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JoSAA 2023 Counselling, Schedule, and Procedure

Last updated date: 01st Dec 2023
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Updates on Joint Entrance Exam Counselling 2023

One of the most crucial examinations for engineering aspirants in India is the Joint Entrance Exam (JEE). This all-India-based eligibility test conducted by NTA is held in two levels – JEE Main and JEE Advanced. You can attempt JEE advanced if you secure the required cut-off marks in the JEE Main. The subsequent counselling process is conducted by JoSAA or Joint Seat Allocation Authority. Understanding the workings of JoSAA will enable JEE candidates to gain an idea about how the counselling process works.

Joint Seat Allocation Authority (JoSAA) 2023 All Events Discussed

Even though NTA conducts JEE, JoSAA is responsible for counselling and allocating seats to candidates who have qualified both JEE Main and JEE Advanced. Candidates who have appeared for Joint Entrance Exam 2023 should keep themselves abreast of the important dates related to JoSAA counselling.

Check out the important dates related to Joint Entrance Examination 2023 Counselling.

Events Of JoSAA 2023


Starting Date of JEE Main counselling 2023 registration and choice filling

June 19 to 28, 2023

Mock Seat Allocation-1

June 25, 2023

Mock Seat Allocation-2

June 27, 2023

JEE Main Round 1 seat allotment

June 30, 2023

JEE Main Round 2 seat allotment

July 6, 2023

JEE Main Round 3 seat allotment

July 12, 2023

JEE Main Round 4 seat allotment

July 16, 2023

JEE Main Round 5 seat allotment

July 21, 2023

JEE Main Round 6 seat allotment

July 26, 2023

Only six rounds of counselling are conducted for seat allocation in IITs.

JoSAA 2023– Joint Entrance Exam Counselling Procedure

Candidates who will appear for JEE Advanced and Joint Entrance Examination Main should go through the counselling procedure in detail. It is conducted in three steps:

Step 1: Registration

Candidates need to register themselves for the online Joint Entrance Exam. Follow these steps below to know how to complete the registration process:

  1. Visit the official web portal of JoSAA where you will be provided with a registration link.

  2. Click on the registration link and enter your password and JEE Main application number.

  3. Personal details of a candidate will be displayed on the screen which he/she should go through and confirm to complete the registration process.

Step 2: Choice Filling and Locking In

The next step after the registration process for the Joint Entrance Exam for Engineering is entering the choice of college and courses. Go through the following steps to know how to do it properly:

  1. After completing the registration process, candidates need to enter their choices of engineering colleges and institutions and their preferred courses from the list displayed on the website. While entering your choices, you need to keep in mind the cut-offs set by individual colleges.

  2. You have the option to arrange your choices according to your preferences. The options will be provided to students to edit their choices. However, they should lock in their choices by the last date.

Step 3: Allocation of Seats 

The last step under JoSAA counselling is the allocation of seats. JoSAA will assign seats

to candidates based on their merit, preferences, the category they belong to and the

availability of seats.

However, JoSAA also provides three options to candidates during the seat allocation process:

  • Floating 

  • Freezing 

  • Sliding 

After accepting the seat that has been assigned to them, they should pay the seat acceptance fee either via online payment methods or by downloading the e-challan. After making the fee payment, candidates should report to the concerned institution to complete the document verification process. 

JoSAA 2023 - List of Documents Required During the Verification Process

Candidates need to carry the following documents during the verification process:

  1. Provisional seat allotment letter

  2. JEE Main/advanced admit card

  3. Mark sheet for Class 10 and 12 

  4. Passport size photograph

  5. Seat acceptance fee payment receipt

  6. Proof of date of birth

  7. Report on medical examination

Get Ready for JEE and Make Way for Your Dream Institute

Joint Entrance Exam is an essential exam for students who are willing to study engineering at IITs and make this as their career option. Studying for collective demands a systematic approach and a routine that one needs to abide by religiously. Apart from learning by rote the entire syllabus, students need to be well versed with the procedures associated with this exam.  Having a thorough knowledge of the exam pattern will help them in improving their preparation and ensure them assured results. 

Make sure you draft out a study plan and refer to previous year’s questions to get the hang of the difficulty level of this exam. Also, don’t forget to take note of the admission and counselling procedure to ensure a smooth transition. 

Ace this exam efficiently and embrace a bright future.

FAQs on JoSAA 2023 Counselling, Schedule, and Procedure

1. How to apply for JoSAA counselling?

To apply for JoSAA, you have to follow these steps:

  • Go to the official website of JoSAA(
  • Click on the link named “JoSAA Counselling”.
  • Submit your credentials as given in the JEE Main/JEE Advanced admit card.

On the day of counselling, you must have three passport-size photographs the same as you uploaded while applying for JEE Main exam, 10th and 12th mark sheets, ID proof, JEE Main scorecard, and proof of fee submission of counselling. PwD or reserved category candidates need to be present with their supporting documents.

2. When will JoSAA 2023 counselling start?

The counselling procedure for JoSAA 2023 will start on 19th June, 2023. You can find more details on the official website of JoSAA or visit our website to check the calendar released by JoSAA.

3. Can I sit for JEE Advanced 2023 if I fail to qualify for JEE Mains 2023?

JEE Mains is the screening test not only for admissions in various engineering colleges of India but also an eligibility test for JEE Advanced. So, if you fail to qualify for JEE Mains, you may not be allowed to sit for JEE Advanced 2023. However, in such cases, you can drop the year and prepare yourself well for the next year.

4. What is the application fee for JoSAA 2023 registration?

There are 54,348 seats available for JoSAA 2023 counselling. IIT: 15,932 seats; NIT: 23,282 seats; IIIT: 7,124 seats, GFTI: 8,010 seats.

5. How many seats are there in JoSAA 2022 counselling?

There are 52,453 seats available for JoSAA 2022 counselling. IIT: 16,232 seats; NIT: 23,997 seats; IIIT: 6,146 seats, GFTI: 6,078 seats.