NCERT Solutions for Class 2 English Raindrops

NCERT Solutions for Class 2 English Raindrops - All Chapter's & Poem's

Our NCERT Class 2 English Raindrops solution is compiled in a manner that offers you insights into the chapters and helps to tackle questions better. With this solution and ones for other subjects available at Vedantu, you will find a guide to help you excel in the field of learning. 

Our CBSE NCERT solutions provide a better idea of how to answer different types of questions and meet their requirements. Practising the NCERT solutions online and following the solved exercises of our NCERT solutions PDF will help students to learn a chapter in-depth. It will also help them to hone the art of answering in brief. 

The thorough book solutions, interactive learning medium and innovative studying tools will make learning English fun. Also, the NCERT solutions download does not require any registration, which will further save time and energy. One can download our NCERT solutions online; refer to them and improve their experience of learning.

In the case, parents can also rely on these materials for their child’s homework or during the preparations for English exams, which can help students do well in the subject. Vedantu’s compact CBSE NCERT solutions Class 2 English Raindrops and solved exercises are both easy to understand and remember.

The below-mentioned is the list of English chapters in Raindrop that is included in the latest CBSE board curriculum. 

Chapter 1: Action Song

The chapter aims at making poem recitation more fun and entertaining. Find more ways of understanding this poem by studying through free NCERT solution for Class 2 English Raindrops. 

Chapter 2: Our Day

By referring to our NCERT Class 2 English Raindrops solution, students will be able to learn about this chapter in a precise and convenient manner. The chapter gives a gist of a day and narrates which activities take place around the world throughout the day. 

Chapter 3: My Family

The chapter will encourage you to learn how to describe and talk about your family in front of others. As you get to know about your friends and their families, make sure to become more familiar with this chapter. You can also refer to our NCERT Class 2 English Raindrops solution to excel at your exam preparation. 

Chapter 4: What’s Going On?

You will learn to describe beautiful pictorial illustrations in words in this chapter. Grasp the ability to turn picture into words better by practising through our free textbook solutions regularly.

Chapter 5: Mohan, the Potter

The informative chapter will introduce you to Potter, his work and creations. Referring to our NCERT solutions PDF for the same will help you understand this chapter in a better way. So, make sure to practice it daily.

Chapter 6: Rain in Summer

Our latest NCERT solutions Class 2 English Raindrops cover the questions and answers of this chapter thoroughly, which will help to answer questions about the rain and its effects. Students may practice our NCERT solutions online and read the chapter daily to improve on its understanding. 

Chapter 7: My Village

The chapter describes the life of people in a village and talks about its scenic beauty. Learn to answer questions related to the types of houses in a village and the people’s livelihood by closely following our updated solutions as per the 2019-20 curriculum.

Chapter 8: The Work People Do

With the help of our NCERT Class 2 English Raindrops solution, students will be able to answer questions related to various kinds of work and people who perform them. As the chapter introduces them to numerous professions, they will be able to identify the various roles people play in one’s life. 

Chapter 9: Work

Here, you will learn about the different kinds of work people do and how it benefits society. You can also benefit from our free download PDF solutions by practising this poem’s solved questions and other exercises to score high in exams. 

Chapter 10: Our National Symbols

Learn about our national flag, national emblem, national bird, national animal and other interesting facts about our nation through this chapter. Also, sharpen your skills to answer questions related to this informative chapter in brief by following our NCERT textbook solution for Class 2 English Raindrops. 

Chapter 11: The Festivals of India

Learn about the various festivals that are celebrated in our country in this chapter and find out the significance of each celebration. Students may score high in their upcoming exams by understanding the meaning behind each festival and practising our free download PDF solution at the same time.

Chapter 12: The Monkey and the Elephant

With the help of our Class 2 English Raindrops NCERT solutions, learn to answer questions about this fun story, which narrates how animals live together in a forest in bliss. 

Chapter 13: Going to the Fair

Everybody loves to visit fairs! The chapter talks about the happy feeling that one gets while visiting a fair with friends and family. Find out how you can answer the questions of this interesting chapter by following to-the-point answers in our book solution. 

Chapter 14: Colours

Our NCERT Class 2 English Raindrops solution will prove to be of great help for this chapter that introduces you to lovely colours around you. 

Chapter 15: Sikkim

Learn about the northeast state and its scenic beauty in this chapter. Hone the skills of answering contextual questions with the help of our NCERT solutions PDF and have fun answering about the beauty of Sikkim. 

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