ASP Full Form


ASP is a truncation of Active Server Page. It has been displaced by ASP.NET. It was created by Microsoft and it was Microsoft's first server-side content motor to allow software engineers to make and run a site and web server applications, which ought to be dynamic. It empowers software engineers to consolidate HTML pages, content orders, and COM ports. It makes it more straightforward to change, upgrade, and create Web applications. The ASP translator handled the contents on an online server by utilizing input mentioned for a page from a database to get to information before making it conveyed to the collector, peruses and actualizes all content code among <% and %> labels, the outcome which as a result comes as substance creation. ASP is an unmistakable trait of the Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS). It is additionally bolstered by all programs since it deals with the HTML page.


ASP is Microsoft's answer to creating dynamic content for sites. It is old and goes back to the 1990s, and NT Server, or the work area working frameworks of Windows 95 and 98. 

ASP was Microsoft's option in contrast to Common Gateway Interface (CGI) contents, and Java Server Pages (JSPs), both expected to permit customers to associate with server-side databases and venture administrations. ASP has experienced three significant discharges: ASP 1.0 in 1996 (included with IIS 3.0), ASP 2.0 in 1997 (IIS 4.0) and ASP 3.0 in 2000 (IIS 5.0). ASP 3.0 turns out to be a piece of IIS 6.0 on Windows Server 2003 and part of IIS 7.0 on Windows Server 2008. 

ASP is currently out of date and supplanted with ASP.NET. However, ASP.NET isn't an upgraded form of ASP; ASP.NET is an accumulated language and depends on the .NET Framework, while ASP is carefully a deciphered language. Likewise, with any more established innovation, you can positively discover ASP underway, however, you'd be unable to present the defence to utilize it for another task.


The presence of an Active Server Page relies upon who or what is seeing it. To the Web program that gets it, an Active Server Page looks simply like a typical HTML page. If a guest to your Web website sees the source code of an Active Server Page, that is the thing that they see: a typical HTML page. Be that as it may, the document situated in the server looks different. Notwithstanding content and HTML labels, you additionally observe server-side contents. This is what the Active Server Page resembles the Web server before it is prepared and sent because of a solicitation.


  • HTML structures presented the client's solicitation recognized by ASP. 

  • Rather than Perl and CGI, ASP is simple and makes it accessible for utilizing a huge speed. 

  • In the program, ASP code is disguised, which ASP made sure about and can't be thought about. 

  • The substance of the website page can be changed or altered by ASP by an extra substance. 

  • Access to information can be handled by ASP and it can restore the outcomes of results to the program.


  • ASP bolsters numerous programming dialects like JavaScript and C#. 

  • ASP record can be made by a client by incorporating Jscript or VBScript in an HTML document. 

  • Through implicit Windows NT Challenge/Response validation and per-application design, ASP Keeps client applications made sure about. 

  • ASP has limited the protracted composed codes expected to create considerable applications. 

  • ASP is a server-side scripting innovation which before showing its code on the internet browser, it initially executes on the Windows server. 

  • On ASP, the website pages, different parts, and applications, which are running over it, are screened thoroughly by the windows web server.


  • ASP on a Windows server stage requires IIS introduced during running ASP programs, which costs higher as IIS isn't free. 

  • ASP is slower compared to PHP. 

  • ASP is connected with the Windows stage with ASP-Apache introduced on the server, so it's a stage good page like PHP. 

  • ASP doesn't have any pre-assembled features like FTP, systems of encryption, and email from a website page.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is ASP and What Can ASP do?

A: ASP permits you to get to information or databases and profit the outcomes for your site. With ASP, it is easy to make password ensured sites and encode data in your database.

2. What is the Advantage of ASP.NET?

A: ASP.NET fundamentally lessens the measure of code required for building huge and complex applications that can speed up and decrease improvement costs. In the nick of time aggregation, shrewd storing innovations, and local streamlining drastically increment generally speaking application execution.

3. Where is ASP.NET Used?

A: NET system, ASP.NET is an entirely significant device for software engineers and designers as it permits them to fabricate dynamic, rich sites and web applications utilizing gathered dialects like VB and C#. ASP.NET isn't restricted to content dialects, it permits you to utilize .NET dialects like C#, J#, VB, and so forth.