CAD Full Form

A Comprehensive Guide To Learn About The CAD Full Form And Meaning

The abbreviation CAD stands for Computer Aided Design and uses programs to create, visualize, modify, and optimize valuable drawing tools. It is also known as Computer-Aided Design and Drafting. CAD has saved time, money, and increased productivity of the design process.

As you know what the CAD abbreviation means, you must now learn that it is used to make technical drawings with 3D objects that represent real-world objects like cars, airplanes, buildings, machines, etc. The industries use it regularly in films, entertainment, planning, and civil works.

A Brief History of CAD

The early development and designing of Computer Aided Design (check the CAD meaning) began as early as the 1940’s. It was used to optimize and analyze power systems. Later, Ivan Sutherland in the 60’s developed a Sketchpad that literally set the balls rolling for CAD. The use of CAD was limited to large companies for a long time. Soon it gained prominence in homes and offices when computers became cheaper. 

How Does CAD Work?

CAD was designed to remove the painful process of hand drawing. You would need a sound knowledge of computers, technical drawing and a robust idea in your mind. 

It will be good if you can make some drawings beforehand on a sheet of paper. Sketches save you a lot of time and help to streamline your process. There is a small rectangular box at the bottom screen with commands to type instructions. It is known as the command window. The program has a host of algorithms that create different lines, shapes, and curves. 

Different Types of Input Devices

A designer inputs instructions into the software for a proper CAD result (check the CAD meaning). Several input devices used are:

  1. Bluetooth CAD mouse

  2. Graphics Tablet

  3. Vertical Tablet 

Types of CAD Software

There are two kinds of CAD software 2D and 3D:


2D CAD systems were developed in the ’70s and consisted of drawings on one flat plane representing the length and width. These were built using a combination of straight or curvy lines including basic geometric shapes. AutoCAD and CADkey are the most commonly used programs.


This incorporates the 3rd dimension of depth or height in the technical drawings enabling designers to integrate real-life images. It helps to visualize real-life concepts and aids marketing teams immensely. The most popular programs are known as Solid Modelling Software because they manage to model every part of the product. 

Benefits of CAD 

The few advantages of CAD are:

  • Sharing a file easily

  • Different layered drawings 

  • Accuracy of the drawings 

  • Solid record-keeping process

  • The integrity of the structure


The detailed and full meaning of CAD software has revolutionized the world of technical drawings. These programs are used across a wide range of industries like aeronautical, fashion and film industry. This guide will definitely help you to get a comprehensive understanding of this awesome technology. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is CAD Used for?

The CAD acronym is used to refer to the Computer-Aided Design by architects, artists, and engineers to create precise drawings. CAD can be used to build up 2D or 3D drawings.

2. What are the Benefits of Using CAD?

There are many advantages of CAD-like producing accurate designs, optimizing a design, or analysing a design. It is also possible to link it to other design software.

3. Is CAD Easy to Learn?

CAD is not very easy to learn and the applications have higher learning curves. Some 3D applications have a steep learning curve and you need to have a serious commitment to learning and a fair understanding of mathematics and drawing. With all these, you are sure to understand what actually CAD stands for.