MS Full Form

What is the Full Form of MS Degree?

The full form of MS degree is Master of Science. It is a two-year postgraduate degree that is offered by many universities in India and abroad. The degree is quite famous among students as it provides them with entry-level professional competency. Also, as the course provides both theoretical and practical knowledge, so the aspirants find it easier to get a job after completing the degree.

Specialisations of the MS Degree

A candidate aspiring for the degree having ms full form has several options that he can choose from. This is primarily because the colleges or universities offer courses in streams of science like Environmental Science, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Microbiology, Food Science, Physics, Botany, Biotechnology etc. Thus the candidates have plenty of scopes to make a good career after completing this course.

Difference between MS and MA Degrees

There are occasions when people have confusion between the MA and MS courses. They feel that the two are synonyms of one another. However, the degree having ms abbreviation is much different from an MA course. The main difference lies in the educational pattern of the two qualifications. While the syllabus of the MS program depends more on research and thesis, the curriculum of MA is dependent mainly on arts and less on research.

Skills Required for a Candidate Pursuing MS Course

A candidate pursuing the course having ms full form in English should have several skills in order to make a successful career. Some of the skills that are essential for a candidate pursuing MS course are patience, determination, accuracy, analytical skills, observation power, ability to research. Proper nurturing of the skills during the session is vital for the candidates to become successful in their lives.

Eligibility Criteria for the Candidates Wanting to Pursue MS Course

In case a candidate wants to pursue the course having ms full meaning, he will have to clear the eligibility criteria for the program. The following section will give you an idea of the rules that a candidate must meet in order to be entitled for the exam

1. Candidates appearing for the exam should have a bachelor’s degree from a recognized college or university

2. They should have secured minimum marks of 50% or 60% in graduation.

3. A candidate should always remember that the required percentage to pursue courses having ms meaning varies across different colleges or universities.

4. Some colleges or universities have their own set of rules. In case the candidate wants to study in such a college, he or she has to fulfil the rules of the concerned educational institution.


You can understand from the above extract that ms stands for Master of Science. Additionally, it is also clear that candidates hugely like the course as it provides them with an opportunity of earning income. In addition to this, the course also nurtures the skills that are essential for a candidate to grow up into a good human being. So candidates wanting a good job can easily opt for the course.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is the GPA Needed to Pursue MS?

A: To pursue an MS degree in US university candidates need to have a GPA of 3.0 to 3.5. On a scale of 10, students are expected to score 7.5 or more to get admission in an MS degree course in India. Some of the best colleges require candidates to score a GPA of 8 or more to pursue an MS degree.

2. What are the Eligibility Criteria Needed for an MS?

A: Candidates who aspire to pursue an MS course are required to complete 16 years of prior education, including 10+2 years of schooling. Candidates who have completed a degree or diploma course of 4years (B.Tech), 3 years (diploma) or 5 years (2 years B.Sc. + 3years M.Sc.), are also eligible to pursue MS. To pursue MS in foreign universities, candidates must qualify one of the English proficiency tests, IELTS or TOEFL or PTE. Those candidates who aspire to pursue MS in a US university are required to qualify the GRE test in their choice of subject. 

3. What is the Duration of an MS Degree?

A: Usually, it takes about two years to complete an MS degree course in most universities in India. In US universities, the course duration varies from a period of 1.5 years to 3 years. Those candidates who pursue a non-thesis degree course may be able to complete the course in 1.5 years. Some candidates may take 3 years’ time to work on their thesis paper, depending upon the subject chosen.