NCERT Solutions for Class 1 Hindi Chapter 18

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NCERT Solutions for Class 1 Hindi Chapter 18 - Chhoti Ka Kamaal

Hindi Class 1 Chapter 18 is a poem written by Safdar Hashmi. Hindi Class 1 Chapter 18 teaches students that no matter how big or small someone is, nobody should make fun of him/her. To understand the context of the poem properly, you can follow the smart Class 1 Chapter 18 Solution prepared by the teachers of Vedantu. This solution has been prepared to answer the questions in the exercise. It will help students learn the chapter perfectly and revise it during the exam. Download NCERT Solutions for Class 1 Hindi Chapter 18 Chhoti Ka Kamaal PDF file and use it offline to study the chapter.

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NCERT Solutions for Class 1 Hindi Chapter 18 Chhoti Ka Kamaal

Chhoti Ka Kamaal: Class 1 Hindi Chapter 18 Summary

The poem is about a fat boy and a small girl. The fat boy always demeaned the girl as she was thin and small. He was big and strong. His name was Samar Singh. One day, Samar Singh sat on a see-saw with Chhoti, the small girl. The boy immediately sank and Chhoti rose due to less weight. She reached the top and the boy had to stay down as he was heavier.

Chhoti was a thin small girl and Samar Singh was a big fat boy. He always made fun of Chhoti due to her small size and lightweight. He used to make demeaning references by comparing Chhoti to thin flatbread whereas calling himself potato-stuffed paratha. He called himself a thick string rope whereas he compared Chhoti with a thin string. He was very proud of his size and bullied the girl all the time. Class 1 Hindi Chapter 18 has a message for all students that the poet wants to convey.

The proud boy once sat on a see-saw with Chhoti. Due to his heavier body, the see-saw inclined towards him. He sank to the lowest point and Chhoti rose to the highest point. Samar Singh realized that Chhoti can be weaker than him but she has reached the top. He realized that he should not have made fun of her all the time. As per NCERT Solution of Class 1 Hindi Chapter 18, the poet wanted to express that everyone is unique in his/her way. No one should make fun of others due to their body structure, size or any physical feature. It eventually comes back to the bad people. It was the pride of the fat boy that made him fall.

Benefits of using CBSE Class 1 Hindi Chapter 18 Solutions

The poem has described a simple incident where a small girl is always bullied by a bigger-sized boy. The poet wanted to say that no one is big or small due to their physical features. The real capability of a person is revealed when the right time comes or the right stage is provided. In CBSE Class 1 Hindi Chapter 18 solutions, you will find that the fat boy had to taste the bitter medicine of his pride in the end. To understand this message, follow the easy description of the poem in the solution and answer the questions in the exercise properly.

Using NCERT Solutions Class 1 Hindi Chapter 18 will help you find out the best answers to the questions. You can download the solution file and use it to study the poem properly. In fact, the easy language of the answers will help you memorize the context of the poem. Your preparation time will reduce to a minimum. Revise the chapter using this solution and learn how to answer the questions in an exam. Your score will increase. The solution has been formulated in an organized way so that the young minds can find the answers easily. It will also make their answering skills better. It can be used to study the chapter offline.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What did Samar Singh say to mock the girl?

In Class 1 Hindi Chapter 18 Chhoti Ka Kamaal, Samar Singh compared the girl with thin flatbreads and strings whereas he called himself potato-stuffed bread and thick strong rope. He made fun of her thin and light-weight features. He used to bully Chhoti for her bodyweight and thin figure.

2. How did Samar get his senses back?

As per Chhoti Ka Kamaal Class 1 NCERT Solutions, Samar was blinded by his pride. When he sat on a see-saw with Chhoti, he sank and the girl arose. This made him realize that he was falsely taking pride in his strong and heavy body.

3. How can you prepare the poem ‘Chhoti Ka Kamaal’?

Study the poem properly and understand the meaning of each line. If you use NCERT Solutions Class 1 Hindi Chhoti Ka Kamaal, you will find the hidden message the poet wants to convey. Use the solution to prepare the best answers.

4. Why are Vedantu's NCERT Hindi books favoured by Class 1 students?

In Class 1, Hindi is the most significant subject to learn. To score high marks in this subject, students need to have a good grip over the subject. With Vedantu NCERT books, students can learn the new concepts easily and clarify their doubts as the book provides important information about the concepts in an easy way. Also the solutions provided by Vedantu are free of cost. They are also available on the Vedantu Mobile app.

5. How to achieve good marks in Class 1 Hindi?

If you want to score good marks in Class 1 Hindi subject, then you have to study the chapters carefully. At the same time, you should pay attention in the class during the lectures to understand the topics clearly. Also, you can solve test papers to know the subject better.  If you wish to learn and practice the chapters efficiently, click on the  NCERT book for Class 1 Hindi Chapter 18 to find several mock test papers and their solutions to score well in examinations.

6. How can I download the NCERT Books for Class 1 Hindi PDF online?

To get NCERT books for Class 1 Hindi PDF online, you need to follow the given method.

  • Click on  NCERT book for Class 1 Hindi Chapter 18.

  • You'll see the list of exercises on the following page. From the provided list, find the chapter of your preference for which you require PDF solutions or notes.

  • The link will redirect you on the next page where you can get the study material. 

7. What are the easy chapters in the Class 1 Hindi textbook that require less revision?

All the chapters in the Class 1 Hindi textbook require less revision, especially the poems. You are required to go through all the chapters at least two to three times for a better understanding of the topics. For this, you can refer to NCERT books which provide information in a detailed manner. 

8. What is the syllabus for the Class 1 Hindi textbook?

The syllabus for the Class 1 Hindi textbook is divided into 23 units. These are-

  • Jhoola

  • Aam Ki Kahani

  • Aam Ki Tokri

  • Patte Hi Patte

  • Pakodi

  • ChukChukGadi

  • Rasoighar

  • ChuhoMiyan So Rahe Hai

  • Bandar Aur Gilehri

  • Pagri

  • Patang

  • GaindBalla

  • Bandar Gaya Khet Mein Bhag

  • Ek Budhiya

  • Mein Bhi

  • Lalu Aur Peelu

  • Chakai Ke Chakdum

  • Choti Ka Kamal

  • Char Chane

  • Bhagdar

  • Halim Chala Chand Par

  • Hathi Challam Challam

  • Saat Punch Ka Chuha

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