LLM Full form

What Is The Full Form of LLM?

The meaning of LLM is Legum Magister. It is the Latin term for the Master of Law. In India, the academic degree is generally pursued by candidates having an undergraduate law degree, professional law degree, or an undergraduate degree that is related to law. 

In many regions of the world, the degree having llm full form allows a professional to do the legal practice. This course also provides law students and professionals to specialize in a particular field. These characteristics of the degree attract plenty of candidates every year.

Duration of LLM

As a lawyer, you must know the llm meaning and also that the course lasts for about two years. Each of these years, in turn, has two semesters. Thus the entire course is divided into four semesters. Some colleges also allow their candidates to complete the course through distance education. These colleges or universities might have their own set of rules.

Skills Required to Complete The LLM 

A Legum Magister aspirant will know what the llm acronym stands for. The aspirant should possess several skills to be successful in this career. Some of these are self-confidence, perseverance, determination, ability to help others, etc. While some of these are natural, others are nurtured while studying the course. Development of these skills helps the candidate become successful in their lives.

List of LLM Specialisations 

An LLM aspirant will be knowing the llm full form and meaning and the several options that it offers. Some of the courses that he can study are Family Law, Criminal Law, Human Rights, Insurance Law, Intellectual Property Rights, Taxation Law, International Trade and Business Law, etc. Thus, the candidate will have an extremely bright future after passing this course.

Eligibility Criteria for LLM

To appear for the llm entrance exam, the candidate has to first pass the eligibility criteria. The rules that are essential for the candidate to meet are:

  1. The aspirant must have successfully completed his under graduation in law degree course under the 5 year pattern from a recognized university.

  2. He must have a minimum of 55% marks in the aggregate.

  3. However, candidates of reserved category can get a chance even if they score 50% marks in the aggregate.

  4. Most colleges do not have any restrictions on the age of admission. 

  5. Some colleges or universities might have some additional and separate rules.

  6. In case you want to get admitted to these institutions, you have to meet the criteria for the university. 

Employment Opportunities After Passing LLM

If you have realized the importance of the llm, then you will know that it signifies that an individual is qualified to work as a law practitioner. Such an individual can find employment in both public sector and private sector organizations. Generally, most lawyers want to become advocates and practice law as their trade.


From the above, it is evident that the term llm stands for Legum Magister or Master of Law. The degree is one of the most prestigious qualifications held in India. These features attract several candidates towards the distinguished course every year.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can The LLM Course Be Studied in Part-Time?

Yes, many colleges and universities allow candidates to complete the course in part-time. They also give them a thorough idea about the llm.

Is There Any Application Fee For The Entrance Exam?

Yes, there is an application fee. It varies across different colleges so you have to check the college website for further information.

Can The Course be Completed in 1 Year?

Though the course is a 2-year course however some colleges complete it in 1 year as well.