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AP EAMCET 2019 Previous Year Question Papers with Solutions (Morning & Evening Shift)

Last updated date: 21st Feb 2024
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Morning & Evening Shift AP EAMCET 2019 Previous Year Question Papers with Solutions

AP EAMCET is a common entrance test for admission to Engineering, Medical and Agriculture courses in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The exam is conducted by Jawaharlal Lal Technological University. For admission, students will have to appear for the online test and must clear the cut off to attend the counseling process.

Students preparing for upcoming AP EAMCET exams are advised to refer to the previous year question as this will help them to understand the pattern of the questions and weightage of the topic.  Practicing the questions asked in the previous year repeatedly will eventually help students to score good grades in exams. For the ease of students, we are presenting AP EAMCET 2019 Previous Year Question Papers With Solutions (Morning & Evening Shift) on this page.

AP EAMCET Question Papers

Practicing the AP EAMCET study materials will help students get a transparent picture of the AP EAMCET exam pattern. It also helps students with time management, and to measure their level of preparation. Below we've provided EAMCET 2019 question paper Candidates can refer to the EAMCET 2019 by anytime and anywhere once downloaded.

AP EAMCET Exam Pattern

The pattern of examination helps a candidate prepare during a better way.Let us have a glance at the detailed AP EAMCET 2020 exam pattern:

  1. Type of Questions: Objective type questions are going to be asked within the exam. Each question is going to be given four key options from which the one right answer must be selected.

  2. Medium of the Exam: AP EAMCET is conducted both in English and Telugu.

  3. Marking Scheme: Each question carries one mark. This suggests 1 mark are going to be awarded for each right answer

  4. Negative Marking: No marks are going to be deducted for wrong answers.

  5. Time Duration: The entire time duration of the exam is 3 hours.

  6. Subjects For Engineering: For admission to engineering courses, AP EAMCET will have three subjects – Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

How to Use AP EAMCET Question Paper 2019 with Solutions?

  1. Open one set at a time and begin solving questions from one subject.

  2. The next you'll start is, solving an equivalent subject from the EAMCET 2019 paper.

  3. Or, Solve the EAMCET 2019 paper completely first.

  4. Do match your answer with the answer provided.

  5. Try to analyze the sort of questions.

  6. Write the topics from which the utmost number of questions are asked.

  7. Keep practicing!

Benefits of AP EAMCET Question Paper 2019

With the assistance of the AP EAMCET question paper 2019, candidates can clearly understand the sort of questions that are asked within the examination. EAMCET 2019 paper helps candidates practice in a better way. If you recognize the sort of questions asked you'll not need to waste time-solving every question. All you'll do is solve the question from those topics that are recurrent. Also, these AP EAMCET question paper 2019 allow you to understand the problem level of the examination and brings you to ease.

How to Analyze Your AP EAMCET Exam Preparation?

Every time you solve an AP EAMCET previous year papers, you would like to research your performance:

  1. Analyzing your performance after every test you're taking is of utmost importance. Be it AP EAMCET Previous Year Question Papers or AP EAMCET mock tests, you want to analyze how you've got performed after every test.

  2. Find out where exactly you made mistakes or took longer , which particular chapters and ideas you would like to revise, whether or not you were ready to manage some time properly, etc.

  3. Then you would like to figure out your mistakes and weaknesses. Doing this after every test will ensure score improvement from test to check and eventually, a high score within the actual exam.

FAQs on AP EAMCET 2019 Previous Year Question Papers with Solutions (Morning & Evening Shift)

Question 1) What are the Benefits of Solving AP EAMCET Question Papers?

Answer) Advantages of solving the AP EAMCET question paper 2019 are given below:

  1. The biggest benefit that you simply can get is that it will give an honest idea about the extent of the paper, sort of questions asked, and provides you insights on how and what to organize for that specific examination.

  2. You will get self-confidence if you solve previous year questions and confidence is more important than knowledge for clearing AP EAMCET.

  3. By solving the AP EAMCET question paper 2019, you'll understand the problem level of questions asked.

  4. It helps the candidates to understand their strongest and weaknesses areas. They will work on the weakest areas to enhance themselves before the particular exam.

Question 2) What is AP EAMCET Answer Key?

Answer) The conducting body for the examination officially releases the answer key after the examination commencement. This answer key contains answers to all or any of the questions asked. With the assistance of this answer key, candidates CAN EASILY estimate their score after the examination. Candidates also can raise objections (if any) within the Preliminary Answer Key within the given schedule and as per the format only.