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JEXPO Result 2023-24

Last updated date: 09th Apr 2024
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Joint Entrance Examination- Polytechnic or JEXPO, also called West Bengal Polytechnic is a state-level competitive examination. The whole examination process is as follows, which include the result procedure also: The registration process is done by West Bengal State Council of Technical and Vocational Education & Skill Development. The admit card is given online to all those candidates who have submitted their admission forms before the due date. Then the JEXPO exam is conducted for getting admission to various polytechnic colleges of the state. Then the JEXPO result is published as a list of merits in online mode, and all the candidates who have qualified will be called for the online counselling process and allotment of seats. For female candidates, there will be a female general rank in the JEXPO merit list. The merit list declares the results of JEXPO.


JEXPO Result

This year JEXPO 2022 was to be conducted in the last week of April but have been postponed. Hence JEXPO result 2022, which was scheduled in the 3rd week of May, is also postponed. The new dates have yet not been declared.


Result Highlight

  • Candidates do not get individual results.  No rank card is given.

  • Results are declared online in the form of a merit list in the official website of JEXPO. 

  • We have general ranks and category-wise ranks. 

  • For female candidates, we have female general rank. 

  • The merit list will include all those who score positive marks in physics, chemistry, and mathematics.

  • Any request for scrutiny of results is not allowed 


How to Check Results

The result of JEXPO will be declared in online mode by the West Bengal State Council of Technical and Vocational Education and Skill Development.

The results can be obtained on a Smartphone or a pc with an internet connection.

  • We visit the official website of JEXPO .

  • We click on the result link. The result of JEXPO can be checked by candidates by filling up the enrolment number or index number. 

  • The result appears on the screen, and we can take a printout, or we can download it.


Detail Mentioned on Results

  • Candidate’s Enrolment number, index number,

  • category,

  • date of birth, 

  • gender,

  • whether the candidate belongs to PWD category, 

  • Whether Applied to TWF scheme, 

  • general merit rank, 

  • whether land looser or not, 

  • category-wise merit rank, 

  • Female general rank (only for female candidates).


Rules for Rechecking/Re-evaluation of Answer Sheets

The result of the exam is declared as merit list according to the performance of the student in JEXPO

  • The students can challenge the answer key via online mode with payment. 

  • In case the challenge is accepted by the authority, the student’s payment will be given back to him or her.

  • Before the results, the students will be able to check the answer key.

FAQs on JEXPO Result 2023-24

1. Write the Process to Check the Result. 

  • First, the candidates need to go to the Official website of JEXPO.

  • Then we login in with registration id and password

  • The result of the JEXPO exam is displayed on entering all the details of the candidates

  • Online display of candidate’s status and scores is there. 

2. Describe the Activity After the Result of JEXPO is Out.

The result of JEXPO is declared as merit lists. The names of the selected candidates appear on the merit lists, and they have a counselling session and seat allotment.  

Candidates need to register for the counselling process. The counselling process for the candidates who have their names JEXPO merit list will be conducted via different online and offline rounds. Candidates have to lock their options in the order of their choice after registration.

The seat allocation process will be carried out based on the merit list, choices locked by students, the total number of available seats. After the candidates have been allocated the seat, he/she will have an option to approve it, refuse it, or opt for an auto up-gradation. Candidates who recognize the seats assigned to them would be expected to report their respective colleges.