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HIV Full Form

Last updated date: 16th May 2024
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HIV is a very commonly known disease for us. The full meaning of HIV is the Human Immunodeficiency Virus. This virus ultimately damages the immune system of our body. Thus, a person with HIV no longer have the immunity to fight back with the many infections. If you left the disease untreated in your body, then this virus will kill all CD4 cells. And with the lack of these cells, you can easily get affected by diseases and cancer too.

Even though HIV abbreviation is a life-long condition that still doesn’t have any cure, but many scientists are on the move to find one. But there are many cases where people are able to live a long duration of life with proper treatment and antiretroviral therapy.

How HIV Happens?

HIV can only happen through the exchange of bodily fluids. To put it, if you have sexual intercourse with an HIV infected person without protection, then you would also get this virus. But many people mistake this virus for an infectious disease. You would not get an HIV acronym if you touch someone, but only by the exchange with bodily fluids such as as….

  • If the semen of an HIV infected enters your body

  • If you come by blood from an HIV infected person

  • Vaginal and rectal fluids

  • A child could have HIV through pregnancy and breastfeeding time

  • Shared needles with an infected person

The Common Symptoms of Having HIV

There are numerous symptoms of HIV full form, and these generally appear after a long time. Here are the most common symptoms experienced by people…

  • Having skin rashes

  • Swollen glands

  • Having sharp joint pain

  • Experiencing headache

  • Having fever oftentimes

  • Sore muscles

The Best Way to Stay Safe from HIV

As stated above, the Human Immunodeficiency Virus doesn't have any cure even now. But that doesn't mean that we cannot remain safe and secure from it. Because most of the people don't always know and speak if they have the virus, it is better that you take some precautions to stay on a safe side.

  1. Do not share any personal items that can carry any bodily fluids. For example, you should not use the same razor with anyone.

  2. Always make sure that your needle and syringe is virgin and have not been previously used.

  3. And the last thing is to have safe sex. This is the best way to prevent having HIV meaning, always use a condom, and avoid having multiple intercourse partners.

HIV is a deadly disease if you are not smart about it. You must seek a doctor if you are experiencing any of the above symptoms. With proper medication and treatment, you can comfortably live a healthy life.

FAQs on HIV Full Form

Q1: What is HIV positive?

The full meaning of HIV positive means you have AIDS, which is the severe condition of HIV. And being HIV positive means that your immune system is dangerously weaker. In this stage, you should live by the proper medication to avoid having cancer. 

Q2: Can HIV kill me?

HIV full form is Human Immunodeficiency Virus, and no, it cannot kill you. But it makes your immune system so weak that you lose the ability to fight off a deadly disease, like cancer. It means, to live longer, you must focus on the medications to avoid such deadly situations.

Q3: What are the stages of HIV?

HIV abbreviation have four stages. In the 1st stage you will get some of the symptoms. 2nd stage you would get start to get weaken, 3rd stage will destroy your immune system. And in the final stage you would have become HIV positive or have AIDS.