NCERT Solutions for Class 2 English Marigold

NCERT Solutions for Class 2 English Marigold - All Chapter's & Poem's

Being a language which is not commonly incorporated in our culture, introduction to English can be interesting as well as overwhelming for the students. English, a language which was first spoken in early medieval England, has now become the global tongue. This globally accepted language is now taught in various schools as the primary dialect, and all study materials irrespective of the subject in question are also formed in this language.

To ensure in-depth understanding of this dialect we, at Vedantu, have formulated NCERT textbook solution for Class 2 English Marigold. This solution includes all the units of English chapters present in the book ‘Marigold’. These NCERT solutions PDF are updated as per the current 2019-20 syllabus. Hence, we can solve the problems and doubts of pupils regarding all recently added chapters. 

We provide all types of training manuals along with an online tutorial to help students to excel in their academics. It is the best platform for young learners to nurture their knowledge and implement their ideas in a better way. They can access our NCERT solutions online for guidance or can even opt for NCERT solutions download for future reference. 

CBSE NCERT solutions provided by us include all subjects like EVS, Hindi, Maths, English, etc. We enable live interactive learning between teachers and students in a group or individual classes. The attractive fact is that the NCERT solution PDF can be downloaded for free. At Vedantu, teachers are willing to provide personalized teaching session by using two-way audio, video, and whiteboard tools. We prepare students for both co-curricular as well as competitive exams.

Check out the detailed syllabus of Marigold for CBSE Class 2 English -

Unit 1:

First Day at School

This chapter portrays all the emotions and imaginations that go inside a mind child's mind when he joins the school for the first time. NCERT textbook solution for Class 2 English Marigold can provide proper guidance in this chapter.

Haldi's Adventure

This chapter explains how a child can strengthen their pathways to a better learning process. It also encourages a child to talk about the experiences with family, pets, etc. 

Unit 2:

I am Lucky!

This chapter of CBSE NCERT solutions class 2 English Marigold, shows the joyous feelings of children who are addressed as good and special beings.

I Want

This chapter of unit two encourages children not to remain unchanged and be happy as they are. This chapter bears the message that every individual is unique and possesses certain qualities which differ from others.

Unit 3:

A Smile

Students can access the latest NCERT solutions Class 2 English Marigold to know about all the right habits and courtesy, present in this poem, which they should learn to grow into better human beings. 

The Wind and the Sun

In this chapter, a student will understand the importance of a smile and also know how much gentle behavior can be helpful for achieving things in life. They will also gather knowledge to differentiate between good and arrogant behavior.

Unit 4:


This poem focuses on building imaginations of the students by carefully listening to sounds generated by raindrops when hitting the floor. 

Storm in the Garden

This chapter focuses on the variety of sounds made by objects during strong wind or heavy rain. NCERT textbook solution for Class 2 English Marigold is always available for reference.

Unit 5:

Zoo Manners

In this chapter, students will get to know about various other creatures that exist in nature, along with human beings. The presence of pictures focuses on the experience of those who have visited zoo animals.

Funny Bunny

The moral of this chapter is to encourage young learners to have a friendly attitude towards animals and also visit the zoo frequently to gather knowledge about them. After pupils are done with the piece, they can go ahead and explore into the question-answer and grammatical aspects of the same with our PDF solutions which require no additional registration process or fees.

Unit 6:

Mr. Nobody

While the poem aims to enhance the imaginative capability of a child, it helps them sail into their innocent dream world. Students can enjoy the read and remember to up their game for the examination by reading our NCERT Class 2 English Marigold solution.

Curly locks and the Three Bears

A reminiscent of our old fairytales – Goldilocks and the Three Bears, this chapter truly is a travel back in time and lends in the reader a chance to enjoy their naïve childhood days. However, remember to delve into our solutions for a better grip on the topic.

Unit 7:

On My Blackboard I can Draw

This poem focuses on boosting the self-esteem of a student to participate in various activities in front of the whole class. Pupils can refer to the NCERT textbook solution for Class 2 English Marigold.

Make it Shorter

It is a slice of a chapter offering students to gain their confidence by developing them to be competent enough to deal with the diverse, impending hurdles in their life.

Unit 8:

I am the Music Man

The first chapter of unit eight encourages students to listen to musical instruments and gather knowledge about music. This will act as a relief from their study-only routine and hence offer them more exposure to the students. They can take help from Class 2 English Marigold NCERT solutions for solving the questions related to this topic.

The Mumbai Musicians

In this chapter, the young learners will learn to produce sound using different objects like a tiffin box, bench, claps, etc. Such familiarity with sounds and a chapter on it is a definite relief and respite from the monotony of the boring chapters.

Unit 9:

Granny Granny Please Comb my Hair

In this poem, the students will lean to experience a good home environment and build a stronger relationship with their grandparents. NCERT Textbook solution for Class 2 English Marigold is available for reference in case the pupils need assistance with question answers and grammar.

The Magic Porridge Pot

This chapter revolves around a girl who finds solutions to problems and is independent and considerate enough to think about her a family. It helps the young minds fathom out the importance of having a family bond strong enough across the journey of their life.  

Unit 10:

Strange Talks

Free NCERT solution for Class 2 English Marigold focuses on the importance of communication in this chapter. It says that we should improve our speech to communicate appropriately that will lend in confidence and help express exceptionally.

The Grasshopper and the Ant

This chapter emphasizes the fact that hard work should be performed to gain better results and hence, acts as a morale booster for the minds who are still in their formative years. 

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