1 exams is fun with NCERT Solutions. First, read the chapter carefully, then solve the NCERT questions for Class 1 Hindi Chapter 22 - 'Hathi Challam Challam.' Vedantu offers free, detailed solutions following CBSE guidelines. Download them to guide your exam preparation. In this chapter, we enter the world of an elephant's walk, discovering the joy of rhyming words and the rhythmic sound of an elephant's footsteps. We learn about the sound 'ch' and enjoy the playful journey. It's like dancing with words and having fun with sounds, making Hindi learning delightful and entertaining.

FAQs on NCERT Solutions for Class 1 Hindi Chapter 22 - Hathi Challam Challam

1. How did the Poet Explain the Elephant Carrying the Children on its Back?

In this rhyme, the poet explained that the elephant is a huge animal. It was casually carrying the children on its back. The legs were like pillars. Its trunk was also very big. It was moving slowly on the ground using his big legs. Follow NCERT Solutions Class 1 Hindi Hathi Challam Challam to understand how the poet has explained the animal.

2. Why Were the Children Happy?

The children were happy as they had never ridden an elephant before. The huge animal carried them easily making them move harmonically when it walked on the ground. Class 1 Hindi Chapter 22 Hathi Challam Challam explains well why the children were happy.

3. Why Should You Use NCERT Solutions Class 1 Hindi Chapter 22?

You can use the solution to save time and provide the right answers to the exercise questions.

4. What is Chapter 22 of the NCERT textbook for Class 1 Hindi?

The poem is called ‘Haathi Challam Challam’. It is written by Sriprasad’. The poem describes children’s experience of riding an elephant and what they feel when they do so. It also describes the fascination and excitement the children feel when they see the elephant.

5. What are the children fascinated by when they ride the elephant?

The children are really excited to ride the elephant. They are amazed at how the elephant can carry them and how it moves. The elephant is huge with long tusks and a trunk. His legs are huge like strong pillars. The elephant sometimes uses its trunk to scratch itself. He walks in a swaying motion and also swaying his head at times. His big ears flap along the way on his strong legs.

6. How many questions are there in the poem?

There are five textbook questions for students to solve at the end of the poem. The solutions for these problems can be found in the NCERT Solutions for Class 1 Hindi Chapter 22. The answers are written by professional teachers in a simplified manner for you to understand them easily and also learn better. You will be able to understand how to write your answers in the exam.

7. How will the NCERT Solutions Class 1 Chapter 12 help in revision?

The NCERT Solutions for Class 1 Chapter 22 provides answers for all the questions asked in the exercise at the end of the chapter. It also provides a summary and explanation of the poem that will make it easier for the students to understand. The NCERT Solution also provides extra questions for the students to practice and revision notes for the students to learn from. The students can revise with the help of revision notes provided for download.  The solutions and the revision notes are available at free of cost on the Vedantu app and on the Vedantu website. 

8. How did the children feel while riding the elephant?

The children were really excited to ride the elephant. They felt very joyous and elated. Seeing the magnanimity of the elephant and how huge it was the children felt like they had won something. They felt overjoyed. They were noticing everything about the elephant. They noticed his features, how he walked, his big ears and strong pillar-like legs. They felt so great that they wanted to ride the elephant all day long.