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NCERT Solutions for Class 1 Hindi Chapter 13 - Bandar Gaya Khet Mein Bhag

Last updated date: 24th Apr 2024
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NCERT Solutions for Class 1 Hindi Chapter 13 - Bandar Gaya Khet Mein Bhag Free PDF Download

The NCERT study materials for Class 1 Hindi Chapter 13 Bandar Gaya Khet Mein Bhag are now available for free download on Vedantu. These solutions are prepared by our highly experienced teachers to ensure an easy learning experience for the young students of Class 1. Vedantu is among the most trusted e-learning platforms today. The Bandar Gaya Khet Mein Bhag Class 1 NCERT Solutions on Vedantu cover all the questions and answers given in this poem. Therefore, by learning these NCERT Solutions students will get an overall understanding of the poem and prepare well for the exam.

These NCERT Solutions Class 1 Hindi Bandar Gaya Khet Mein Bhag will help you to get a clear understanding of the poem so you can answer the questions properly during the exams. You can get access to all the study materials on Vedantu for Class 1 Hindi Chapter 13 Bandar Gaya Khet Mein Bhag, by signing up for free. This, in turn, will help you to secure good marks in the exam.


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NCERT Solutions for Class 1 Hindi Chapter 13 Bandar Gaya Khet Mein Bhag

NCERT Solutions Class 1 Hindi Chapter 13

Students can revise the poem from the study materials available on Vedantu and prepare the answers properly by referring to the CBSE Class 1 Hindi Chapter 13 Solutions. 

Satyaprakash Kulshrestha is the author of the poem 'Bandar Gaya Khet Mein Bhaag'. In this poem, he describes the activities of a monkey in a very interesting way. A monkey went to a field and broke a lot of greens. Then he lit the fire and cooked the greens and had it with lots of fun. He then uprooted the coach and wiped his face. Then the monkey slept with fun by laying sieve and covering the soup.

This is just a short summary of the poem. The questions of the examinations are such that the child has to have a total grip on the NCERT solutions class 1 Hindi Bandar Gaya khet mein bhag and it is possible if only they follow the correct resources. Hence, Vedantu is absolutely the best platform to prepare for class 1 Hindi chapter 13 Bandar Gaya khet mein bhag. 

NCERT Class 1 Latest Syllabus for Hindi 

The most important part of your exam preparation is knowing your syllabus thoroughly. This will help you to plan and prepare for the exam more efficiently. The chapters covered in the syllabus for NCERT Class 1 Hindi is listed below.

➔    Jhoola

➔    Aam kee kahaanee

➔    Aam kee tokaree

➔    Patte hee patte

➔    Pakaudee

➔    Chhuk chhuk gaadee

➔    Rasoeeghar

➔    Chuho! miyaon so rahi hai

➔    Bandar aur gilahari

➔    Pagadee

➔    Patang

➔    Gend-balla

➔    Bandar gaya khet mein bhaag

➔    Ek budhiya

➔    Main bhee

➔    Laaloo aur peeloo

➔    Chakee ke chakadum

➔    Chhotee ka kamaal

➔    Char Chane

➔    Bhag Dour

➔    Halim chala chand par

➔    Hathi challam challam

➔    Sath poonch ka chuha

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, education is mostly being carried out online, so now learning is even easier. These days almost every kid is familiar with tabs and laptops, hence studying can be more fun with the NCERT Solutions Class 1 Hindi Bandar Gaya Khet Mein Bhaag on Vedantu.

Why Vedantu’s Class 1 Hindi NCERT Solutions for Bandar Gaya Khet Mein Bhag is Useful?

Key Features of NCERT Solutions, These solutions are designed to help students achieve proficiency in their studies. They are crafted by experienced educators who excel in teaching class 1 Hindi. Some of the features include:

  • Easy explanations for each exercise and questions, promoting a deeper understanding of the subject.

  • Clear and structured presentation for easy comprehension.

  • Accurate answers aligned with the curriculum, boosting students' confidence in their knowledge.

  • Visual aids like diagrams to simplify complex concepts.

  • Additional tips and insights to enhance students' performance.

  • Chapter summaries for quick revision.

  • Online accessibility and downloadable resources for flexible study and revision.


The NCERT Solutions for Class 1 Hindi Chapter 13 - 'Bandar Gaya Khet Mein Bhag' concludes with an adventurous tale of a monkey in the field. These solutions offer an engaging narrative, introducing young learners to Hindi storytelling and vocabulary associated with farm life. Through vivid descriptions and interactive exercises, this chapter sparks imagination and interest in rural settings, enriching Hindi language skills and comprehension. 'Bandar Gaya Khet Mein Bhag' not only entertains with its charming story but also fosters an appreciation for nature and rural environments, encouraging children to explore and understand the world around them, initiating a love for Hindi storytelling and cultural understanding.

FAQs on NCERT Solutions for Class 1 Hindi Chapter 13 - Bandar Gaya Khet Mein Bhag

1. Are NCERT Solutions Class 1 Hindi Chapter 13 enough to prepare for the board exams?

The NCERT Solutions Class 1 Hindi Chapter 13 is enough to prepare for the examination because the CBSE board follows NCERT the most. You can check out all the resources for NCERT Solutions Class 1 Hindi Chapter 13 on Vedantu. You will find the best of the videos, well explained according to the level of understanding of every student. Also, we have the best teachers from all across the country to provide the proper guidance to all our students.

2. Which is the best e-learning platform for downloading NCERT Solutions Class 1 Hindi Chapter 13?

Vedantu is the most popular e-learning platforms for downloading the NCERT Solutions Class 1 Hindi Chapter 13. These NCERT Solutions are easy to access online and can be downloaded for free from Vedantu. The best answer-writing techniques are explained in these NCERT Solutions and students can secure good marks in the exam by practicing these solutions.

3. What is discussed in Chapter 13 of Class 1 Hindi?

Chapter 13 of NCERT Class 1 Hindi book is a poem called ‘Bandar Gaya Khet Mein Bhaag’. It is written by Satyaprakash Kulshresht. The poem describes a merry day for the monkey. The monkey goes into a spinach field where he plucks quite a bit of spinach for himself and spends a lot of time. After plucking the spinach, he lights a small fire and cooks the spinach. He relishes it. It’s a sweet poem from a monkey’s point of view.

4. Why should you refer to NCERT Solutions PDF of Chapter 13 for Class 1 Hindi while preparing for your exam?

The solutions in the PDF provided by Vedantu for Class 1 Hindi Chapter 13 are developed by experienced teachers who have been in the field for a while. The answers break down complex terms or concepts. The NCERT solutions for Class 1 Hindi Chapter 13 will help you understand what kind of questions to expect in the exam and also how to answer them. The PDF solution is also ideal for revision as it makes the information concise for you in the form of notes and summaries and is available free of cost. 

5. What did the monkey do after plucking the green spinach from the field?

The monkey after plucking green spinach to his heart’s content went out of the field. He lit a small fire and cooked the spinach he had plucked. He cooked it slowly and nicely. He relished it and ate the whole dish. After that he wiped his face and laid out in the sun and slept the rest of the day. It was a good day for the monkey. You can find a summarised version of the poem in the NCERT solution for Class 1 Hindi Chapter 13 in the Vedantu website or app.

6. How many questions are there in Chapter 13 of Class 1 Hindi?

Hindi is an essential subject and carries a lot of marks weightage in Class 1 as it is one of the main subjects. It is important that the students are thorough in their learning and understanding of the poem. The poem has five questions at the end. The questions test the student’s understanding of the text. The solutions can be found online on the Vedantu website in the form of PDF free of cost. Besides these questions, the PDF also has extra questions for the student to practice from.