Women Empowerment Speech

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Women Empowerment Speech in English for Students

Women have been the ones who are doing so much work behind the scenes and are never credited for it. Our grandmothers, mothers and sisters play such an important and integral role in our lives and sadly they are reduced to just that and no one even values or appreciates them. Valuing them by empowering and paying heed to their voices is very important. And this can be done by putting them in positions of power where they get to make decisions. Only then will we see the real change and there will be growth. In this article on women empowerment speech, we will delve into its meaning and importance. And different ways to deliver a women empowerment speech in English. It can be a long or a short speech on women's empowerment.  

Long and Short Speech in English on Women Empowerment

Long Speech on Women Empowerment 

This form of speech is helpful to understand the complexity of such a topic in detail with simple words especially, for students in grades 8-12 who can use this information for a 5-minute speech. 

Good Morning everyone, respected Principal, teachers and my dear friends, I am Xyz (mention your name) here today to speak about women empowerment. As we all know women are about half the population in the world. Even with such an acute understanding and knowledge, the sad reality prevails. In society and the world in which we live, women are often not given any part or role to play the decision-maker role in many professions. 

How do we expect the world to grow when the decision-makers which in our patriarchal society are only men? And they are making decisions on behalf of women without even comprehending or even beginning to understand the struggles in a woman’s life. 

Empowerment is a very wide term and to each his own. The general idea of empowerment however is to include others who are often neglected in the decision-making process. In this case, inclusion and acceptance of women in such roles is empowerment. We cannot all succeed if half of us are held back, can we?

Earlier the role of women in society as decided by men was to run a household, getting married at a young age and the problems like dowry and tolerating many forms of abuses in married life was a given. Now, in India, women are stepping outside homes to work and earn a living to support themselves and their families, unlike in ancient times. So even the rules and way of functioning in modern times mush shift. 

Of course, this shift will not be overnight, any change is slow and gradual. The first step must be to acknowledge their contribution to the economic sphere and create more opportunities for them. Be it in any sector like corporate, IT, Edutech, culinary, law, banking, creative and performing arts. 

When opportunities are created for women in terms of education and profession in their field of interests without any restrictions or limitations, it is empowering. This gives all the girls and women the power to choose and decide what uplifts their status in society. It is high time that the limitations of gender roles are challenged and norms are broken.

Empowerment can be done in various ways, social empowerment is when women are represented as evolved and worthy beings in the media instead of in a regressive way. Economical empowerment comes about when they are treated as contributors in the same way as men are and paid accordingly without any discrimination. 

The most crucial form being educational empowerment because education is truly a leveller and it brings all on equal footing. When one is educated it should not matter whether they are men or women as long as they get the jobs done. And that is why education should not be denied to girls which is still an unfortunate truth in many parts of India.

It is these educated girls who become women with self-confidence, intellect and conscience who excel in every field and can also become heads of the department and be decision-makers. Education is a great tool to empower women as it will bridge all other gaps in our society and we as a nation will prosper.  

Thank you.

Short Speech on Women Empowerment 

This form of a short speech on women empowerment in English can be useful for students in grades 4-7.

Good Morning to everyone present, I am Abc (mention your name) here to speak on a topical topic that is women empowerment. Discussions about women empowerment have been at the forefront in all spheres for the last few years. And this has been a concern because it has been ages that women have been living in this male-dominated patriarchal society. But now the struggles and problems are being vocalised. These points are further highlighted when women in a relatively better position than others are also echoing the same.

The struggles women face right from being a child is unimaginable. Little girls are denied education while their brothers don’t encounter such denial. The reason for this seems futile as their family presumes the role of women is in the kitchen and she should only take care of household works. And the lack of education is a huge hindrance that is curbing the growth of women in society. 

In towns and urban areas, girls get an education and secure good positions but even then they are treated unequally or inferior to their male counterparts. Women are paid far less than they deserve in comparison to their male colleagues for the same work just because of their gender.

To actually empower women, this discrimination should be put to an end. And gender roles as to what jobs should be done by whom should be an individual’s choice and not the society’s. The pressure and limitations put by society on women are appalling, to say the least. 

So let’s break free from these defined and limiting gender roles and start to live equal lives at home, so the next generation knows everyone is equal. Because it is tiring to hear that equality is still a dream in India, it is upon us to make it a reality.

Thank you.

10 Line Women Empowerment Speech 

This is to explain in very simple and understandable sentences that will be helpful for the students in grades 1-3.

  1. Women empowerment is the need of the hour because it is high time we value and credit the women for their contribution and help them grow.

  2. Women empowerment can be referred to as equality or free from discrimination.

  3. There should not be a set notion of girls cannot play a certain sport like basketball because it’s a man’s game which is very regressive and wrong.

  4. There are so many women who are reduced to just being fit to work in the kitchen and not outside homes.

  5. These gender-defined roles are so narrow-minded and do not comply with modern times, where women are actually doing equally and better than men.

  6. The pay gap because of gender is also problematic and in no way empowering anyone especially the women of the society.

  7. We have to be broad-minded and accept women as our equals and not someone subversive.

  8. If anything women are selfless by heart and wiser in nature and stronger because of the experiences they have.

  9. When women are treated with respect and equality and paid deservedly they lift up economies.

  10. Giving an education is the right start, it will make them independent and self-sufficient and an opinion to voice about their world views which are empowering.