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JEE Main 2019 January 9 Shift 1 Question Paper with Answer Keys & Solutions

Last updated date: 03rd Dec 2023
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MVSAT Dec 2023

JEE Main Question Paper 2019 with Solutions (9th January - Morning) - Free PDF Download

If you’re looking for the Question paper of 9th January Shift 1 JEE Main 2019, we’ve got you covered. Download the question paper with solutions and answer keys for JEE Main 2019 January 9 Shift 1 papers, available for free on this page.

Candidates who are planning to prepare for the next JEE Main Examination should learn and anticipate the type of questions asked in all the subjects of JEE Main 2019. Candidates should dig into the kind of questions from a topic or concept and refine their approach towards a question accordingly.


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JEE Main

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9th- January


Shift- 1 Morning Session

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JEE Main Previous Year Question Papers with PDF

Our Master teachers and Academic experts curate the solutions in the PDF to aid students and bridge the gap in understanding the nature of the JEE Main exam. The comprehensive guidance for approaching a question is available for 9th January Shift 1 JEE Main 2019.

Don’t wait to grab the Question paper with solutions for 9th January Shift 1 JEE Main 2019. Use the PDF to analyse and solve each question. Also, don’t refrain from revising the PDF. Make them part of your preparation and use them as your polar star for JEE Main journey.

What is the Paper Pattern of JEE Main 2019?

Paper 1 is the exam for B.E and B.Tech aspirants. This exam is divided into two sections. The first section has 60 questions of a multiple-choice format. 20 questions are dedicated to each subject covered in the exam, namely Physics, Chemistry, and Maths. Each question in the first section comes for 4 marks, with one correct choice given among four choices. There is negative marking in this section, with 1 point being taken away for every wrong answer, so it is important to be thorough with your information before answering the question. 


Choosing multiple answers or overwriting are considered wrong answers. No marks are taken away for not attempting the question. In the second section, candidates are required to input the correct answers according to the questions given. This section has a total of 30 questions - 10 for each subject - and candidates have to choose 15 questions to attempt, half for each subject. There is no negative marking in this section.


Major Highlights of JEE Main 2019 January 9 Morning Shift

  1. Maths Paper was claimed to be the most difficult section.

  2. Physics was difficult as well as lengthy.

  3. Chemistry was as usual the easiest among the three sections. 

  4. In Maths, Integration, Coordinate Geometry, Calculus, and Probability were highly focused. 

  5. In Physics, Electromagnetism, Mechanics, Modern Physics, Optics, Thermodynamics, SHM, and waves were the topics from which the highest number of questions were asked. 

  6. In Chemistry, equal weightage was present in Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Inorganic Chemistry.  

Tips to Prepare for JEE Main 

You can strategize your JEE Main preparation with these simple tips:

  1. Smart study

The students are asked to study smartly by dividing the long chapters into smaller portions and knowing the weightage of the same. This will be quite more effective than studying vast chapters in one go. 

  1. Set the time table which will actually work

Students of course know their own study patterns and thus they can create their own customised timetable for studies. Study according to your own time preference and do not exhaust yourself by overdoing in a single day. Set a timetable which can be easily followed regularly. 

  1. Refer to nothing but the best books for JEE Main

Refer to the best books suggested by your mentors or teachers which will help you ace your exams. Refer to Best Books for JEE Main 2022 for JEE Main Best Study Books.

  1. Know the syllabus for JEE Main

Before starting your exam preparation or even before planning your strategies, you should know the syllabus. Go through JEE Main 2022 Syllabus – Free PDF Download for the detailed syllabus of the JEE Main 2022 or refer to the official website for the same.

  1. Know the exam pattern of the JEE Main exam

The question paper pattern or the exam pattern of JEE Main 2022 can be found by studying JEE Main Previous Year Question Paper with Answer Keys

  1. Solving mock test series 

Students are also advised that before the exams they should practise the mock test series to score well in their JEE Main exam. JEE Main Online Mock Test Series for Free can be solved for practice. 

  1. Revise the topics and concepts regularly

Revision is the main element. Scoring high marks in the JEE Main Exam can be possible when you know each and every topic covered in your syllabus and this is possible only by revising your subjects on a regular basis. You can take the help from JEE Main Revision Notes with Solutions - Physics, Chemistry, and Maths prepared by our experts.


Important Chapters for Maths JEE Main 2022 


Important Chapters for Physics JEE Main 2022 


Important Chapters for Chemistry JEE Main 2022 

Year-Wise JEE Main Previous Year Question Papers

FAQs on JEE Main 2019 January 9 Shift 1 Question Paper with Answer Keys & Solutions

1. What was the JEE Main Question Paper online 2019 Jan morning paper pattern?

The JEE Main Question Paper online 2019 Jan morning paper pattern was as follows: 

  • The paper needs to be completed within 3 hours. 
  • Each correct answer will get you 4 marks while each wrong answer will result in you losing 1 mark. 
  • Every question will have only one correct answer. In case more than one answer is marked for a question, it will be considered as a wrong answer and 1 mark will be deducted for the same. 

2. What was the 2019 JEE Main paper analysis?

JEE Main 2019 was held in two sessions. One is in January and the other in the month of April. Approximately, 11 lakhs students appeared for the entrance exam. According to the general students’ reaction, some said that Maths was the most difficult section however, another section was of the opinion that Physics was tougher and lengthy. Chemistry, as usual, was the easiest section among all the other sections for everyone and most students agreed to have performed well in this section. Keeping all these in mind, the experts in Vedantu have solved all the papers of JEE Main 2019 to help students understand the method of solving swiftly and effectively better.

3. What is JEE Main 2019 Chemistry Analysis?

As always, the Chemistry section was the easiest among all the other sections. Most of the students felt that it was the scoring section of all three sections. Among all the sections equal weightage was given to inorganic, physical and organic chemistry. Hence, class 12 was also given more importance as 17 questions were asked while 13 questions were asked from the class 11 syllabus. There were 10 from organic chemistry, 12 questions from physical chemistry, and 8 questions from inorganic chemistry. Out of these, 11 questions were quite easy, 16 were on a moderate level and 3 required a bit of thinking but was answerable. Candidates who have attempted well in this section and scored well will surely have a high chance to excel and move forward for taking up JEE Advanced.

4. What are our main Objectives of Providing JEE Mains 2019 Question Paper with Solutions by Vedantu?

The Main Objectives of Providing JEE Mains 2019 Question Paper with Solutions by Vedantu are as follows:

  • It will give you an idea of the questions that are most expected to come in the examination allowing you to plan your preparations accordingly. 

  • It will aid you in tracking and analyzing your preparation levels by identifying and concentrating more on the weaker sections.

  • It will give you the real-time exam experience of solving JEE Main paper in the designated time frame.

  • Solving the paper will help you boost your efficiency, speed, and time management skills.

  • It will make you aware of the question paper pattern and the nature of the questions asked beforehand. Vedantu provides free access to all the chapterwise solutions. Vedantu believes in making the learning process fun and hassle free by making this access easy for students. 

5. How can I study for JEE Main using the 2019 Jan 9 Morning Question Paper?

While the JEE Main exam has a reputation for being a tough exam to do well in, it is certainly possible to score well for it. The main thing you must do to score well in the exam is study diligently. You could go for coaching classes if that works best for you or you could study on your own. To study for the exam, make sure you have all the materials you need beforehand. Download the syllabus so that you know the topics to cover and make sure you have all the recommended reference books. To practise for the actual exam, it is best to download past papers and sample papers so that you can learn how to understand the questions and structure your answers. You can download the question paper for the JEE Main 9th January 2019 exam on this page.